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August 5, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week we had tons of fun. I'm not sure why but we seem to find lots of shirtless Russians. So on Saturday night we came back from meeting with Martin and still had an hour till dinner and bed. So I said “Let's ride over here.” So we do and on the right we see this old shirtless man playing basketball. So we pull over and ask if he wants to play. He said, ya so we played horse with him in church clothes. Then on the other side of the court two kids go play and then a third guy is playing over there. So Elder Abbott said we should all play together (we are still in our church clothes) so we ask them and we play 3 on 3. They are on some team we found out and it was funny how differently they played. It was a different sport. It is tons of useless passing trying to trick us. But we were being lazy and not really trying. so they were just running in circles for no reason. Completely different sport. Well, just a bad offense set up. But ya, that was fun. Next time we go we are going to bring Russian Book of Mormons to give to them. And we will be better dressed than dress shoes haha.

Ok so M. (the priest) is doing great. He is either going to be baptized this month or next. He is way excited and is trying to get permission to go through the temple as soon as he gets baptized. We will see how that goes. We rode with our ward mission leader and M. to a stake priesthood meeting last night and talking about everything. I look at the speedometer (this car he got for 400 euro) and our 83 year old ward mission leader is driving 180. Wow. But then we start talking again. M. told us a story about a bishop 5 years ago in check republic who has no crosses in his room. M. saw a picture of Moroni and said hey that's Moroni. And the bishop said, “how did you know?” M. said “I have a Book of Mormon too. So it turns out he gets his talks from He doesn't copy them, but he takes the main ideas and talks about it. Kind of funny.

So H. is doing great. He is reading the Book of Mormon. He said he has been jumping around and reading. But he is actually reading. He knew some of the war stories and the names of people. That's way better than the people who read a sentence every hundred pages. His biggest problem is that he lives 100 miles away from the church. Ok not really but it is an hour and a half bike ride and he has no car. And we have no members who live remotely close to him. Well we have one less active family. But they have no car either. Uhh life.

Well anyways we also found this sweet old couple. We were going to get groceries next week and we saw this old guy sitting there with a chess board. So we ask if he wants to play with someone. So we sat down and played with him. Then his wife came back from grocery shopping and waited for a while. After 2 hours we set up an appointment for thursday. So we met up again and played more chess. Then we are going to meet this week but we don't know quite when. But this time they'll have a Book of Mormon and will accept an invitation to be baptized. Ok I'm not completely sure about that but still. Never know.

Mom, well first can I ask for a couple things. Well playing basketball in my church shoes doesn't work too well. It kind of ripped the skin off of the bottom of my big toe. So could you go to and buy a pair of basketball shoes (Kevin should be able to help you out knowing what's good) size 10.5 or 44 and also some American deodorant. Europe stuff is no good. I'm almost out of American. Oh, and some Nike long black socks. They are better than the Costco stuff. Other missionaries use them and love it. Just like 6 pairs on Amazon. If they don't have them oh well.

Have fun
I Love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn
By the way I spelled the address wrong. It's Sebastiansplatz

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