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October 7, 2013

Dear Family,

Well, some of you might be wondering what happened with conference. So our ward is tiny and said, "Why don't you just watch it with M. at home." So that's what we did. Saturday we went over to watch Saturday morning, but that night he was so excited that he watched Saturday afternoon without us. So Sunday morming he watched it again. Then he made us a "small" lunch. Gulousch with serviette knödel. It was so much food. Then watched priesthood which was great. Then had coffee and cake (not real coffee, that's just what it's called-hot chocolate) and we were still full so we had to shove it down. Then somehow we avoided eating dinner, that was nice.

So last night we finished by watching Sunday morning and M's mom watched it too. It was so cool. She is super Catholic but still she sat down to hear what the prophet says. It was one of those great moments that missionaries love. Who knows, maybe someday soon she will come to church then get baptized.

Ok well also we had a ton of eating appointments last week. One with M. and then 3 with B. So the reason for that is simple. Friday we went singing to a hospital and retirement home to sing herbst lieder fall songs. Tuesday we practiced. So Bachmann fed us and brought a huge vat of goulasch soup. It was way good. Then Wednesday (please don't cringe or throw up) we had what's called schlacht schussel. That means slaughter bowl. Seriously. So we had blood and liver sausage. So when we go over there. We are way excited and terrified at the same time. So he brings them out and they are super thick sausages, short and fat. And Bachmann went back to bring the pot into the kitchen. So we pocked them and they were bouncy. It was horrifying. At this point there is no excitement. But I looked over at Sister Bachmann and she was poking hers too. It was so funny. But still gross. Then we found out how you eat them. You take a knife and cut the sausage in half then it kind of oozes out like a zit. Now our horror has gone to undescribable shock. Then we had to squeeze out the inside and mix the two sausages together. Then they looked at us like 'try it it's wonderful.' So I got my fork and tasted it. And it was really good. Like amazingly good. I enjoyed it. Sauerkraut and potatoes. It was so good. At one point I thought of what I was eating and got a bit scared but it was good so I kept eating. And it's really rude to not eat what's on your plate. So we'll have it again probably in November. Now I know some of you are wanting to throw up right now but don't. It's way good. And if you think about it much less gross than eating chicken skin. There is already blood in the meat we eat so it's fine.

Oh and dad the missionaries ate over once before. I think you were gone. We had taco soup and it was really spicy. I think they almost died. It was kind of funny. I think I'll make blood sausage for the missionaries when I get home. That would be funny.

Then friday was our singing day. Bachmann made us Leberkäse. It's somewhere between a hotdog and some other sausage. But it's as big as a meatloaf. you put it between two buns and put on sweet mustard, but he made us eat 2 kilo of it, then the bread and pretzels that come with it. That was a ton of food. So singing was way cool. We made lots of people happy. But my favorite part was at the old person home. Afterwards we sat down for cake and coffee (hot choc) and this old lady was funny. 'Are you from Bayern?" "No, I'm not." "Oh" (dissapointed) then I pointed to Elder Bassett and said,'He is from Nurenburg" and she said, "Oh that's wonderful. He's from Bayern." Bachmann just laughed and said "No, no he's from Utah." Besides that singing was great. We helped tons of people out. Ya we aren't the best choir ever. But that wasn't the point. We made people happy. That is the point of the gospel. Like in conference, well the song. Those who reject this glad message will never such happiness know.

H is doing good. We met, and he is understanding the plan of salvation better. It's hard to teach him because he has no Christian background. Well he does, but it's tv background, so it's not very helpfull. G. is doing good. But we aren't quite sure how much interest she has. We had an appointment for Thursday and she cancelled because bad energy from her childhood was coming up. She is into the whole astrology, number, energy thing. It's kind of annoying because that mixed with worshiping Mary, it's hard to work with.

Well sounds like you had a good run. Well just a question what is the Boston qualifying time for a 21 year old? Ya, time to get into shape when I get home so that's Friday. Saturday is the first training day deal? 6 days a week. Seriously. 3.5 months is enough if I really kill myself training. Like lacrosse conditioning. I think it's possible. But I'll need your help. I'll try to get an all right base before I get home. But that will be hard... It will be a long summer.

And getting the recipe from Bachmann is impossible. He just says simple, you make it. Nothing special about it. So I gave up on asking how to make stuff. And Sigfried's is good, but I don't think it compares to the food here. It's just so good. But a lot of it is pretty easy to make. I'll show you when I get home.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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