Sunday, March 2, 2014

August 12, 2013

Dear Family,

So this past week I'd like to start off with a really funny story. So we just got onto the train with our bikes and it was one stop so we just stood by our bikes and there was this really funny 3 year old right there. So of course we started exchanging faces. And so since we were in the bike part of the train the seats are on the wall and fold up. And he was squirming all over the place. He almost fell off. Then he got up and walked to Elder Abbott and punched him in his huevos (luckily he missed) then he looked up and laughed and walked backwards to his seat and sat down on the folding seat. And he just fell flat on his behind. He looked at us like wow what happened and his mom (seeing what he had just done) started holding in her laugh. And we were trying to hold it in too. And the kid was so confused where his chair went. It was way funny. Then he got up and started climbing all over his sister. Ya that was our story. 

So here is a bit of a background on M.. So as a kid he got a Book of Mormon. But later in life he became a priest. Shortly after becoming a priest he started meeting with the missionaries. Then 4 years ago he was baptized. He was excommunicated from the Catholic church. Then he ran across some anti-mormon stuff and told his bishop he wanted some time to just be a member not have a calling. To keep his responsibility low so he wasn't overwhelmed. But his bishop in Munich said, no he needs a calling etc. So it led to contention and M. (not quite knowing the consequences) pulled his records from the church. So now he is trying to get baptized again. Yesterday he had an interview with the stake president and now his request to be baptized again is going to President Monsen. We should know in a few weeks what's decided. 

What else? So we have this less active member Bruder S. His wife isn't a member. But they are so cool. So my name isn't Elder Kinghorn anymore. It is now Scotty and Elder Abbott is Viper from Top Gun. And Bruder S. is the magic dragon. We aren't quite sure where this all comes from, but oh well. It's funny. This guy loves the Book of Mormon. He reads in it every day. But he loves his beer, and says non alcoholic beer is for children. Hmm how can we fix that. Oh well. We are meeting again on Friday. This will be fun. And there is another less active Bruder W. He works a ton on Sunday for the train security. He was able to come to church yesterday though. That was awesome. So happy that he was able to make it. 

Yes I got the care package. Thank you. It was kind of ironic. I got it on the 9th. Elder Abbott got 150 euro in the mail. It was like christmas. So I said wait is today the 9th. Hmm today is Jason’s birthday. That's awkward. And the shoes are great. We use them in the morning for exercise. We get up at 6 and shoot hoops for a bit then do conditioning. Yes, like actual conditioning. Except we can't go too long because we are so out of shape. Missionary work isn't as physically demanding as people say. It's all mental draining.

Well I've got to go. We are going to BMW world today.

Love you

Elder Kinghorn:)

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