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August 26, 2013

Munich Zone Conference

So ya this week has been really good. I had my 3rd zone conference. Ya weird how that works. I've been a missionary for a while now and I just had my 3rd. But that's how it goes in our mission here. One in Wiener Neustadt, one in Ulm and one here in Neuötting, Wien, Stuttgart and Munich.

Well first 2 things. First I have a present for you. Well kind of. So if you want I could pick up a swiss watch for you to give to dad for christmas. They range from 60 euro to, well a lot. But if you want to give Dad a legit Swiss watch I can hook you up. Second question is if I could buy a new bag. Mine is kind of falling apart. Ok it isn't that bad. But it was only 20 euro so it isn't expected to last forever. It would probably last till I go home but there are really nice leather ones or a company called Freitag that are Swiss bags. They are like 150 euro. If that would be ok.

And you are way funny with your thing Dad might have a solid job soon. So you need to vacation now. Haha You went through this when you went to Mexico. You always are like, “Oh no, we need to get all of it in now!!” I guess we'll see what happens there. Then Sage Creek would be well gone. No employees means no Sage Creek. Hopefully M. gets permission to get baptized soon. It should come in the mail this week or next. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Well this week was a fun week. Lots of cool things. Well last Tuesday was kind of awkward. It was zone conference and we got lost in Munich so we were late. But no problem. Worse things have happened. Then we went home that night and met with Martin on the way home. He is way funny. He wanted help knowing how to respond to Dad’s email. He was so excited to hear from my family though. He needed help writing his letter too because he doesn't speak perfect English. So we helped him with that later in the week also. We met with another Jew this week. He was a way cool guy. He is from Berlin and has been sick, so he hasn't been able to work. He is a professional diver. He goes and works on underwater rigs or oil pipelines. Now he is able to work, and will hopefully get something in the next couple weeks. But he has a Book of Mormon and is really interested in hearing what we have to say. He isn't quite sure if Jesus is really the Son of God. But that's understandable because he is a Jew. He knows tons about other world religions. One of them he said the Babylonians believe that God has a body and a hot wife. And his name is Eloheim. I was like wait what??? then he said maybe that is God. I really don't know. So he is super open to the truth. So I'll keep you updated. And R. is on vacation for 3 weeks. So no meeting with him. Then last week we went though tons of old investigators and called all of them. Well almost all. And we got two appointments. One of them is a guy named D. from Africa. But he wasn't there. As is often the case with Africans. But the other is this hippy lady. She has tons of indian stuff in her house. And a giant dream catcher. In the past she has read the whole Book of Mormon. She told us about how it gave her the extra boost she needed to divorce her husband, but she hasn't put two and two together yet. That that is the point of religion. So we'll keep going from there. We are meeting again next Sunday. Ya, long ways away but this week we are super busy. Just going everywhere meeting with everyone.

Oh and we did a street board thing idk what it's called. Strassenausstellung. and our ward mission leader said no we don't talk to the people. We just talk to ourselves and when people talk to us it means they are ready. Like ok, if you say so. 3 people stopped in 3 hours. So we just talked about cool things. It also doesn't help that we were standing in a street of a city with 10,000 people. It would be like having it at the light at the intersection by our house. Not many people walk by let alone stop. Well maybe less people. I don't know. But it was way cool. Oh and on Sunday Miriam drew a picture for me. She is an 8 year old girl. She wanted my name tag so I gave her an extra one to wear during church so she drew me a picture. It was way sweet of her.

Oh I was reading in the Bible this past week. Leviticus 18 I think vs 3 it says leave the traditions of the Egyptians. You are my people. That can be applied to today. Many members think it's ok to live like the Egyptians (world) and do what they do. But that isn't how it works. We need to live God’s standards. Not the standards of the world.

Ok love ya
Have a fun week

Elder Kinghorn

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