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September 30, 2013

M. is still waiting to hear something. It's really getting annoying right now. We have been waiting for almost 2 months. Seems much longer than it should be. I don't know. Before the stake president was gone for a month. He is the one who should get the letter. He got back 9 days ago. So on Monday we were thinking maybe he just hasn't gotten the mail yet. But now we know the stake president hasn't received anything. So we are wondering what's going on. It seems kind of useless to wait this long. Maybe something got lost in the mail. I don't know why but it seems strange to do everything through mail. Electronically is so much faster, cheaper and doesn't get lost. Or maybe it just takes forever for stuff to get across the ocean.

But onto other things. So last Thursday wasn't too fun. I got sick. Last Monday I thought I was getting allergies and it was super annoying. Then Wednesday we went to Bachmanns for lunch. And we had tons of awesome food. Schnitzel and potatoes and vegetables cooked in crème frisch. Something like cream. It's German. Not cream cheese whatever. Just german. Oh my gosh it was so good. But we ate so much. Then after that I was feeling sick but we had English. Then we had planned to go by on some people. But instead we went to a pharmacy and got some stuff. So I got some nose spray (they said it would work) then we went to the grocery store and got some special tea Erkältungs tea. And first I was supposed to just breathe in the fumes. So I did that with a towel over my head. So like a humidifier. And I don't know kind of worked. Then at 8:30 I went to bed. The next morning after having breakfast I thought. "Dang I feel like crap. I'm going to lay down some more." So I slept till noon. Then I felt a little bit better, but still not great. We studied and rested a bit more. Then we had German and another English class. But only the german teacher (Schwester Urlakovic a new convert and relief society president) came so we read in the Bible together. She wants to read it all. So we read Genesis 2 through 5. Then went back home and slept some more. Then Friday I was feeling quite fine. Not perfect but good enough to go everything. Friday was exciting. So this coming Friday we are going to a hospital and old person home to sing with the district. So last Friday we drove down there to practice. And well I thought I was going to die. It was rainy and Bachmann was driving a million miles an hour passing everyone. We got there super fast but we were driving like a formula 1 car. At one point I could hear the wheels screeching as we were gong around a corner. I think we only made it because angels were pushing to keep the car on the road. Then when we were singing so Brother egglseder is the choir director and was helping us learn everything. And Bachmann was just being funny the whole time. It was a blast. Then after practicing for 45 minutes we drove the hour back and met with Martin. We got a pizza and talked about Moses 1. He read it and had absolutely no idea what was going on. I can understand why, lots of deep stuff in there. Then he is selling his car so we helped him really clean it out. That was fun. We spent 2 hours deep cleaning a car. That was fun. Then we went back home and ya planned and slept. Saturday was pretty boring. It was a cleaning day. The whole mission cleaned the apartments. So we went and cleaned. Then had lunch. Then cleaned some more. Then we went to the church and cleaned. Then went back to the apartment and cleaned. Lots of junk and stuff is now gone, and the apartment is spotless.

Then also lots of good things happened yesterday. H. popped back up on the radar. We are meeting with him Tuesday. Sometimes it's hard to get a hold of him but he'll get baptized one of these days. Also it's funny. So G. loves me (not romantically) she always asks to talk to me. And then she talks about whatever. Children, love problems etc. Sadly we didn't meet last week. But we talked for a total of an hour over the past week. And we are meeting on Thursday. We are going to talk about the plan of salvation because she would just love that. And it's what she needs.

Mom, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you really had a rough time last week. We both got sick at the same time. It's not fun to be sick at all. It just brings blah, nothing good. Especially when the only entertainment you have as a missionary is the Liahona and music. Oh well. Things work out.

Wait so Kohlers changed their name? How did that happen. That's not right. It's wrong.

Well first Bayern München is going to kill everyone in soccer . Before they were just the worlds best. Now they decided to do what the Heat did. Just buy every good player. Messi is going to Bayern. Dortmunds best player just signed. Like it's game over. Bayern could beat any team in the world. Probably even national teams.

Ya I see tons of girls wearing dirndls here. Every week quite a few. And then guys in lederhosen. Especially with Oktoberfest going on in Munich. Everyone goes to get drunk then comes back on the trains and falling everywhere. Ya it's a mess.
So when exactly does JJ leave and where is he going? I forgot. Mexico?

Well missionary work is awesome

Love you

Elder Kinghorn

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