Sunday, March 2, 2014

October 14, 2013 Neuötting is twice as big as before!!!!!

Well to start off yesterday in church we had an attendance of 22 people. It really was a great day. So the numbers were a bit inflated because the stake president’s family and a high council member were there. But still it was really nice to have a full chapel (yes our chapel isn't very large). But the L. parents did come to church yesterday. Their children didn't but we are meeting them hopefully today. It just takes forever to get out there. And the last bus to come home leaves at 6. Then we have to take a train. Ya it's a journey. But we are super excited to go meet them. If the kids start coming to church we will become their leaders-  The Elders as the youth leaders in the ward. And also there is another family moving into the ward.  The wife is from Germany and the husband from Oregon. They lived in the states until last year. They moved to Rosenheim. Now they are moving to our ward. So we get 4 more girls. Sadly no sons. But still the amount of youth that we have will go from none to a ton really fast. That is going to be great. And now we aren't worried about Christmas. Before we were kind of worried about what we were going to do. The branch didn't really have any families. But now we do.

One of the less active members Brother W. is really starting to make progress. He has been working for the train security so it's been hard for him to come to church. But he came yesterday. He went through the temple a few years ago and received his endowment. Now he wants to go back through. We had a really good lesson about tithing last week. and now we are meeting about twice a week. He feels like he has gone off of the path and wants to get back on it. And he really wants our help with it. He has a really good spirit about him right now. When he was praying he asked for the help of the missionaries as he tries to get his life back in order. It was a really powerful prayer. I am glad we get to work with him right now. He is a really cool guy. 

Also last week we had an eating appointment with the W. family. They live outside of our area but still come to church here to help out the branch. So she made some amazing food. She is limping around right now because she had surgery 2 months ago on her leg, but she made some awesome food. Then we have a video from hastening the work of salvation to show to members to help them do a family mission plan. And we watched the movie with them (the W. and B.) and then asked what they think they can do better to do missionary work as a family.  And then they talked with each other for an hour about missionary work.  They were just going off in their own conversation. And you know how old people are when they start talking. So we got the first half of the member lesson done before B. drove us the hour back. So they really started getting ideas what they can do better. But no real formal plan was set down. We'll do that next time.

Oh and we want to meet with H. some more. But he is in Munich right now working.  But he should be back soon.  Also G. is doing good. Haven't met with her. But she did give us a referral to go by on. It's her cousin or some relative. He is 22 from Australia. His family just moved here. So we went to his house and he really didn't have any interest. Sadly. But G. said she has other family members who could have interest. Yay!!! Oh I was reading in D&C yesterday in section 112 or something. I don't remember. But it was talking about the first presidency and how important they are. Anyone who receives Christ receives the first presidency. That shows the importance of listening to our prophets today. Thomas S. Monsen is really God’s spokesperson on the earth today. And I know it.

Blood sausage is really good. I'm going to make you eat some. It is so good. Oh, and about football. Germany will beat Spain. Hands down. Bayern would beat Spain. Spain's best player plays for Bayern. So dad you should just root for Bayern.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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