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September 16, 2013 Another Week

This week well I'll start with Tuesday. So we were coming back from district meeting and we both fell asleep on the train back to Neuötting. First we had to go through Mühldorf then change trains. So it was an hour, and we both fell asleep but then I woke up and called Martin and this guy walks past and noticed that I spoke German and at this point Elder Gunn had just woken up. so this guy asked Elder Gunn if he spoke German. Then they started talking and the connection with Martin died, so I joined in. At Mühldorf he asked if we wanted to sit down for a drink and talk about what we believe in. He had an experience recently that made him want to become religious. So he started reading the New Testament. He is now in The Acts of the apostles. He was excited to meet with us. So we made an appointment for the next day at 9:30 (ya early but we had no time the rest of the day) so we got up early and went to Mühldorf and he wasn't there. But Saturday we had time so we went by to his house and he was home. He said he slept in and felt really bad about it. And we talked some more. He told us before that he felt like some of the Bible was changed or taken out. And he didn't understand why. He also told us that he didn't really believe in the heaven and hell thing. He thinks there are 4 heavens. One for God. Then two in the middle and one where Satan lives. I have no clue where he was getting all of this I've never seen someone who was so prepared for the Gospel. He said he would read the Book of Mormon after he finished the Bible. But then he agreed to start reading it now. He said he would read it in a month. The whole Book of Mormon. His Name is A. and about 25 or 30. 

Then M. is doing great. We found out that he will probably find out this weekend if he can get baptized. So the stake president gets the letter to see if M. can get baptized. And well, he is in America till Friday. He has been there more than a month. So now it makes sense. M. just found that out. It is kind of annoying to not be able to know but that's how it is. So yesterday M. was sick and he told his mom we were coming over to give him a blessing and she said she wanted one too. She is such a sweet old lady. But has a ton of health problems and always in pain. And she said the last time we gave her a blessing it really helped and she wants another one. So that is a great thing that happened. 

And G. we are going to meet with her on Thursday. It was kind of funny. So I called her up and told her we were going to bring a ward member. And she said why, so I told her. And she thought it was a funny rule. And how she wasn't dangerous. She also does some numerology stuff. I'm not sure. something like a horoscope. And I am the same number as her. 33 6. Which is the same as Jesus. So I have healing powers. She also said I should become a priest. I don't think she quite gets the whole elder thing. But we'll work on that. We also met with H. I think he is having problems with the whole religion thing. He thinks religion is kind of a cultural thing and not so much of an actual belief. I don't know. We'll have to really see how much interest he has in the Gospel. He could really be interested. It just depends on the time we meet with him. But we'll see what happens with him. We see him all the time now, 2 times a week.

Ok so the Brazilian she is from Tanner Jensens mission, Recife. And she has lived in Austria and Germany for 4 years. Then last year she married a German. She speaks really good german with a Brazilian Accent. She thinks in German, that's for sure. We teach her English and she does stuff with German grammar. Even though Portugese grammar is almost the same as English. Well, at least much closer than German is. And for p day we are going to Munich to meet with our branch president. So we get a free ticket. So I am going to get that bag I talked about. And then we are going to do whatever. Tour Marien platz. See the giant clock that Mike Smith told me to see: Glockenspiel. And we don't see the other missionaries often because going to Rosenheim takes 1.5 hours to get to. And so it's not really worth it.

Well have fun at Highpoint. I would die there. Honestly I would fall over and die. But I am here in Germany. Kind of far away from your furniture store.

I Love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

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