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July 29, 2013


So this week we had so much fun. I'm going to start with the end. So last night we met with this Russian dude his last name B.. We can't pronounce his first name or write it, so sorry. So he invited us over to play chess. And he is way good at it. He wiped both of us out making tons of jokes. Then he got his guitar out and we were having tons of fun with that. He sang us some Russian songs. Oh and by the way the whole time he is just chillin in his shorts. No shirt with his fat hanging out. Way funny. After chillin for a while we made some tea (not black tea don't worry). Then he wanted us to go play badminton and we were thinking oh dang. This will be boring. So we go outside and he was so much fun to play with. Just making fun of each other. Then his son looked out the window so H.B. invited him to play and he shook his head no. So he said “Well my son is just fat” but jokingly and it was way funny. We talked a little bit about God and religion. But he lives right next to the church so that's great. Hopefully he comes to church sometime in the future. We will see. Ok now back to Ulm

So on Monday I sent a package home. So that should get there sometime in the future. It was super sad. We had an appointment with R.G. and someone who visits him once a week from the Catholic helper place. Betreuer whatever that is in english. Well he convinced Roland that he is too busy and we are meeting with him too much so he cancelled on us last Monday. that was very sad. But we made an appointment out for Saturday. I hope it went well. Tuesday we had the last district meeting. That was sad. I had a good district. Then after district meeting we um I don't remember. Oh ya we went to the bohnackers. They are moving to South Carolina pretty soon. In 2 months. He is starting his new job there. It was nice seeing them before I left. They got active while I was in Ulm and now they are going to get sealed. Maybe when I'm back. They might get sealed in Utah or Texas because that's where a ton of their friends are. 

Then wednesday we met with a new guy. His name is T. I forgot his german name. That's what his military friends called him. He was way hard to keep on track. He wanted to show us everything that had to do with music. His crazy orgeon (however it's spelled) and guitars everything. Then we went down to Ehingen for one last time. Where we met with J.P.. The less active who said he wasn't a member. He was gone in Landsuit for the past while and we finally met with him. We had an awesome lesson with him. He admitted that he was a member and that he would come to church this next week. So I don't know if he did. But I really really hope so. Then we went to Ettenschies, another city by lonesee. There we met with Jun and her husband Franz. She is super sweet and he is her less active husband. We were able to meet with him. Normally he doesn't want missionaries, but we left a very good impression with him. So hopefully he lets more missionaries in in the future. Then Thursday was transfer day. Not much happened. I signed a paper to get the new church building key. I don't know why I had to sign it but whatever. I guess that's policy here. Just run with it. Then we had English class. And it was super ADD with a teenage girl and her brother. They are actually the kids of the Russian guy we met with on Sunday. But Sunday he was home alone. 

Friday was also a good day. We went to our ward mission leader’s and had lunch. He doesn't know what high german means. He only knows Bayerisch. Way funny. Then we met with a guy named H. He is from Iraq. And he is not a Muslim; he is a jew. Ya crazy huh. Then we met with M. the Catholic priest. He was baptized before, but then well a long story made short, pulled out his papers. But he is ready to get baptized again and has to wait for permission from the first presidency. He really wants to get baptized.

But Saturday we cleaned the building with the ward. We did all of the windows. Fun job. Then we went dooring. And we got let into 3 different houses. Well 2.5 The last one we were just given water. It was funny he is in his swimsuit, then his girlfriend soon to be wife comes around in a bikini and is like what is going on? We were thinking what are you doing in your bikini? Well then again earlier that day a girl answered the door in her bra (she was hiding behind the door luckily). And we had a couple old dudes answer in speedo's just like hello world. Ya go Germany in hot weather. Oh Germans. Got to love them. 

Then Sunday we had 2 hours of church. Because that's how we do it here. And we only wear white shirts to church. I was the most dressed up person with a long sleeve white shirt. Seriously. The branch president’s wife told us not to wear suits. And H. and M. came to church. It was great. And also an American family on vacation came. Then after church we studied and had a lesson with M. and then had our Russian friend.

Well you'll get a ton of chocolate soon. It's in your package. And also your christmas present I got back in december. Haha just a bit late. And no dark is for women. 

And yes I understand the german here. I'm trying to learn how to talk like them. I have to try more to understand the german. But it's still easy. It's similar to Austrian. 

And I hope you have fun at your thingy. And get a good comfy couch. How it looks isn't important at all. Just if it's comfortable and won't get destroyed easily by us or the dog. 

And here there is a ton of corn. Tons of corn fields. I don't know why. But it's fun. We need better bikes though. Ours are just destroyed. But it works for now. 

I love you,
Elder Kinghorn

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