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August 19, 2013

Dear Family,

Well this week was great. First well I feel weird talking about pday but it was cool. So we went to Munich and went to BMW world. It was way sweet. We looked at all of the new cars. then we asked if we could get a factory tour. They said they are booked for 8 weeks, but they said there was a shorter tour that would be open. So we said what the heck. Why not. So we asked the guy at the front to get 2 tickets for a tour. He said English or German? English. It turns out English had slots open, so we got into the factory tour. It was way cool to see how BMW M3s are born. Then we met with our branch president and his wife, the Tranams. They live just a couple kilometers from the BMW factory. (they were called to drive into Neuötting every Sunday from Munich) They are super nice and way funny. The zone leaders were there too because it's their ward. And we started talking about Bruder W. I said, ya I can barely understand him, so hard. And the zone leaders I could tell were like oh ‘wow work on your german.’ Then president Tranum said, ‘Ya half of the time I can't understand him. He talks like mmmumummum. Then they were like oh. Kind of funny. We talked about Neuötting and how we can help Neuötting grow from a dozen members to a ward. So we have some stuff to get working on. 

Then Tuesday we had district meeting and finding day in Neuötting. The problem is Rosenheim is so far away from our church building we only had 45 minutes for a whole finding day, kind of useless. 2.5 hours to get from their apartment to our church building, then 2.5 back. Kind of rough huh? So finding day worked all right. We got one lesson out of it. We are meeting with them this week. I haven't met them though. Then I was with Elder Armstrong and we met with Martin. 

But on Thursday was the exciting thing with Martin. So he had some friends who really wanted him to do one more sacrament as a priest. Martin said he won't listen. He is too caught up in the catholic religion to do anything. His heart is way too closed. But Martin sent him a way good letter with a Book of Mormon on Friday and told him as soon as he has interest he can talk to Martin again. Way intense. But that was that. Then afterwards we had a ward bbq and it was way fun. Everyone was like oh the kids want to play badminton with the elders. Or play bayblade (a spinning top war thing) just everything imaginable. Kind of funny. The branch presidents wife, Sister Tranum said there is no toy better than an elder. But we had fun. Oh and something else that's cool. On Sunday we had 3 people at church: Martin, and then a guy named R. and his wife. Later in the day we went to visit a member who was in the hospital and gave her the sacrament (Sister weiß). She is such a Sweetheart. Way sweet. Her leg bone, I don't know splintered or something. The bone broke badly and she needed surgery. She was like, “Look at the Bandage”. And just pulls down her pants. (no worries she had underwear) but she is total German.  But she is doing well. God is looking out for her. God always looks out for his children. That is one of the truths that is really lost. So many people don't realize how much god loves us. They think we need to worship him to get his love. But it's the other way around. God loves us no matter what. He will do anything for us. and he does everything for us.

Wow Bono said that? Hmm what is the world coming to. But ya this week has been great. I love being a missionary. It really is awesome. Nothing can compare to how cool it is. Well I don't know about that. I haven't lived a full life quite yet. I'll tell you in 50 years ok. But besides that it is great.

I Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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