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July 1, 2013

Stuttgart Interviews/District meetings- Goppingen District- Holman,Holmstead, Fletcher, Kinghorn, Garrett, Peterson, Motto, Clark 

Dear Family

Well this week was.... Awesome. Everything went right that could have. Well except for a couple late trains. But besides that it was great. First of all after p day we called up R. and asked if he wanted to meet. And he did so we went down to Ehingen. Then Tuesday we had interviews with President Miles, which was cool. Than we had an exchange with the other elders in the district. I was with Elder Garrett (no relation) and we had a good long talk with some old ladies on the train coming back from Stuttgart. Then the next morning we went out preaching the gospel to the world. Contacting was pretty good, but then we had lunch. And instead of lunch elder garrett wanted to look at watches. So we looked in the window and he said I'm buying it. And then he convinced me to buy one. So I did. Then we had a lesson with F.O. He is sadly going to the hospital for a couple of weeks. So we can't meet anymore. And we gave him a triple combination. He gave us this weird book called. ur-ewigkeit in raum und zeit. Really weird you can look it up or a translation in english and ya it's funky. We read some of it and were like...... what is this???? but oh well. Then we went contacting and ran into a castle. That was cool and then he went back to Ellwangen and Fletcher came back to Ulm. Thursday was good. We met with L.S. She is the 16 year old. Then after that we met with RG. Then ya, and Griday was our super super busy day. First of all we went to Lone see for a lesson with a member and our train left at 9:30. J from china. And she lives an hour walk away. Ok actually 45 minute from the Lone see train station. Then we went back to Ulm to get on another train to Heidenheim. So we had another eternally long train ride. And we had an appointment with the B. family. They had a friend there. Her name was B. (however it's spelled) Then after that we took a train back to Ulm and took another train to Illertissen. Where we met with the S. family. They are a part member family. And now it's 7 at night so we could have taken a train back to Ulm and then had dinner but I thought we can meet with Sister K. So we called her up and she said we could come by. So we walked the 15 minutes to her apartment and met with her.  Her husband didn't want to, so he just watched tv. but finally we got in at 9 at night starving for dinner. We were gone forever. But it was a sweet day. And busy the whole time. But then Saturday was also pretty good. We took an hour bus down to Weißenhorn and met with J.B. He was a bishop in Augsburg back in the day. But he hasn't been to church in years. They ended up giving us lunch which was nice. And then we went back to Ulm on the really long bus and then took a long train over to Ehingen where we met with R. again. He is way cool. But then we needed to go up to Ellwangen. So what happened is our ward watched the broadcast in Ellwangen (our branch hasn’t set it up) but we didn't want to take a train at 6:30 in the morning to get there. So that's why we went up that night, to overnight with the elders there Garrett and Peterson. So at church it was awesome. L.S's foreign exchange family was in Germany and drove them all the way up to Ellwangen. So we were able to get a ride back, which was nice. And the broadcast was way cool. We learned a lot. But we had to leave early because the family was leaving soon. But it was so bold how everyone needs to be doing missionary work. Missionaries are not there to make the wards grow. Members do that and missionaries are the ward’s tools. And it's true. The wards with the most converts, the wards actually try to do missionary work. 

Well yes our mission is growing a ton. We are up to 300 missionaries. And about 40 of them are senior couples, but still it's huge. Our mission is just enormous now. One of the biggest in the world now. I have no clue how President is going to handle all of them, but it's big.

And short sleeves are here. I don't know what the guy at Mr mac was saying. I got 2 of them a couple of weeks ago and got Elder Fletcher one. They are slim with a tiny little collar, way hipster but work well here. I'll come home and you'll think what the heck?

And I have no clue when all of the Facebook stuff is going to come out. Hopefully soon. But no clue. But President found out I am good with computers and tablets. So I could end up in the office to hook up all of the mission. So we'll see.

I love you
Elder Kinghorn

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