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November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

Well this past week has been pretty good. We had Thanksgiving dinner, which was nice. We had it with the G. family on Saturday. It was great. 

When we went over and were at the train station in Altötting, waiting. And this homeless guy comes up collecting bottles (they are 25 cents each) and so we talked to him. And then we got on the same train and we talked some more (well we tried to understand him he spoke only Bayrisch full on, and with food in his mouth) so what we got from him was his life story. And we gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going to try to meet with him this week. He is cool. We'll see what happens with him this week. 

Then we got to Ampfing where the G's live. And we brought oreo cake. We weren't original enough to make it, but we found the mix at the grocery store on Monday so we got it. And that was a hit. And we also ate tons of food. But American food isn't as heavy as German. We ate a ton ,but didn't feel like we were going to die like after eating a big German meal. 2 of the elders from Rosenheim came too because the G's moved from there and knew the elders. The other two elders bailed last second because they planned badly and missed the train and had a lesson before. It would be possible to get to Ampfing and back in time. Oh well. 
New UnderArmour bottoms would be nice too. Just underarmor cold gear medium bottoms in black. I already have the top but maybe a second wouldn't be bad. and I don't want wool. It's not as useful because Underarmor dries overnight from the wash but other fabric takes 2 days in winter. They could come in handy. And I don't need a cd player. We have one but we never use it. 

There was a similar story. A sister missionary in my district in Ulm, her dad served there and baptized a woman. Then no missionary has been able to meet with her until Sister M. She was able to meet with her.  Just one of the miracles that happen every day.


Elder Kinghorn

Munich Zone Conference

Munich Zone Conference

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