Sunday, March 2, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

Well today we are doing emails way early because we have to help B. early then we are busy with him the whole day setting stuff up for our Christmas nativity thing. I don't know if I told you what it is. We are making puppets and backgrounds for the nativity and doing that tonight in the church. But it's not out of Like. We are reading a book called heilige nacht by ludwig thoma. And it's all in Bayrisch, so it's hard to understand. I bet I understand more than most of dad’s German friends do though. To them it's just illiterate mumbling. To me it's semi partial understandable mumbling. So it will be fun. We are going to record the whole thing, so that will be fun. I'll have it forever to listen to or watch. Ya, so that's our p day, build wooden puppets. Well we are mostly finished. We just have finishing stuff to do.  

Yes it's a normal p day. Just well we have no time because we are going to be building stuff the whole time. L. has been coming to church as much as work has allowed the last 2 months. Before she was less active. So that's great.  

So we have great news. M. is now a member of the church!!!!!!!!!!! He got baptized and confirmed on Saturday. Sadly we weren't allowed to go to Wien to meet with him. We still don't have any pictures of it. But that's life. We gave M. pictures of our faces to hold up in a picture so we'll see if he actually did that. I hope so. After all of the ups and downs he got wet. It's awesome.

Last week was really fun. On friday we went singing again to the old person home. That was fun. We had to sing a few songs in Bayrisch and that went well..... The new missionaries in the district have a hard enough time singing in normal German. Then we also sang some American Christmas songs: Rudolf, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, etc. And sadly we were only able to go to the retirement home. The hospital was busy or something. But it was funny. B. told the people we were done singing Bayrisch and this one old lady said no!!  Germany is the best!! That was funny. She was the same lady who last time asked if I was from Bayern. I said no, but pointed to Elder Bassett from Vernal (who is home now) and said he is from Nurenburg. Her eyes lit up. That was funny. 

We also met more with M. And well we think he just wants someone to talk to. I mean he does live in an old person home (a different one) and that has to be boring. He always tells us the Book of Mormon is true. Otherwise he wouldn't have written it. But he hasn't really read the book. Then also we met with H. So she told us what she thought of the Book of Mormon. She said it's amazing how much it reads like the Old Testament, it's emphasis on heaven and hell and just how it reads. She said I can see how you... she wanted to say were fooled by it but couldn't bring herself to say it. It's so cool how the Book of Mormon can have such a huge effect on people. Right now she is going through Moroni to find out how it's wrong. Well that happened to Holland’s grandpa. We've all heard the talk. No evil man could write a book and no good man would, unless he was called of God. I think H. is going to end up like that. Right now she is back in England visiting family for Christmas. But she'll be back. 

We started meeting with a lady named Frau B. She met with missionaries in the past. So she is now an investigator. and our next appointment isn't until next transfer. So I doubt I'll see her again. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving this city, sadly. Oh well. But just remember to read Luke 2. It's important. I read it this week and I just want you to know that it's true.

The choir was way fun. The old people are all partly there. They love Germany. When we sang Bayrisch they were so happy. It was great. We kind of had a singing program. So we are doing a choir tonight with the nativity. It's not a full blown choir. Our branch only has a few members. So the missionaries are the choir. Yay!!! 

 Christmas is soon. We have a full program for the 3 days of Christmas. I'm excited.

I love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

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