Sunday, March 2, 2014

October 21, 2013

Dear family,

We met with the L's. They are so cool. They have a million kids. We went over last Monday and they were so excited to see us. They are way cool.  M. is doing good. He is still waiting for permission to get baptized. Then Brother W. is doing good. He came to our movie night at the church. We watched Legacy, which was good. L. was also there. We have been working with her a lot. Her problem is she works on most Sundays and her husband isn't a member which is a problem. So we are working with them.   Lots of less active work here. This past weekend we had an ausstellung I don't know the English word. The big advertisement thing where we stand by it. And well the problem is we did it in altötting, right next to the giant shrines of the Catholic church. B got permission from the city and that's where they put us, just on the border of where the Catholic owns land. It's kind of like being next to temple square. So we had one lady take a pamphlet. And one lady come try to argue with B saying we are wrong. Besides that not much happened. Well B got us some pasteries. Krapfen, which are basically doughnuts. Then he got us this small little apple pie thing. It was so heavy, like 5 pounds for this little pastry, but it was so good. Then we had stake conference and we went to Munich right after. We got on the train and went there. So that was the whole day. 8 to 12 ausstellung. Then the train at 1 to get to Munich for the meeting at 5. Then after the meeting we practiced for our choir the next day. Then Sunday we went to the big conference meeting and sang. Then we went home and ate lunch. Then went to get on another train to ampfing where we went on a long walk with M. through the forrest and talked. Long weekend, but it was good.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

Practicing for Munich Stake Conference

Rosenheim District District: Seamons, P & S Miles, Kinghorn, Gunn, Jerman, Hoggan, Young

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