Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surgery Update

From Karen:
Devon had surgery on Monday, June 25th.  Dwain and I were able to be there with him.  Everything went well.  The doctor said he operated about 1 hour 50 minutes.  One meniscus he couldn't repair; he just had to trim it.  The other he could put a couple of stitches in it and it should heal.

He was a little groggy, but it was so nice to be able to talk with him.  We had a great time together visiting.  He was awake most of the time.  He was able to pass the sacrament to the new mission presidents the day before.  President Monson was there, as well as many apostles. Thirteen of the Fifteen were there.  He said it was a great experience and you could really feel the Spirit.  President Monson spoke.  He'll have to relate what he said and the stories he told.  We were glad that he was given that opportunity and it worked out that he was able to.

The pain got bad and he had to get some morphine.  His pain tolerance is high.  He didn't take anything for his knee before the operation and was walking around on it.  Is oxygen level kept going low because of the morphine and the anesthesia.  He finally stabilized and they sent him back to the MTC.  It was hard saying good bye to him, although not as hard as the last time.  I was a little nervous about Devon (Elder Kinghorn) giving himself pain meds that night and of trusting a bunch on nineteen year olds to take care of him.  I just had to trust the Lord and that he'd watch over him take care of him.  Of course He did.

His room is on the top floor, with no elevator.  I suppose he's getting a very strong upper torso.  His district is helping out.  He says he couldn't ask for a better district.

He started physical therapy on Friday.  He worked for a physical therapist for quite a while as an aide.  He knows the importance of it and doing all of the excersises.  He says he'll work very hard so that he can get out to Germany.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day after surgery

Hello Family
Just to let you know, I am in good hands.  My district is doing a great job taking care of me.  The pain meds are doing their job.  I’m able to sleep. Yah my whole body feels less sensitive, but  that’s expected.  I won’t get addicted; I hate the feeling, but it’s better than pain.  I may look dull right now but my spirits are high.  The only discouragement I felt was when I thought they might send me home.  Now I’m on top of the world.  Why dwell on the past when we can look forward with optimism?  Mormon scrapbookers can put that on their wall.  Oh, tell Grandpa Kinghorn that I’m sorry I didn’t write and all of the ancestors are in the Frankfurt mission.  Oh well.

I would tell you about my day but it’s boring.  Just laying in bed, talking and sleeping.  Some Elders were supposed to record the devotional, but we don’t know if they did.  It’s against rules but I’ll delete it right after.  I bet that’s ok.  Sorry if this letter makes no sense.  The drugs will do that.  They also improved my handwriting.  I’m holding the notebook in the air right now.  Yet it’s better than last week.  Funny how that works.  
And if anyone sends a package, don’t include junk food; granola bars and trail mix.  Stuff like that is way better.  
Seeing you (Mom & Dad) yesterday was great.  I loved that you came.  Thank you.  I know Heavenly Father made it so I wouldn’t be sad saying goodbye.  Instead I had an amazing time with you even if I was way out of it.  Thank you for coming.  I know it was hard on you but it really was nice.  I love you so much.  Thank you for all of the love and support.
Love, Elder Devon Kinghorn
P.S.  I hope this made sense.  I’m out of it :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Devon's Soccer Experience & Surgery Monday

So last Thursday I was playing soccer and had a little scuffle. I went to the doctor and he referred me to get an MRI this morning. Well I got the MRI and well, my knee isn't doing so well. I have slight meniscus damage. And my LCL is partially torn and my ACL is torn all the way. Oh, by the way, bone is also crushed.  It could be worse, my knee cap isn't shattered.  It looks cool from the x-ray.  That's okay.
I'm really not in pain right now.  It's all good; no Ibuprofen.  I'm walking around.  I'm doing quite fine.  My knee is stiff.  I have a flexibility issue, but it's getting better.  The hope is to have a full range of motion by Monday so that he can do the surgery.  I do 20 minutes of stretching of my knee morning and night.

The doctor seems very smart.  He gave me a few options on the surgery and suggestions.  I am going to use a graft from my hamstring.  I'll lose a tiny bit of strength in my leg pulling when my knee is almost all the way bent.  But, hey, it's the type of graft that football players take because that little strength is never used.  And it's the strongest graft.

Um...Doctor said 8 weeks minimum to heal.  Past missionaries were 9.  That's 9 weeks and I'm a missionary that can do anything but play on P-Day.  

Everything that happens has it's purpose and the Lord has something in store for me though this. I don't know yet but someday I will. Don't worry, I'm not in any pain right now. I'm still having fun and learning a lot. And two members of my branch presidency are radiologists so they will be good to hear from also. But yea, I'm fine don't worry. Just thought you'd like to know about that.  I will be needing surgery. 

I'll most likely be able to stay in the MTC and rehab here.  Then go out with the missionaries that leave in 9 weeks.  Hopefully, but it's fine now.  I can walk on it; no pain.  I'll send you the MRI in a letter today.  I have a copy on c.d. and you'll need to use a c.d drive, so you can't use Dad's new laptop.

Alma 26:27 has helped me out a lot.  
"Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success."

I love you
    Elder Devon Kinghorn

He will have his operation on Monday.  On day 4 he can resume his classes.  He'll go to physical therapy 3 times a week.   He will continue learning with his district until the rest of them leave for Germany.  He will then go work at the Call Center, which is a great place to be.  We know that the Lord loves us, and has a plan for each of us.   We feel very blessed that he can continue on and doesn't have to come home.  When his knee is stronger, they will send him off to Germany.

Friday, June 15, 2012

This is a photo of Devon with the Bro. and Sister Nally.  They were his Mission Prep teachers and now serving in the MTC presidency.  Devon said they were  the best mission prep teachers in the world.  He was excited to see them.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Volleyball and Wakeboarding

Hello family,

How goes Highland/St. George?  Tell the Densley's thank you for the cookies.  I don't have an address. So actually we get out in the sun a lot. We play beach volleyball because we hate being inside now. We do that enough as it is so we try to mix it up (and we don't need to wear shoes... Barefoot!!). It's quite fun when we are better than terrible.

So next on the agenda umm... Dad go onto Amazon and buy the computer downstairs 64 gb ram.... haha that wouldn't be overkill.  So are Dad and Jason both going to the Apple store to pick up Macbook Pros?  Sounds exciting.  I'll be way behind the curve when I get back.  Oh well.

Also last Saturday our workshop was on the Book of Mormon. My testimony of the Church became even stronger when as a table we read the verses in Ether 12 where Christ appears to Mormon. I just knew that that happened. That Christ loves us and tells his prophets what they need to do to help make us happier. It's just a fact, no debating that God loves us and wants what's best for us. Also our fireside on Sunday was really good. We watched a lot of old church commercials and they were pretty good. Stephen B. Allen is a good speaker and really funny. He also let us take off our jackets which is nice. A sea of black turns into a sea of white in seconds. Yesterday was a good day of studying. I actually spent the whole time studying instead of, well, being ADD me. It was intense. My secret was I sat outside of the classroom (I could still see my companion though so it's ok) and I wasn't nearly as distracted. The temptation to converse was much easier to overcome. I need to do that every day now and I will be a much better missionary once I get out into the field. 

So have you taken the boat out yet? Just wondering.  I was looking at Utah Lake on Sunday from the temple and it remind me of wake boarding.  Two years!  I can wait that long-no problem.  And so, yeah, that's all there is I think.  I'm good here.  No emotional break downs, doing well.  It doesn't feel like the middle of June here. Don't get to wear shorts except for gym time.

We speak a lot of German and yesterday we "knocked" on doors.  German isn't so easy.  I was asked, "where are you from?  America?  I can't understand you."   So, oh well.  Five weeks to learn.  

One of the Elder's brother owns a gym and he sent all of us a vitamin supplement.  It gives you more concentration and helps you work out better. Don't worry, it's good for us.  Bro. P. is a doctor and he said it's healthy.  Mom could take it.  He said it's good for joints.  It's called Creatine and they sell it all over.  

Oh, I heard about the crime report in my mission. We asked our teacher Brother L. what the crime was like. Yea, it's a lot worse than we originally thought. But don't worry I'll be ok. Also President B. said that our mission was really ugly. His son went there and picking him up all of the small alpine lakes and villages were just not good to look at. And the mountains are nothing special at all. Oh and a man in our Branch Presidency, Brother S. warned us not to get fat. In the first 4 months out He went from 165 to over 200 lbs. He said we just have to say "I'm satisfied" at meals so we don't eat tons. So I'll be healthy there. I am in better shape now than I was when I entered the MTC. And in the field I'll keep exercising because it does help me focus. So I'm the same weight now as when I came but more muscle and less fat. Some of the other missionaries are up like 5 lbs and less muscle. So I think I'll be good in Deutchland. I'll use the hour of exercise every day and everything will be good. I'll come back in perfect shape. Oh yea the crime report-Brother L. said he never got held up once or anything taken from him. No break-in's. It's a very safe area of the world. Safer than lots of places in America. So I was just pulling your leg. M. and B. on the other hand might want to learn how to. 1) run really really fast, 2) hand over money and whatever else they have. 

Laundry isn't too much fun but get to write home which is nice. For having 6 days a week it seems strange that most missionaries P Day is on Tuesday. The laundry room is fairly empty the rest of the week. We always look in and there is nobody here. It's really a shame. I'd accept Wednesday as P Day. The good news is in 5 weeks we will be on an airplane over to Germany. And I'm kind of jealous of Dad going to switzerland before me. But that's ok. How is that going to work out with Lake Powell. Does he get back right before the Powell trip? Either way have fun over there. It will be amazing I'm sure. Only problem is they speak French instead of German. Oh well. By the way my German is coming along well. The new stuff they have done in the past two years means by now we speak and listen as well as missionaries 5 years ago did at the end of 9 weeks. So I wish I could be in Germany  now, but I am still terrible at German. I maybe could pass german 2 or 3 by now but I don't know. 

I believe I have told you everything.  Wait, we watched a video by Elder Holland "Teaching".  Mom & Dad, it could come in handy for you.  I am pretty sure it's publicly available.  I's made for teachers, not missionaries specifically.  It just easily applies to us.

Well I'm out of time. Bye Bye family.

Love Elder Devon Kinghorn
(Does adding the Devon make you feel better?)

PS.  Could you send some protein mix?  The food here is crud and some nutrients would be nice.  Thank you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elder Uchtdorf and Short Sleeved Shirts

Okay, so mom said at least the short sleeve shirts are coming in handy. Actually they aren't. I got to wear one the second day, but then we were informed that we have to match our companion. Elder G. doesn't own a single short sleeve shirt because they look goofy. So I'm stuck wearing long sleeve shirts for now. He also doesn't like white shirts with a pocket so only two of his shirts have pockets. The rest are just flat so he wears his name tag on his tie. It's quite unique. 

Thank you for the package. It was really nice. But one problem. It was brought to the attention of our district leader that games (Yo-Yo and paddle ball) are not to be used in the class room. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. But it's for the best. Someone was always distracted. My district is a lot of fun and that's great; we have too much fun though. We need to spend more time studying.

Sunday after the fireside we watched a devotional from Elder Uchtdorf back in the day. He had a few quotes that you would like. The first one he was talking about how his family was still in Germany while he and his wife were here in Utah. 

"We are separated geographically, but connected spiritually." So for whoever reads this and misses me this applies to you. 

The second quote I can't remember exactly but I will try my best.

"English is the most used language around the whole world. Everyone should try to learn English out in the field. Here, in the MTC, is a great place to learn the English language. As a boy I was always hoping that German would be the most used language. But that's okay. All of you will have to learn German, for German is the language spoken in the Celestial Kingdom."

Haha. It was really funny hearing that. Everyone going to Germany got super excited about that. As we should. German is a pretty sweet language. Turns out the two different types of German are very different. My teacher Brother L. can speak the northern German almost fluently but he can't even understand Swiss German. And he went to the Munich Austria Mission. The people who live there switch to northern German so the missionaries can understand. My goal will be to learn Swiss German. As crazy as this sounds I am hoping for my trainer to be a fluent German speaker who knows no english. It would be very hard in the beginning but would really pay off in the long run. 

How is summer going? I am assuming that it is summer. Here it's all the same. No difference in our schedule, except three day weekends are terrible because mail doesn't come. Life is all good though. We are getting in the groove for studying all day though. It's not as bad as the first week. We have just gotten used to the fact that we have to study the Gospel and German all day long. So yah, I'm still not sure about when I'm able to call from the airport, but when I do I'll tell you so you can all horde around a phone. Doesn't the iPhone take collect calls? I just think that would be easier than a phone card. But then again a phone card is convenient. So we'll see. Everything will work out just fine.
So when will everyone be heading down to St. George again? One of my roommates is from down there. He lives just a couple miles from our house. It came up because he was talking about his cabin in Pine valley. From the pictures it looked like a nice place. He lived closer to the swimming pool known as the bra. Jason will know what that is. Well I'm out of email time so I better go.
I love you all,
Elder Kinghorn
p.s. Yes I go by Elder Kinghorn. Not Devon. My name is dissappearing. Tanya was wondering.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Stir Crazy May 29, 2012

Well, hello everyone.  This past week flew by.  The MTC is great, except that we sit in a small box all day long.  Other than that it's great.  So, how is everyone fairing without me?  Having a good time?  My German is coming along fine.  I can teach lessons...sort of, but that's life, right?

Cultural Meeting is the last Thursday.  We are here for basically all day.  7 a.m to 9 p.m., I think.  It's a very, very long time.  oh well, I'm getting used to 16 hours a day in a prison cell, haha.  It isn't that bad in our little classroom.  The only problem is that it's about 20 degrees hotter than I would like it to be.  But that's life.  I'm not 1/4 done with the MTC.  It's a 9 week program, so estimated departure is July 17.  It's kind of a long ways away.  It's the same day as our cousin Natalie leaves.  I've seen the Nallys quite a bit here.  They're so great.  They really don't give much time to email.  My two teachers Bruder L. and Swester A. are nice.  Both served in my mission.  Well, the Munich Austria Mission.  They speak in German quite a bit, but now I am beginning to understand the German.  Too bad it's slow German and not the real thing.  But I still have 7 weeks to learn.

Jason, don't worry about graduation.  It's only once.  So even if it's terrible you only have to do it once.  Yes, I'm fluent now.  I know about 300 words, so it's coming.  German words are long- very, very long.  Like the word agency.  It's entscheidungsfreiheit.  Apostasy is glaubensabfal.  Maybe my spelling is off.  Good luck today, and remember that it's summertime and I don't get out of the MTC until July 17th.  Do me a favor and send me a yo-yo.  That would be great.  Not a cheap one, but a good $7 quality piece of plastic.  I haven't traveled faster than 12 mph in two weeks now.  It's kind of strange.  I'm cooped up in a small brick room smaller that our bedroom with 10 elders for most of the day.  We only get out of there for gym and meals.  But it's fun here.  We learn so much every day.

Our district leader last Wednesday snapped.  It was kind of funny.  He was sitting at his desk during additional study time and he just broke out in Disney songs for about an hour until dinner.  Then he was able to cool off and become more normal.  My district is great.  We have a bunch of great guys.  All are going to be amazing missionaries.  I can't wait to get out in the field though.  I think 7 more weeks in here will come in handy learning more German.  As of now I am not exactly what I would call fluent.  Oh well.  Sorry if my grammar is bad.  In German, things are said differently.  In my journal I wrote "I know not".  In German it's "Ich wise nicht".  I wish I could do the R sound that they do  It's still not coming.  I can get the noise after a while of trying.  even then it's very messy and I can't use it in a word.  It sounds like a Spanish R, just more refined.  maybe I told you that, but I don't know.  Life is just a big blur here.  We can't remember what was this morning or five days ago.  The only thing that we have to keep as sane is gym time.  It really does keep us alive in here.  Without it we would die.  Okay, well I'm out of time so I should go.  We're going to the temple.  Goodbye.  I love you.

Your son, Elder Kinghorn

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learning German Letter #2

So alas it's P-day and I am allowed to write whomever I wish.  So, I find myself writing you.  It seems like I've been here a day and also an eternity- very strange feeling.  Sundays here are great.  We had a fireside from the Provo Temple President which was amazing.  Then right after that we watched the talk "The Character of Christ" by President Bednar.  Oh, may I ask you to send letters and DearElder instead of email.  We get mail daily.

It's amazing how much German I have learned this past week.  And German isn't as guttural as we think; that's Dutch.  German sounds like a mix between Spanish, French and, well, it's own twist.  I bet you want to hear about my district....

Yesterday after gym we all took showers and no one had a key so we were locked out for a bit.  Another companionship saved us by retrieving a janitor to come let us in.  Oh well, that is just the type of adventure you'd expect with 4 boys living in the same automatic locking rooms.

I have more bad news.  It's not 8 weeks, it's 9.  Our expected departure date is July 17th, same as Natalie's.  How ironic!  If she flies to Munich she could be on the same flight that I am.

Anyways, thank you family for all of your love and support.

With much love,
Elder Kinghorn