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January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Well this week has been good. So it was really hard leaving Neuötting. Lots of really great friends there. Tuesday was hard. We went to Munich for a zone training meeting and then we had to say goodbye to the Tranums. They are so cool. I miss them already. Driving one hour to church every Sunday-that's commitment. But ya, it was fun there. I miss it. But I'm not too far away and the Tranums said they might come visit. 

So now we are settled in Ravensburg and I showed up to kind of a messy apartment. An elder went home and left tons of stuff. It's all good. Then I cleaned out the fridge and the mystery fluid in it. Not quite sure what it used to be. But anyways we met some cool people recently. There is this investigator named J.  He had a baptismal date in December but then went through a hard time and hadn't met with the missionaries since then. But on Saturday we met with him and he has an amazing heart. I bet he gets baptized this year. But if not, sometime in the future. He is a special guy.  Hopefully he comes to church next week. I hope he does. Then Sunday was good. I met the branch and it's a bit bigger than Neuötting I think. But there are quite a few ysa's here. Well 2 of them are married. But they are still 23 and go to institute, so it counts in my book. Then we went to the branch presidents' (well the senior missionary couple's) house for lunch. D. came along too. He is from Nigeria and doesn't have any family here. He was baptized a few years ago and the church here is his family. He has a rough story. 

Then my companion got sick and laid down for a couple hours. So we played a couple games but then D. left so we talked about the branch for a while. It was a really good orientation to the branch. I now know lots of the important people and less actives who have lots of potential, and old investigators. So that was really good. Get the work really going here. This branch has a ton of potential in it. Leaving Neuötting was hard. But this will be a great area too. Ya, I'm just a small branch missionary. Not what I was expecting when I got called to this mission. And most of the areas in the mission are wards. So just ironic. But I love small branches. I get to know the members better. So I'm still kind of lost here and still haven't left the city. I'll tell you more how it is next week. 

I'll be able to go to the Bern temple! Next month is the ward temple trip so we can go to that. That will be so cool. Then I will have been in every stake in the mission. Ok so here is the deal with Facebook and ipads. So the church is planning to have all american missions equipped with ipads by this summer. So Germany I have no clue when it's going to happen. 

At the moment we have a few people we are teaching as far as I can tell. I've only met with J. But then we have some more people this week. So let's hope it goes well.

Well this isn't that small of an area. We have over 400,000 people in my area. Not exactly Neuötting. 

Church is only 2 hours. Neuötting was also just 2 hours. Ulm did 3 but were thinking about making it 2. So it will be strange going home to 3 hours. After almost a year of 2 hour church. But it's cool. I gave a talk yesterday about obedience. So it was thrown right into the midst of it. 

And I didn't even know the Olympics were coming up. Ya, as of now there isn't much news about it. Where are they anyways?

Oh I was reading in the bible this morning. In Luke 15 I believe about less actives. Just how important everyone is. That angels in heaven sing every time someone returns to the gospel. So I want to be someone who helps this work.

I love you,

Elder Kinghorn

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