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September 23, 2013

Grüß Euch.

So this week was pretty darn nice. Well M. still hasn't heard anything if he can get baptized yet. So that is rough. The stake president just barely got home on Saturday. He was on vacation 2 weeks, then 2 weeks in america for work. So We have our fingers crossed that M. gets it. He had his interview back on the 11th of August. Uhh that stinks.

Well here is a funny story. So one family basically cleans the ward house every week. So Präsident T. asked if we would clean the tolietes every week. We of course said sure no problem. So we needed to be shown how to clean the toilets properly. So we have our appointment for Friday to learn how to clean tolietes. We get there and in the entrance room to the church there is a table set out with 3 chairs. Brother E. had planned to teach us theory then also on the job training. So we sit down and he has a printed out powerpoint on the correct way to clean and all of these steps. It takes forever to go through it. Than after the theory we he shows us which cleaners to use on what. Then we did more theory and then some more practical learning. Well after an hour we were finished learning how to clean 4 tolietes. Then we texted our branch president's wife and she said Ich bin total unzufrieden wie er die tolietten putzt. Ich zeige euch am sonntag. She isn't happy with how he did it. And she showed us how to do it. It was pretty funny. So that was the funny story from Neuötting.

Well also this week we met with G. again. She is the mom who is 35 and has the australian mom. But she only speaks Bayrisch. Well we were going to bring brother Bachmann to the lesson but she didn't want to have 3 guys at her house. Then she asked if just I could come to talk. It was kind of awkward but funny. I know she has no harm intended. She is in love with this other guy. So instead, we agreed to meet in a cafe in Neuötting. Her 2 daughters tagged along. We aren't quite sure now if she has interest or if she just likes talking to us. We gave her the restoration movie. She said she would watch it. As of yesterday she hasn't, but we will see if she does in the next couple days.

M. is a funny guy. So we were over at his place on Friday and somehow we started talking about the mini scriptures. So just on a whim he ordered the mini leather ones. But he had to order them from America so he had to pay international shipping. Kind of funny. Then on Sunday he called before and asked if I could bring mine so he could use them like a test run, to see what he ordered. Seems like something mom would do. Oh I just ordered, can I try yours to see what it's like? Oh it kind of stinks. Last week we got a referral but we haven't been able to go by on her. The phone number doesn't work. And the problem is the city she lives in is 2 hours away by train. So 2 hours there 2 back and then whatever time it takes to find her. We haven't had the time for that. It really stinks. So we planned Tuesday afternoon to go by on her. So Tuesday we have district meeting in Rosenheim. So it's going to make it a very long day of trains. 1.5 hours to Rosenheim, then 3 hours to get to the referral, then 2 hours back. I'm so glad that every missionary in Utah has a car to travel 3 miles to their next appointment. Actually trains are nice sometimes. Especially in winter, get to sit down in a warm train instead of being outside in the freezing cold. That is actually really really nice.

Well there is another BYU game. Looks like I won't see BYU play Utah for a long long time. 4 years without it. Good thing I'm out here not hearing any BYU stuff. I haven't heard one reference to BYU outside of missionaries in I don't know how long. I saw some BYU thing in Austria I think. But not really. ElderGunn met someone in Klagenfurt. She was from Chicago and was going to go to BYU. She isn't a member. Well wasn't. She said she didn't know why but she felt like BYU was the school for her. Funny how that works.

Love you

Elder Kinghorn

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