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September 9, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week was fun. Got a new companion, Elder Gunn. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. So it's kind of nice to go contacting and people say where are you from, Utah? Actually from Las Vegas. Then they think things are much better. Well this week someone said something super rude to us. So we were going to somewhere. And we were walking behind a priest. We were going a bit faster than he was so he heard us after a while and turned around. And I said Güten tag good day. And he said in a mean voice. Ihr seid verrückt. You are confused or lost. Well that was a nice thing to hear. But whatever some people are like that. M. said wait did he look like this? Ya oh that's... I forgot his name. M. said he doesn't like the mormons very much. I could tell. Something else about martin. So we (the three of us) decided we should interview M. about his story and record it. So missionaries don't always ask. So we talked well we asked 1 question and M. talked for 45 minutes. So far the only thing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that he got a Book of Mormon and read it and a priest told him it's a bad religion, only in America and he should burn the book. So M. kept it. But ya, he is going to write a book. Well he already wrote part of it (just 200 pages) he said we inspired him yesterday to make it public. So we are going to translate it after our missions. It will be a best seller.

Anyways we also met with H. again (the Jew from Iraq). He told us he wants to get baptized, but he lives too far away. Makes sense. It takes him 1 to 1.5 hours to get to church on his bike. And in winter he won't be able to come. Dang it, stupid problems. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He actually understands it quite a bit and loves Jesus. We just need an easy way for him to come to church. Maybe he will be able to move to Neuötting. We'll see.

Also a really cool lady named G. really has interest in the church. She has 2 daughters 11 and 4 I think. She lives in the next city called Heiligen Stadt. Saint city. She loves us. She is super open to different religions. She is definitely one who is open to God and doing what he says. We can't wait to tell her about the restoration and the plan of salvation. That will be good for her.

Well why is the weather so crazy there? I don't know oh well. Well it looks like BYU is, a well I don't know. Either they had a terrible game last week, or super lucky this week. We'll see. Sounds like you had fun at St George, and a crowded car on the way back. Wow, how long have we had the cadillac now? It seems like a while. Time goes by fast. So what companies are you working with now? I haven't heard an update in a while. That or I forgot. Either way, doesn't matter. So I have a question. How funny is the best two years to you? Sometimes we talk about it and it's so perfectly accurate. Every joke in there is something I've come across.

Well first we don't eat too often. Well think about it only a handful of members and lots of them we can't get to and then they are single old women. It's hard to meet with them. But we get 1 or 2 a week. And we eat a ton of food at members. There are times when I'm really shoving it down, just trying to get down the last bites. And you know how I could eat at home. It's a ton. But German food is way good.

Well a good watch will range between 60 euro and thousands. 60 is cheaper but still nice. More casual look. Then at about 100 or 150 they get more professional. Then at 300 they are really professional quality.

Well street contacting here doesn't work. Altötting we can't. We aren't supposed to contact by churches, so there goes the whole city center. And walking anywhere else we don't see people. Every 500 yards or more we see someone. So ya it works though. We are pretty busy here with appointments. And then we can door or ya.

Martin came to church, like always. And a less active, L. She is from Brasil and 24. Her husband isn't a member. So we are going to try to get him baptized. He is German.

I Love you

Elder Kinghorn

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