Sunday, March 2, 2014

December 2, 2013

Dear Family,

Well from Monday to Saturday I think everything that could have gone wrong did. Sunday gets amazing, but that will come later. We had our last district meeting for the transfer on Tuesday and after we went to go by on some less actives. So we go to Eggenfelden to go by on them and well, it's pretty useless. No one is home. No one on the street wanted to talk to us. So tuesday was pretty darn rough. Then Wednesday came. We did service with B almost the whole day. We made little puppets for our Christmas show thing. Then we had Book of Mormon night again. Thursday came and it was another really long day. Nothing really happened. We tried to do real work but it was not going at all. We found one Lutheran lady (That was awesome. She wasn't Catholic) and gave her a Book of Mormon. But it was way slow. Then we got something in the mail. We got a referral. Some lady who lives forever away wants a Book of Mormon. We gave her a call and made a lesson for Sunday night. Then we had English class. Friday came around. And we had a lesson with W. then everything stopped again. Ugh life is hard. So saturday came and we had a meeting in Munich, so that took our whole day. Then on the way back L needed help so we met her at the hotel she works at and quizzed her on school stuff. It's easy stuff but she doesn't know what a t-bone steak is. It's English and German food. Then they had a Catholic fireside so we watched it. Tons of crazy old German people. Then Sunday came. This was the good day. So after a long week of well nothing, we went to church, which was good. Then we did our studies. Now we just had the hour long drive( yes an hour) to our appointment. Brother E. took us there and was the joint teach for S. She is awesome. She is the coolest lady I've ever met. So we had an awesome lesson. She actually had a dream about the Mormon church. She said in her dream she said I'm a mormon. I was thinking this is so sweet. So we gave her a soft baptismal commitment. She said she'll set a date after we have gone through all the lessons. So basically she is the most prepared person I've ever met. It goes to show miracles happen after we do all we can do. I think this week I had the worst numbers I've ever had my whole mission. But still it was great because of Sunday night. And the whole time we were having fun. I loved it.

Hey mom, real quick. So president miles said we could watch It's a Wonderful Life in church for the movie night we do once a month. So could you buy it on Amazon? it's called Ist Das Leben Nicht Schön. We need it shipped quick or it won't come in time.  Thanks. I love you

I love you all

Elder Kinghorn 

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