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July 8, 2013

Dear Family

Well we have some cool stories from this past week. Well the broadcast about missionary work really hit Germany. Well especially Ulm. Our branch president said it was revolutionary how members are supposed to do finding. That means I need to be a better neighbor. Then in church the person who gave the priesthood lesson said ok so this Saturday we have a ward party. Who has invited anyone to that? And no one did. Then he said I haven't either and that needs to change. Everyone needs to invite someone. I think we will see a lot of people at this ward party. Germans just needed a very direct statement from the first presidency. The rest of the world can take beat around the bush statements. But germans will take anything to heart when it's direct from someone with authority. 

Also yesterday R.G. came to church. We picked him up in Ehingen and he didn't cancel. He was super excited to come to church. So as we were walking to the train to go to Ulm he was talking about how he has vacation from work in a couple weeks. He said he could do lots of stuff with all of his free time. I said you could get baptized then and he said ya I think I could/ I am almost ready for it I think. He is so cool. So in August he could be baptized. It's not for sure but it could easily happen. 

Also another funny story from this week. So we were going to meet with a less active member. F.G. And we invited the sisters from Göppingen to come because we couldn't find another man to come at 2 in the afternoon and having sisters counts as a man. But she had to cancel because work called her in. I knew that she loved the sisters, so I said oh then I'll have to tell the sisters to go back to Göppingen and she said oh sisters are coming?  Well I can move work back an hour so they can come. So the sisters saved the day. 

Oh today we are doing something really cool. So the Americans in Stuttgart wanted all of the missionaries to have a 4th of july. So all of the missionaries are going to Stuttgart and having a bbq. Doesn't get cooler than that. Ok ya it is the 8th, but close enough. It's still a real American bbq with american meat and sauce and everything. They get that on base.

This Saturday I finished reading the book of mormon again. I want to let everyone know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of god and it will help anyone with any problem that they have. There is no question too big that God can not answer through the Book of Mormon. This is a truth I have seen over and over again throughout my mission. 

So president miles and I we basically just talked for a while. Nothing that exciting. And we go to Stuttgart once a month usually. We are here today actually but I haven't seen Stuttgart. Just the churches and missionary apartments. Not too much. I see Ulm a lot. It is just as cool as Stuttgart I think. It is really an awesome city. And D. she has been a member since the 80's I think. Quite a while. She is just having a hard time coming to church because the church is different in Germany than Portugal. And yes. the kebabs are amazing in Berlin. That's what everyone tells us. They are super good here in southern Germany, but they still don't compare. Jason said he went to one in his email. And they suck in Spain. Really, they are bad. They were invented in Berlin even though it's Turkish.

Ok, advice for Blake on what to bring. One pair of jeans. He should just buy 1 suit in America. Buy the next in Germany. He should get skinny shirts with small collars. And skinny ties. Ecco's are perfect and lots of garments. Since it’s summer here, don't bring a winter coat. Buy one in Germany they are like 60 euro and way warm. Bring lots of socks. Some warm for winter and some cool for summer. And what else? Bring a couple watches. They are good to have. And it's nice to switch it up. I only brought 2 and wish I brought more. Even just cheap ones from Wallmart. And bring scarfs maybe 2 and ya that's it I think for odd things to bring. 

ya I hope you are having a great day. I love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

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