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December 16, 2013

Dear Family

This week was pretty good. So I was on an exchange with Elder Young from Rosenheim and we were having a rough time. We had a lesson with a less active, Brother W. But then nothing happened. We were contacting for a while with no luck. Then we found this Russian lady. She might turn into something, but she doesn't speak enough German.

Then we were going around and we found this man named M. He was nice, but kind of quiet. We were talking and set up an appointment for Saturday. It was great. Then someone came and told him it's time to go. He got into a short bus and left. That was kind of awkward. We thought he was from the crazy house. Great. So then Saturday Elder Gunn and I went over to his place. And then to our relief it was an old person home, So that was good. Then we went to find his room and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was pretty excited about that. He doesn't get many visitors there I'm guessing. Well then we had a good overview of the Book of Mormon, but then we had to go to meet with M. 

Yesterday we went back to M. He had actually read in the book. That doesn't happen very often. Most people just take it then don't do anything. He also read the restoration pamphlet. Then yesterday we gave him the full first lesson. The restoration. Then gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. Then we have no time to meet until Wednesday for Book of Mormon reading at the church.

Today we are going to Munich to meet with the T. then we are spending the night for a mission christmas party tomorrow. Well I'm not sure what it exactly is. But it's a zone meeting so I'm calling it a Christmas party. We are doing a white elephant.
Then M is all ready for baptism. He had his interview with the stake president. And I don't know how, but it was a temple recommend interview too. I'm really confused by how that works. I don't know, oh well. So sometime soon he will go through the temple too. That's how revelation works I guess. 

Last friday we also had our choir practice. We are going to sing Bayrisch songs. A bunch of americans. Sweet. So that was funny no one knows how to pronounce the words except for the old people. The greenhalgh girls can't say the words either. Kind of funny. We are all lost. So then the Ss also came to church. It was great. He wants to start coming back. He wants to be active. I think it's his time. He knows that something has been missing and he knows the church his true. Then his wife will get baptized sometime hopefully soon.
Today we are going to München to meet with the Ts. then spend the night there because we have the zone meeting Christmas party thing. Not sure exactly what's going to happen. Oh well. Oh by the way, on Saturday my card didn't work. I don't know why. It might work today but I haven't checked yet. We were supposed to buy something for a mission white elephant, but I had to use mission money for it.

I was reading in Mark, right before Jesus feeds the thousands with a few loaves of bread. And something hit me. Jesus left the city, then the thousands came to follow him. They weren't asked to, but they wanted to hear from him. So he had compassion on them and preached to them. They left behind mocking friends, probably. to hear from Christ. We need to do that too. In order to receive the miracles we need to act like them. Going out to follow Jesus, not wait till he comes to us. Christmas is the perfect time for that.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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