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November 3, 2013

Dear Family

Well this will probably make your day. We were on the street contacting and we met this guy from Nigeria. He is a cool guy. He actually came to church yesterday and it's nice because we have an english class. We teach all of the youth in English for sunday school. They all like English better. P. was able to hear the gospel in his native language, which is something that most wards don't have, and we are just a tiny branch. We used the new youth lesson manual and talked about how to have an independent testimony and be converted. I think it's a really good program, uch better than what I had. We are meeting with him again. 

Oh quick story. Here is how I got attacked by children last week. It all happened on Thursday. First we were on a train to Burgkirchen and there was a lady from Nigeria who asked for help knowing when to get off. She had two little kids, probably 3 and 2 years old. So the oldest one was making faces at us and we were making faces back. Her brother was just rolling around on a seat. Then she got up and got her purse and pulled out two comics and gave them to us. She made us put them in our bags to take home as her brother went to the seat behind us and just looked in the garbage. She then hit our bags for some reason. I think it was to say keep it closed. Then she ran back to her mom and her brother was still looking in the trash. Then she came back and I gave her a card and she hit my bag again. Then shook the card at me and yelled at me in swahili. I have no idea what she said. Then her brother finally stopped looking in the trash and went to his mom. He had to go to the bathroom. Then the girl spit in our garbage can. Then she stole a couple more cards. And we got to our stop so we got off. It was a nice relief. 

Later that day we were in a city called Kastl. This kid saw us and was riding his bike with no pedals through the mud. He told us, “I can ride through mud because I'm wearing rubber boots. It's way cool. Wait just a sec.” So he rode home and pulled out a big wheel and showed us that. Then his grandpa yelled, “Who are you talking to.” “Just myself.” Then he got out his scooter and finally his bike. Then after all of this we told him we had to go, which we did. We couldn't spend all day talking to this 4 year old kid. It was way funny though. 

Friday we went to Munich to meet with the Ts. There were 6 missionaries there. We played this game where one person sits on a chair and the other person sits behind them and has to feed them this dessert. It was chocolate filled with marshmallow creme. So we end up getting all sticky. But it was fun. M. is doing good. He spent his whole weekend reading this book. He read a 400 page book in 2 days and wants me to read it. Funny guy. It's about a priest in England.  Martin said whenever that one priest came up he thought of me. So I'm the one who gets murdered. Great. 

Church didn't have quite as many people, maybe 25. But still it was great. 

But life is going good here. This week we have a lot planned. Today we are going to schloß Neuschwanstein with two of the L. boys. They are 22 and 23. I can see them going on missions. They came to a missionary activity last week, Book of mormon reading. So we had those two, then L, the Brazilian and B. So B is 83. I'm 20 Elder Gunn is 21, T is 22,  J is 23, Larissa is 24. So it was like grandpa talking to the grandchildren. But everyone loved it and we learned a lot. Then Tuesday we are meeting with P. Wednesday we are going to try to meet with the W family. Then we have the bible night. Then Thursday we meet with B and teach english. Friday we might go to the Ls. Saturday we might go to Munich. That's our week in a nutshell. We'll try to put in more stuff.

I hope everything is good at home.
I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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