Sunday, March 2, 2014

July 22, 2013 Last week in Ulm

Dear Family well I am getting transferred to Neu Ötting

Kirche jesu Christi
Elder Kinghorn
Sebanstainsplatz 20
84542, Neuötting

It is hard leaving Ulm behind. Ya I have been frustrated with them at times, but I really love them. And we left on a really good note. So on Saturday we had another lesson with R. and he wants to get baptized on the 17th of August!! It's way sweet. He is so excited for the Gospel. In the past 4 days he has had only one cup of coffee. He is almost over his addiction. I'll easily be able to come back because it's a cheap train ride to get to Ulm from Neu Ötting, only 26 euro. We are also meeting tonight after we go to the Lindt outlet. Everything seems to be going good for us. R. came to church. And also G. came to church. G. has a hard time reading the Book of Mormon ,but he is also going back to Australia in not too long. He hasn't been able to make any team or anything. So that's a bummer. But maybe college ball. I don't know why he doesn't go there. Oh well.

Saturday we had a musical fireside in Ellwangen. The ward there forced the missionaries to do it so we went and helped them out. It actually went really well despite the fact that I can't sing, but elder Garrett in Ellwangen is way good at the violin. He plays at BYU. And Sister Motto is really good at the piano. Then I sang 2 Songs with the missionary choir. It kind of worked. I didn't destroy it. I had a really fun exchange with Elder Peterson last week. We found some really cool people and met with S. and G. So what happened was they invited us over and we pretty much answered G's questions. He has a ton of them. Then they had us stay for dinner and it was a YSA dinner for their church. They were really cool and they were all shocked by how good our German was. G. is from the states and speaks almost no German. And we have only been here 4 months longer than him. So that was funny to see the difference between us.

That's crazy how many people are off on their missions. And I hope you have fun with your mission prep class. I have one more district Meeting to run before I'm off to NeuÖtting. Then I'll be a normal missionary again. And if you see any cool things about the apostasy please send it to me. I'm off to Catholic land. Yes, teach with the Spirit. But knowledge is a Christlike Attribute and very important in teaching.

I Need to go soon.

I love you all

Elder Devon Kinghorn

FYI while we were at Powell the timer on Devon's phone passed 10,000 hours since he left. At least it won't get to 20,000 before he gets home.

It is only about 9000 episodes of Top Gear and he will be home :)

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