Monday, March 3, 2014

December 30, 2013

Happy New Years

Christmas was quite exciting here in Germany. Well I should write about Monday first. As you know, we did a um puppet thing. The nativity Bavarian style. It was quite funny. So Elder Gunn, Sister S/ (a senior lady in the ward from Berlin) and I were sitting back there trying to figure out which puppet to put up. Then at one point a puppet fell over the stage I guess and landed on the floor. So we had to use another puppet. That was pretty funny. I think we had more fun than anyone in the audience. So that was our Monday, messing things up.  Oh well. Then Tuesday was also great. We were at the Ls and then went to mass with L, M and his brother. That was quite exciting. At the end they gave a speech about saving children in South America running around naked without shoes in the snow. Because Brazil has a ton of snow. So that was our joke. Do it for the children in the snow with no shoes. Haha oh well. Then wednesday we went to T. for lunch and he had this awesome schnitzel. It wasn't fried. It was baked in some casserole type thing. I had to eat so much. L. thought it was funny to sneak her food onto my plate. So I ended up eating 2.5 schnitzels and I don't know how much mashed potatoes. So I was stuffed. Then we went over to M where M’s brother was hitting on L the whole time. That was super funny. I felt kind of bad for her but all I could do was try to change the subject. He just wanted to talk about how he wanted a wife who was younger and from Brazil. So I thought it was funny. Then we had to eat more food. I don't think they understood us when we said we were completely stuffed. But I guess in German that means there's still room for cheesecake bread etc. So I was almost dead. Ugh my stomach was hurting that night. Then the next day we went to the T’s and both Elder Gunn and I had stomach problems. I don't do well with that much food. So ya that was an adventure. Thursday we were at the T’s and got fed again. But luckily they don't force food down our throats. That was a relief. We told them the situation and they don't mind. She was a missionary in Florida a couple years ago. That was a fun night. Then I had an exchange with Elder Morril the next day so we spent the night at the mission office and then the next day we went to work in München. That was a ton of fun. We found some cool people. and got some buttermilk strawberry drink (way good) and had a lesson with this cool dude who wants to get baptized. So everything is going good for them. Then we came back to Neuötting on Saturday and helped L. throw away some stuff. Idk why she needed help. but oh well. Then we read in the Book of Mormon and we read in Portugese. So that went well I guess. Then we made her read in English. So I could understand some Portugese. Lots of the words are similar to English. Well I wouldn't say I understood the context. But some words I could get. I just knew the context because it's 1 Nephi 11. Then church was good. We talked about gemeinde rat uhh ward council. It was nice. We didn't have the best week ever in terms of numbers. Kind of hard to during christmas. Next week will be good. We have a lot planned. Then it's transfer calls on Saturday. I wonder what's happening. I really hope I stay.

I love you all
Elder Kinghorn

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