Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodbye Neuötting January 6, 2014

Dear family

Well this is what happened Saturday morning. We got a call from the ap's and they wanted to talk to me. So I got on the phone and they said Elder Kinghorn, you're leaving. And then chatted for a few seconds (an eternity) and told me I was going to Ravensburg. Sweet, that's where Zach Hyatt served. So yes I'm going to the same area he finished his mission in. Then they said and you'll be working with Elder George. If you remember he was my companion in the MTC. So that's interesting. Get to work with the same missionary again. That doesn't happen all the time. Oh and quickly here is the new address:

Kirche Jesu Christi
Elder Kinghorn 
Charlottenstr. 8
88212 Ravensburg

Saying goodbye has been really hard. This branch really has a special place in my heart. They had to sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I hate that song. It's so sad. This is a small branch. but we do what we can. They are doing so much and growing so much. We met with the L. and found out what their problem is. They feel like the ward doesn't want them, hiwch is kind of funny because the ward asks us every week about them. I wish they could both hear what the other wants. The active ward members don't want to scare them away by being too forward. And the Ls think the ward doesn't like them because they aren't super forward. Somehow we'll get this to work. Also we were at the Tranums for New Years Day and that was great. There were 4 missionaries from Munich there also. Then we have this awesome guy from Nigeria. We found him a while ago.  So he has read some of the Book of Mormon and really likes it. He was gone on Sunday in Munich. But now he is back and we're going to get him baptized. Well I won't because I'm leaving. Dang. And we are meeting with some more people this week. Finally after Christmas people want to meet again and I leave. Ugh. Oh well. It's the same in Ravensburg. I get to get the upswing, see all of the people who say ok it’s New Year, let's start over. I really love it here and I'm sad to leave. But good things will happen.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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