Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodbye Neuötting January 6, 2014

Dear family

Well this is what happened Saturday morning. We got a call from the ap's and they wanted to talk to me. So I got on the phone and they said Elder Kinghorn, you're leaving. And then chatted for a few seconds (an eternity) and told me I was going to Ravensburg. Sweet, that's where Zach Hyatt served. So yes I'm going to the same area he finished his mission in. Then they said and you'll be working with Elder George. If you remember he was my companion in the MTC. So that's interesting. Get to work with the same missionary again. That doesn't happen all the time. Oh and quickly here is the new address:

Kirche Jesu Christi
Elder Kinghorn 
Charlottenstr. 8
88212 Ravensburg

Saying goodbye has been really hard. This branch really has a special place in my heart. They had to sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I hate that song. It's so sad. This is a small branch. but we do what we can. They are doing so much and growing so much. We met with the L. and found out what their problem is. They feel like the ward doesn't want them, hiwch is kind of funny because the ward asks us every week about them. I wish they could both hear what the other wants. The active ward members don't want to scare them away by being too forward. And the Ls think the ward doesn't like them because they aren't super forward. Somehow we'll get this to work. Also we were at the Tranums for New Years Day and that was great. There were 4 missionaries from Munich there also. Then we have this awesome guy from Nigeria. We found him a while ago.  So he has read some of the Book of Mormon and really likes it. He was gone on Sunday in Munich. But now he is back and we're going to get him baptized. Well I won't because I'm leaving. Dang. And we are meeting with some more people this week. Finally after Christmas people want to meet again and I leave. Ugh. Oh well. It's the same in Ravensburg. I get to get the upswing, see all of the people who say ok it’s New Year, let's start over. I really love it here and I'm sad to leave. But good things will happen.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

January 2, 2014

December 30, 2013

Happy New Years

Christmas was quite exciting here in Germany. Well I should write about Monday first. As you know, we did a um puppet thing. The nativity Bavarian style. It was quite funny. So Elder Gunn, Sister S/ (a senior lady in the ward from Berlin) and I were sitting back there trying to figure out which puppet to put up. Then at one point a puppet fell over the stage I guess and landed on the floor. So we had to use another puppet. That was pretty funny. I think we had more fun than anyone in the audience. So that was our Monday, messing things up.  Oh well. Then Tuesday was also great. We were at the Ls and then went to mass with L, M and his brother. That was quite exciting. At the end they gave a speech about saving children in South America running around naked without shoes in the snow. Because Brazil has a ton of snow. So that was our joke. Do it for the children in the snow with no shoes. Haha oh well. Then wednesday we went to T. for lunch and he had this awesome schnitzel. It wasn't fried. It was baked in some casserole type thing. I had to eat so much. L. thought it was funny to sneak her food onto my plate. So I ended up eating 2.5 schnitzels and I don't know how much mashed potatoes. So I was stuffed. Then we went over to M where M’s brother was hitting on L the whole time. That was super funny. I felt kind of bad for her but all I could do was try to change the subject. He just wanted to talk about how he wanted a wife who was younger and from Brazil. So I thought it was funny. Then we had to eat more food. I don't think they understood us when we said we were completely stuffed. But I guess in German that means there's still room for cheesecake bread etc. So I was almost dead. Ugh my stomach was hurting that night. Then the next day we went to the T’s and both Elder Gunn and I had stomach problems. I don't do well with that much food. So ya that was an adventure. Thursday we were at the T’s and got fed again. But luckily they don't force food down our throats. That was a relief. We told them the situation and they don't mind. She was a missionary in Florida a couple years ago. That was a fun night. Then I had an exchange with Elder Morril the next day so we spent the night at the mission office and then the next day we went to work in München. That was a ton of fun. We found some cool people. and got some buttermilk strawberry drink (way good) and had a lesson with this cool dude who wants to get baptized. So everything is going good for them. Then we came back to Neuötting on Saturday and helped L. throw away some stuff. Idk why she needed help. but oh well. Then we read in the Book of Mormon and we read in Portugese. So that went well I guess. Then we made her read in English. So I could understand some Portugese. Lots of the words are similar to English. Well I wouldn't say I understood the context. But some words I could get. I just knew the context because it's 1 Nephi 11. Then church was good. We talked about gemeinde rat uhh ward council. It was nice. We didn't have the best week ever in terms of numbers. Kind of hard to during christmas. Next week will be good. We have a lot planned. Then it's transfer calls on Saturday. I wonder what's happening. I really hope I stay.

I love you all
Elder Kinghorn

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

Well today we are doing emails way early because we have to help B. early then we are busy with him the whole day setting stuff up for our Christmas nativity thing. I don't know if I told you what it is. We are making puppets and backgrounds for the nativity and doing that tonight in the church. But it's not out of Like. We are reading a book called heilige nacht by ludwig thoma. And it's all in Bayrisch, so it's hard to understand. I bet I understand more than most of dad’s German friends do though. To them it's just illiterate mumbling. To me it's semi partial understandable mumbling. So it will be fun. We are going to record the whole thing, so that will be fun. I'll have it forever to listen to or watch. Ya, so that's our p day, build wooden puppets. Well we are mostly finished. We just have finishing stuff to do.  

Yes it's a normal p day. Just well we have no time because we are going to be building stuff the whole time. L. has been coming to church as much as work has allowed the last 2 months. Before she was less active. So that's great.  

So we have great news. M. is now a member of the church!!!!!!!!!!! He got baptized and confirmed on Saturday. Sadly we weren't allowed to go to Wien to meet with him. We still don't have any pictures of it. But that's life. We gave M. pictures of our faces to hold up in a picture so we'll see if he actually did that. I hope so. After all of the ups and downs he got wet. It's awesome.

Last week was really fun. On friday we went singing again to the old person home. That was fun. We had to sing a few songs in Bayrisch and that went well..... The new missionaries in the district have a hard enough time singing in normal German. Then we also sang some American Christmas songs: Rudolf, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, etc. And sadly we were only able to go to the retirement home. The hospital was busy or something. But it was funny. B. told the people we were done singing Bayrisch and this one old lady said no!!  Germany is the best!! That was funny. She was the same lady who last time asked if I was from Bayern. I said no, but pointed to Elder Bassett from Vernal (who is home now) and said he is from Nurenburg. Her eyes lit up. That was funny. 

We also met more with M. And well we think he just wants someone to talk to. I mean he does live in an old person home (a different one) and that has to be boring. He always tells us the Book of Mormon is true. Otherwise he wouldn't have written it. But he hasn't really read the book. Then also we met with H. So she told us what she thought of the Book of Mormon. She said it's amazing how much it reads like the Old Testament, it's emphasis on heaven and hell and just how it reads. She said I can see how you... she wanted to say were fooled by it but couldn't bring herself to say it. It's so cool how the Book of Mormon can have such a huge effect on people. Right now she is going through Moroni to find out how it's wrong. Well that happened to Holland’s grandpa. We've all heard the talk. No evil man could write a book and no good man would, unless he was called of God. I think H. is going to end up like that. Right now she is back in England visiting family for Christmas. But she'll be back. 

We started meeting with a lady named Frau B. She met with missionaries in the past. So she is now an investigator. and our next appointment isn't until next transfer. So I doubt I'll see her again. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving this city, sadly. Oh well. But just remember to read Luke 2. It's important. I read it this week and I just want you to know that it's true.

The choir was way fun. The old people are all partly there. They love Germany. When we sang Bayrisch they were so happy. It was great. We kind of had a singing program. So we are doing a choir tonight with the nativity. It's not a full blown choir. Our branch only has a few members. So the missionaries are the choir. Yay!!! 

 Christmas is soon. We have a full program for the 3 days of Christmas. I'm excited.

I love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

December 16, 2013

Dear Family

This week was pretty good. So I was on an exchange with Elder Young from Rosenheim and we were having a rough time. We had a lesson with a less active, Brother W. But then nothing happened. We were contacting for a while with no luck. Then we found this Russian lady. She might turn into something, but she doesn't speak enough German.

Then we were going around and we found this man named M. He was nice, but kind of quiet. We were talking and set up an appointment for Saturday. It was great. Then someone came and told him it's time to go. He got into a short bus and left. That was kind of awkward. We thought he was from the crazy house. Great. So then Saturday Elder Gunn and I went over to his place. And then to our relief it was an old person home, So that was good. Then we went to find his room and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was pretty excited about that. He doesn't get many visitors there I'm guessing. Well then we had a good overview of the Book of Mormon, but then we had to go to meet with M. 

Yesterday we went back to M. He had actually read in the book. That doesn't happen very often. Most people just take it then don't do anything. He also read the restoration pamphlet. Then yesterday we gave him the full first lesson. The restoration. Then gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. Then we have no time to meet until Wednesday for Book of Mormon reading at the church.

Today we are going to Munich to meet with the T. then we are spending the night for a mission christmas party tomorrow. Well I'm not sure what it exactly is. But it's a zone meeting so I'm calling it a Christmas party. We are doing a white elephant.
Then M is all ready for baptism. He had his interview with the stake president. And I don't know how, but it was a temple recommend interview too. I'm really confused by how that works. I don't know, oh well. So sometime soon he will go through the temple too. That's how revelation works I guess. 

Last friday we also had our choir practice. We are going to sing Bayrisch songs. A bunch of americans. Sweet. So that was funny no one knows how to pronounce the words except for the old people. The greenhalgh girls can't say the words either. Kind of funny. We are all lost. So then the Ss also came to church. It was great. He wants to start coming back. He wants to be active. I think it's his time. He knows that something has been missing and he knows the church his true. Then his wife will get baptized sometime hopefully soon.
Today we are going to München to meet with the Ts. then spend the night there because we have the zone meeting Christmas party thing. Not sure exactly what's going to happen. Oh well. Oh by the way, on Saturday my card didn't work. I don't know why. It might work today but I haven't checked yet. We were supposed to buy something for a mission white elephant, but I had to use mission money for it.

I was reading in Mark, right before Jesus feeds the thousands with a few loaves of bread. And something hit me. Jesus left the city, then the thousands came to follow him. They weren't asked to, but they wanted to hear from him. So he had compassion on them and preached to them. They left behind mocking friends, probably. to hear from Christ. We need to do that too. In order to receive the miracles we need to act like them. Going out to follow Jesus, not wait till he comes to us. Christmas is the perfect time for that.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

December 9, 2013

Dear family,

Well we are stuck between a rock and a hard place with S. We met with her on Friday. B drove us the eternity to get over there. And it was awesome. We went over the first half of the plan of salvation. And she believes all of it. She is so ready to receive the gospel. So we got everything set up for her to come to church on Sunday. The W. family went to pick her up and she was coming to church. Then about 10 miles from home she got a panic attack. But she just found out she is horrified to ride in cars. She can't do it. There is absolutely no way she can get to church on Sunday without a car. No train. No bus. The only way to do it is to walk 5 miles to the closest train station. With a baby in winter. That shouldn't happen. Too dangerous. So that is our terrible story. We have no idea what we should do. And then we don't know how she got home yesterday. She wouldn't get in the car to drive home.
Then last week we met with M. He really changed a lot in the past few weeks. We gave him a break so he would have time to think. In the past 3 weeks he has really done that. Last Tuesday he prayed to God. He really wanted to get baptized by the end of the year. He was willing to do anything. Then what happened? On Friday he got permission to get baptized. God was just waiting for him to really want it. The waiting was really good for him. It made him put his priorities straight. God really knows better than us. So now he just has to meet with the stake president. The baptismal date is set for the 21st but will be pushed back if need. But I think it will work. So M. is going to go to Vienna to get baptized by Elder Abbott. So sadly I won't be there. But as long as he gets baptized, that's the important part. God knows if he is completely ready. The stake president has the final say. And I know he'll use correct judgment. 

The Ls haven't been answering. So we decided just to go over. Saturday we went hoping they would be there. It's the only bus that goes all day so we needed them to be home, or else we would have to walk 12 km to the next train station. That would have sucked, But they were home. Yay. So they wanted to take us to S. for the Christmas market. So we went and it was cool. Then we went home and went to bed. So, it was a success. We didn't have to walk 12 km to Simbach from Tann. Then they didn't come to church. That was a bummer.

This past week was much better than the previous. Things just went better. They are still rough. Meeting with Germans in December is basically impossible. But we make things work.

That was crazy race down in St. George. Luckily it hasn't been terrible here yet. No real snow. But German winters start later and end later. So I'm expecting that. Our job here is to shovel the church parking lot. Luckily it isn't that big. It's like our driveway.

Yup. I'll do St. George 2014. I'm already on track. I've lost about 14 pounds in the last 2 transfers, down to like 167 in the morning. It will be faster if I get down to like 160. Less body fat= faster runner. Simple math.

We are going to watch the Christmas devotional twice. Once for a mission activity in 2 weeks and once right before Christmas at church. So that will be fun. Hear it in English then in German. I'm excited to see what's in store. But you already know I'm guessing you watched it last night.

That was our week. Well the highlights of last week.

I Love you

Elder Kinghorn

December 2, 2013

Dear Family,

Well from Monday to Saturday I think everything that could have gone wrong did. Sunday gets amazing, but that will come later. We had our last district meeting for the transfer on Tuesday and after we went to go by on some less actives. So we go to Eggenfelden to go by on them and well, it's pretty useless. No one is home. No one on the street wanted to talk to us. So tuesday was pretty darn rough. Then Wednesday came. We did service with B almost the whole day. We made little puppets for our Christmas show thing. Then we had Book of Mormon night again. Thursday came and it was another really long day. Nothing really happened. We tried to do real work but it was not going at all. We found one Lutheran lady (That was awesome. She wasn't Catholic) and gave her a Book of Mormon. But it was way slow. Then we got something in the mail. We got a referral. Some lady who lives forever away wants a Book of Mormon. We gave her a call and made a lesson for Sunday night. Then we had English class. Friday came around. And we had a lesson with W. then everything stopped again. Ugh life is hard. So saturday came and we had a meeting in Munich, so that took our whole day. Then on the way back L needed help so we met her at the hotel she works at and quizzed her on school stuff. It's easy stuff but she doesn't know what a t-bone steak is. It's English and German food. Then they had a Catholic fireside so we watched it. Tons of crazy old German people. Then Sunday came. This was the good day. So after a long week of well nothing, we went to church, which was good. Then we did our studies. Now we just had the hour long drive( yes an hour) to our appointment. Brother E. took us there and was the joint teach for S. She is awesome. She is the coolest lady I've ever met. So we had an awesome lesson. She actually had a dream about the Mormon church. She said in her dream she said I'm a mormon. I was thinking this is so sweet. So we gave her a soft baptismal commitment. She said she'll set a date after we have gone through all the lessons. So basically she is the most prepared person I've ever met. It goes to show miracles happen after we do all we can do. I think this week I had the worst numbers I've ever had my whole mission. But still it was great because of Sunday night. And the whole time we were having fun. I loved it.

Hey mom, real quick. So president miles said we could watch It's a Wonderful Life in church for the movie night we do once a month. So could you buy it on Amazon? it's called Ist Das Leben Nicht Schön. We need it shipped quick or it won't come in time.  Thanks. I love you

I love you all

Elder Kinghorn 

November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

Well this past week has been pretty good. We had Thanksgiving dinner, which was nice. We had it with the G. family on Saturday. It was great. 

When we went over and were at the train station in Altötting, waiting. And this homeless guy comes up collecting bottles (they are 25 cents each) and so we talked to him. And then we got on the same train and we talked some more (well we tried to understand him he spoke only Bayrisch full on, and with food in his mouth) so what we got from him was his life story. And we gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going to try to meet with him this week. He is cool. We'll see what happens with him this week. 

Then we got to Ampfing where the G's live. And we brought oreo cake. We weren't original enough to make it, but we found the mix at the grocery store on Monday so we got it. And that was a hit. And we also ate tons of food. But American food isn't as heavy as German. We ate a ton ,but didn't feel like we were going to die like after eating a big German meal. 2 of the elders from Rosenheim came too because the G's moved from there and knew the elders. The other two elders bailed last second because they planned badly and missed the train and had a lesson before. It would be possible to get to Ampfing and back in time. Oh well. 
New UnderArmour bottoms would be nice too. Just underarmor cold gear medium bottoms in black. I already have the top but maybe a second wouldn't be bad. and I don't want wool. It's not as useful because Underarmor dries overnight from the wash but other fabric takes 2 days in winter. They could come in handy. And I don't need a cd player. We have one but we never use it. 

There was a similar story. A sister missionary in my district in Ulm, her dad served there and baptized a woman. Then no missionary has been able to meet with her until Sister M. She was able to meet with her.  Just one of the miracles that happen every day.


Elder Kinghorn

Munich Zone Conference

Munich Zone Conference

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,

Things are going good here. Last week we had a great english class. We decided to change it up. It is an english conversation class, so what we do is just talk in english with people. Lots of the time nobody comes, so that stinks. But last week we decided to invite the Ls to help. Only T and J came. But also L came. We just played card games and goofed around for 2 hours. Normally it's one hour but we were having too much fun and no one wanted to leave. So we stayed. L. understood some of it, but we were talking really fast. Normally she understands more. Oh well, it helps her understand. So also we have some bad news about M.  We just don't know what to do with him. He hit a road block. Oh well, so Saturday and Sunday there was singles ward so J. went to that. L wanted to but she had to work Saturday night. And T. didn't want to go. But we were at the Ls on Saturday. The parents knew we had blood sausage and thought it was good. But their kids had never had it. So we had it and most of their kids wouldn't even touch it. A. is 15, had a tiny bite and thought it was good but couldn't eat it. T. said it was good, but wouldn't buy it. Understandable. Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie. And somehow we had everyone watching it. (that family is hard to keep under control) and they really loved it. They had all seen it but still enjoyed it.

Also, we are meeting with a british woman this week. She is a catholic missionary. So that's something that only happens here in Neuötting. I love it here. Being a missionary is the best.

We get transfer calls this week. That will be interesting to see what happens. I hope I stay, but I don't know how likely that is. We are both really old missionaries and have been together 3 months and I've been here a while. I bet I go. But we'll see. It's always hard to leave right before christmas. The ward doesn't know you and it's not as cool. 

And yes lederhosen are great. I'm going to wear them for Halloween next year, be Hanzel from Hanzel and Grettel. 

I love you family
Elder Kinghorn

November 11, 2013

Dear family,

This past week was good. It was kind of hard to meet with people, but that's ok. We had an austausche (exchange) with the zone leaders. We had an awesome stretch of street. In 20 minutes we found 3 different people and set up 3 lessons with them, but that was in Stuttgart. So I didn't get to see them again. It was really awesome though talking with 3 different people and they all wanted to meet with us. And all in a row! No rejections between. That doesn't happen too often. It was awesome. Maybe it was the heat. It was 41 degrees celcius in Frankfurt. That's well over 100. And also it's humid. German weather is crazy. 

We met with R last week. He is doing as awesome as ever. We talked about the temple. He thought it was way cool that it's the exact same as Jewish temples (he has studied jewish religion a ton) so he knew everything that went on in the temple already. It was just making connections in his head. We also met with the really old guy. F. He said he is about 90% sure the Book of Mormon is true scripture. His big problem is that he can't come to church. He really can't. He is too old and fragile to make the journey. So we are going to have to see what we should do about that one. He wants a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants so we have one to give him next time we meet. This week he said he doesn't have time. He has visitors and doctors and all sorts of stuff. We also met with L. She is really cool. She’s kind of shy, but she was warming up to us. We met in a park and some drunk guy came up to us and said, “There is no God. I can't see him it means he doesn't exist.” And L. said, “It's like the wind. You can't see the wind but you can see the effects of it.” Not to the drunk guy, but to us afterwards. She said if she gets baptized it would be after she moves out from home. So in a couple years. When we talked with her dad a couple weeks ago he sounded like he didn't care about religion. It wasn't important to him. And wouldn't care what his daughter did with religion. So we'll see. 

Something cool from what happened last week. I was reading in the bible. When Joseph gets sold to Egypt. After he reveals himself to his brothers that he is Joseph, the governor of Egypt. He said, “You didn't sell me into bondage. God sent me there so I could help our family survive this plague.” So if we go through trials faithfully and try to do what's right, God will bless us. There is always a happy ending. I know that.

Transfers are in 2 weeks so I can tell you then where I'll be. We walk everywhere now. It takes longer but it's freezing to bike here in rain and cold, it's no fun. Luckily there hasn't been any snow yet. It should come soon sadly.

We teach english every week and this week will be fun. A lot of times nobody comes. The Ls are going to come to help us. We are just going to play games and speak English L. is coming so it will force her to learn more English. It's perfect. And then everyone else has fun together.

I Love you

Elder Kinghorn

November 3, 2013

Dear Family

Well this will probably make your day. We were on the street contacting and we met this guy from Nigeria. He is a cool guy. He actually came to church yesterday and it's nice because we have an english class. We teach all of the youth in English for sunday school. They all like English better. P. was able to hear the gospel in his native language, which is something that most wards don't have, and we are just a tiny branch. We used the new youth lesson manual and talked about how to have an independent testimony and be converted. I think it's a really good program, uch better than what I had. We are meeting with him again. 

Oh quick story. Here is how I got attacked by children last week. It all happened on Thursday. First we were on a train to Burgkirchen and there was a lady from Nigeria who asked for help knowing when to get off. She had two little kids, probably 3 and 2 years old. So the oldest one was making faces at us and we were making faces back. Her brother was just rolling around on a seat. Then she got up and got her purse and pulled out two comics and gave them to us. She made us put them in our bags to take home as her brother went to the seat behind us and just looked in the garbage. She then hit our bags for some reason. I think it was to say keep it closed. Then she ran back to her mom and her brother was still looking in the trash. Then she came back and I gave her a card and she hit my bag again. Then shook the card at me and yelled at me in swahili. I have no idea what she said. Then her brother finally stopped looking in the trash and went to his mom. He had to go to the bathroom. Then the girl spit in our garbage can. Then she stole a couple more cards. And we got to our stop so we got off. It was a nice relief. 

Later that day we were in a city called Kastl. This kid saw us and was riding his bike with no pedals through the mud. He told us, “I can ride through mud because I'm wearing rubber boots. It's way cool. Wait just a sec.” So he rode home and pulled out a big wheel and showed us that. Then his grandpa yelled, “Who are you talking to.” “Just myself.” Then he got out his scooter and finally his bike. Then after all of this we told him we had to go, which we did. We couldn't spend all day talking to this 4 year old kid. It was way funny though. 

Friday we went to Munich to meet with the Ts. There were 6 missionaries there. We played this game where one person sits on a chair and the other person sits behind them and has to feed them this dessert. It was chocolate filled with marshmallow creme. So we end up getting all sticky. But it was fun. M. is doing good. He spent his whole weekend reading this book. He read a 400 page book in 2 days and wants me to read it. Funny guy. It's about a priest in England.  Martin said whenever that one priest came up he thought of me. So I'm the one who gets murdered. Great. 

Church didn't have quite as many people, maybe 25. But still it was great. 

But life is going good here. This week we have a lot planned. Today we are going to schloß Neuschwanstein with two of the L. boys. They are 22 and 23. I can see them going on missions. They came to a missionary activity last week, Book of mormon reading. So we had those two, then L, the Brazilian and B. So B is 83. I'm 20 Elder Gunn is 21, T is 22,  J is 23, Larissa is 24. So it was like grandpa talking to the grandchildren. But everyone loved it and we learned a lot. Then Tuesday we are meeting with P. Wednesday we are going to try to meet with the W family. Then we have the bible night. Then Thursday we meet with B and teach english. Friday we might go to the Ls. Saturday we might go to Munich. That's our week in a nutshell. We'll try to put in more stuff.

I hope everything is good at home.
I love you

Elder Kinghorn

October 21, 2013

Dear family,

We met with the L's. They are so cool. They have a million kids. We went over last Monday and they were so excited to see us. They are way cool.  M. is doing good. He is still waiting for permission to get baptized. Then Brother W. is doing good. He came to our movie night at the church. We watched Legacy, which was good. L. was also there. We have been working with her a lot. Her problem is she works on most Sundays and her husband isn't a member which is a problem. So we are working with them.   Lots of less active work here. This past weekend we had an ausstellung I don't know the English word. The big advertisement thing where we stand by it. And well the problem is we did it in altötting, right next to the giant shrines of the Catholic church. B got permission from the city and that's where they put us, just on the border of where the Catholic owns land. It's kind of like being next to temple square. So we had one lady take a pamphlet. And one lady come try to argue with B saying we are wrong. Besides that not much happened. Well B got us some pasteries. Krapfen, which are basically doughnuts. Then he got us this small little apple pie thing. It was so heavy, like 5 pounds for this little pastry, but it was so good. Then we had stake conference and we went to Munich right after. We got on the train and went there. So that was the whole day. 8 to 12 ausstellung. Then the train at 1 to get to Munich for the meeting at 5. Then after the meeting we practiced for our choir the next day. Then Sunday we went to the big conference meeting and sang. Then we went home and ate lunch. Then went to get on another train to ampfing where we went on a long walk with M. through the forrest and talked. Long weekend, but it was good.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

Practicing for Munich Stake Conference

Rosenheim District District: Seamons, P & S Miles, Kinghorn, Gunn, Jerman, Hoggan, Young

October 14, 2013 Neuötting is twice as big as before!!!!!

Well to start off yesterday in church we had an attendance of 22 people. It really was a great day. So the numbers were a bit inflated because the stake president’s family and a high council member were there. But still it was really nice to have a full chapel (yes our chapel isn't very large). But the L. parents did come to church yesterday. Their children didn't but we are meeting them hopefully today. It just takes forever to get out there. And the last bus to come home leaves at 6. Then we have to take a train. Ya it's a journey. But we are super excited to go meet them. If the kids start coming to church we will become their leaders-  The Elders as the youth leaders in the ward. And also there is another family moving into the ward.  The wife is from Germany and the husband from Oregon. They lived in the states until last year. They moved to Rosenheim. Now they are moving to our ward. So we get 4 more girls. Sadly no sons. But still the amount of youth that we have will go from none to a ton really fast. That is going to be great. And now we aren't worried about Christmas. Before we were kind of worried about what we were going to do. The branch didn't really have any families. But now we do.

One of the less active members Brother W. is really starting to make progress. He has been working for the train security so it's been hard for him to come to church. But he came yesterday. He went through the temple a few years ago and received his endowment. Now he wants to go back through. We had a really good lesson about tithing last week. and now we are meeting about twice a week. He feels like he has gone off of the path and wants to get back on it. And he really wants our help with it. He has a really good spirit about him right now. When he was praying he asked for the help of the missionaries as he tries to get his life back in order. It was a really powerful prayer. I am glad we get to work with him right now. He is a really cool guy. 

Also last week we had an eating appointment with the W. family. They live outside of our area but still come to church here to help out the branch. So she made some amazing food. She is limping around right now because she had surgery 2 months ago on her leg, but she made some awesome food. Then we have a video from hastening the work of salvation to show to members to help them do a family mission plan. And we watched the movie with them (the W. and B.) and then asked what they think they can do better to do missionary work as a family.  And then they talked with each other for an hour about missionary work.  They were just going off in their own conversation. And you know how old people are when they start talking. So we got the first half of the member lesson done before B. drove us the hour back. So they really started getting ideas what they can do better. But no real formal plan was set down. We'll do that next time.

Oh and we want to meet with H. some more. But he is in Munich right now working.  But he should be back soon.  Also G. is doing good. Haven't met with her. But she did give us a referral to go by on. It's her cousin or some relative. He is 22 from Australia. His family just moved here. So we went to his house and he really didn't have any interest. Sadly. But G. said she has other family members who could have interest. Yay!!! Oh I was reading in D&C yesterday in section 112 or something. I don't remember. But it was talking about the first presidency and how important they are. Anyone who receives Christ receives the first presidency. That shows the importance of listening to our prophets today. Thomas S. Monsen is really God’s spokesperson on the earth today. And I know it.

Blood sausage is really good. I'm going to make you eat some. It is so good. Oh, and about football. Germany will beat Spain. Hands down. Bayern would beat Spain. Spain's best player plays for Bayern. So dad you should just root for Bayern.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

October 7, 2013

Dear Family,

Well, some of you might be wondering what happened with conference. So our ward is tiny and said, "Why don't you just watch it with M. at home." So that's what we did. Saturday we went over to watch Saturday morning, but that night he was so excited that he watched Saturday afternoon without us. So Sunday morming he watched it again. Then he made us a "small" lunch. Gulousch with serviette knödel. It was so much food. Then watched priesthood which was great. Then had coffee and cake (not real coffee, that's just what it's called-hot chocolate) and we were still full so we had to shove it down. Then somehow we avoided eating dinner, that was nice.

So last night we finished by watching Sunday morning and M's mom watched it too. It was so cool. She is super Catholic but still she sat down to hear what the prophet says. It was one of those great moments that missionaries love. Who knows, maybe someday soon she will come to church then get baptized.

Ok well also we had a ton of eating appointments last week. One with M. and then 3 with B. So the reason for that is simple. Friday we went singing to a hospital and retirement home to sing herbst lieder fall songs. Tuesday we practiced. So Bachmann fed us and brought a huge vat of goulasch soup. It was way good. Then Wednesday (please don't cringe or throw up) we had what's called schlacht schussel. That means slaughter bowl. Seriously. So we had blood and liver sausage. So when we go over there. We are way excited and terrified at the same time. So he brings them out and they are super thick sausages, short and fat. And Bachmann went back to bring the pot into the kitchen. So we pocked them and they were bouncy. It was horrifying. At this point there is no excitement. But I looked over at Sister Bachmann and she was poking hers too. It was so funny. But still gross. Then we found out how you eat them. You take a knife and cut the sausage in half then it kind of oozes out like a zit. Now our horror has gone to undescribable shock. Then we had to squeeze out the inside and mix the two sausages together. Then they looked at us like 'try it it's wonderful.' So I got my fork and tasted it. And it was really good. Like amazingly good. I enjoyed it. Sauerkraut and potatoes. It was so good. At one point I thought of what I was eating and got a bit scared but it was good so I kept eating. And it's really rude to not eat what's on your plate. So we'll have it again probably in November. Now I know some of you are wanting to throw up right now but don't. It's way good. And if you think about it much less gross than eating chicken skin. There is already blood in the meat we eat so it's fine.

Oh and dad the missionaries ate over once before. I think you were gone. We had taco soup and it was really spicy. I think they almost died. It was kind of funny. I think I'll make blood sausage for the missionaries when I get home. That would be funny.

Then friday was our singing day. Bachmann made us Leberkäse. It's somewhere between a hotdog and some other sausage. But it's as big as a meatloaf. you put it between two buns and put on sweet mustard, but he made us eat 2 kilo of it, then the bread and pretzels that come with it. That was a ton of food. So singing was way cool. We made lots of people happy. But my favorite part was at the old person home. Afterwards we sat down for cake and coffee (hot choc) and this old lady was funny. 'Are you from Bayern?" "No, I'm not." "Oh" (dissapointed) then I pointed to Elder Bassett and said,'He is from Nurenburg" and she said, "Oh that's wonderful. He's from Bayern." Bachmann just laughed and said "No, no he's from Utah." Besides that singing was great. We helped tons of people out. Ya we aren't the best choir ever. But that wasn't the point. We made people happy. That is the point of the gospel. Like in conference, well the song. Those who reject this glad message will never such happiness know.

H is doing good. We met, and he is understanding the plan of salvation better. It's hard to teach him because he has no Christian background. Well he does, but it's tv background, so it's not very helpfull. G. is doing good. But we aren't quite sure how much interest she has. We had an appointment for Thursday and she cancelled because bad energy from her childhood was coming up. She is into the whole astrology, number, energy thing. It's kind of annoying because that mixed with worshiping Mary, it's hard to work with.

Well sounds like you had a good run. Well just a question what is the Boston qualifying time for a 21 year old? Ya, time to get into shape when I get home so that's Friday. Saturday is the first training day deal? 6 days a week. Seriously. 3.5 months is enough if I really kill myself training. Like lacrosse conditioning. I think it's possible. But I'll need your help. I'll try to get an all right base before I get home. But that will be hard... It will be a long summer.

And getting the recipe from Bachmann is impossible. He just says simple, you make it. Nothing special about it. So I gave up on asking how to make stuff. And Sigfried's is good, but I don't think it compares to the food here. It's just so good. But a lot of it is pretty easy to make. I'll show you when I get home.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

September 30, 2013

M. is still waiting to hear something. It's really getting annoying right now. We have been waiting for almost 2 months. Seems much longer than it should be. I don't know. Before the stake president was gone for a month. He is the one who should get the letter. He got back 9 days ago. So on Monday we were thinking maybe he just hasn't gotten the mail yet. But now we know the stake president hasn't received anything. So we are wondering what's going on. It seems kind of useless to wait this long. Maybe something got lost in the mail. I don't know why but it seems strange to do everything through mail. Electronically is so much faster, cheaper and doesn't get lost. Or maybe it just takes forever for stuff to get across the ocean.

But onto other things. So last Thursday wasn't too fun. I got sick. Last Monday I thought I was getting allergies and it was super annoying. Then Wednesday we went to Bachmanns for lunch. And we had tons of awesome food. Schnitzel and potatoes and vegetables cooked in crème frisch. Something like cream. It's German. Not cream cheese whatever. Just german. Oh my gosh it was so good. But we ate so much. Then after that I was feeling sick but we had English. Then we had planned to go by on some people. But instead we went to a pharmacy and got some stuff. So I got some nose spray (they said it would work) then we went to the grocery store and got some special tea Erkältungs tea. And first I was supposed to just breathe in the fumes. So I did that with a towel over my head. So like a humidifier. And I don't know kind of worked. Then at 8:30 I went to bed. The next morning after having breakfast I thought. "Dang I feel like crap. I'm going to lay down some more." So I slept till noon. Then I felt a little bit better, but still not great. We studied and rested a bit more. Then we had German and another English class. But only the german teacher (Schwester Urlakovic a new convert and relief society president) came so we read in the Bible together. She wants to read it all. So we read Genesis 2 through 5. Then went back home and slept some more. Then Friday I was feeling quite fine. Not perfect but good enough to go everything. Friday was exciting. So this coming Friday we are going to a hospital and old person home to sing with the district. So last Friday we drove down there to practice. And well I thought I was going to die. It was rainy and Bachmann was driving a million miles an hour passing everyone. We got there super fast but we were driving like a formula 1 car. At one point I could hear the wheels screeching as we were gong around a corner. I think we only made it because angels were pushing to keep the car on the road. Then when we were singing so Brother egglseder is the choir director and was helping us learn everything. And Bachmann was just being funny the whole time. It was a blast. Then after practicing for 45 minutes we drove the hour back and met with Martin. We got a pizza and talked about Moses 1. He read it and had absolutely no idea what was going on. I can understand why, lots of deep stuff in there. Then he is selling his car so we helped him really clean it out. That was fun. We spent 2 hours deep cleaning a car. That was fun. Then we went back home and ya planned and slept. Saturday was pretty boring. It was a cleaning day. The whole mission cleaned the apartments. So we went and cleaned. Then had lunch. Then cleaned some more. Then we went to the church and cleaned. Then went back to the apartment and cleaned. Lots of junk and stuff is now gone, and the apartment is spotless.

Then also lots of good things happened yesterday. H. popped back up on the radar. We are meeting with him Tuesday. Sometimes it's hard to get a hold of him but he'll get baptized one of these days. Also it's funny. So G. loves me (not romantically) she always asks to talk to me. And then she talks about whatever. Children, love problems etc. Sadly we didn't meet last week. But we talked for a total of an hour over the past week. And we are meeting on Thursday. We are going to talk about the plan of salvation because she would just love that. And it's what she needs.

Mom, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you really had a rough time last week. We both got sick at the same time. It's not fun to be sick at all. It just brings blah, nothing good. Especially when the only entertainment you have as a missionary is the Liahona and music. Oh well. Things work out.

Wait so Kohlers changed their name? How did that happen. That's not right. It's wrong.

Well first Bayern München is going to kill everyone in soccer . Before they were just the worlds best. Now they decided to do what the Heat did. Just buy every good player. Messi is going to Bayern. Dortmunds best player just signed. Like it's game over. Bayern could beat any team in the world. Probably even national teams.

Ya I see tons of girls wearing dirndls here. Every week quite a few. And then guys in lederhosen. Especially with Oktoberfest going on in Munich. Everyone goes to get drunk then comes back on the trains and falling everywhere. Ya it's a mess.
So when exactly does JJ leave and where is he going? I forgot. Mexico?

Well missionary work is awesome

Love you

Elder Kinghorn

September 23, 2013

Grüß Euch.

So this week was pretty darn nice. Well M. still hasn't heard anything if he can get baptized yet. So that is rough. The stake president just barely got home on Saturday. He was on vacation 2 weeks, then 2 weeks in america for work. So We have our fingers crossed that M. gets it. He had his interview back on the 11th of August. Uhh that stinks.

Well here is a funny story. So one family basically cleans the ward house every week. So Präsident T. asked if we would clean the tolietes every week. We of course said sure no problem. So we needed to be shown how to clean the toilets properly. So we have our appointment for Friday to learn how to clean tolietes. We get there and in the entrance room to the church there is a table set out with 3 chairs. Brother E. had planned to teach us theory then also on the job training. So we sit down and he has a printed out powerpoint on the correct way to clean and all of these steps. It takes forever to go through it. Than after the theory we he shows us which cleaners to use on what. Then we did more theory and then some more practical learning. Well after an hour we were finished learning how to clean 4 tolietes. Then we texted our branch president's wife and she said Ich bin total unzufrieden wie er die tolietten putzt. Ich zeige euch am sonntag. She isn't happy with how he did it. And she showed us how to do it. It was pretty funny. So that was the funny story from Neuötting.

Well also this week we met with G. again. She is the mom who is 35 and has the australian mom. But she only speaks Bayrisch. Well we were going to bring brother Bachmann to the lesson but she didn't want to have 3 guys at her house. Then she asked if just I could come to talk. It was kind of awkward but funny. I know she has no harm intended. She is in love with this other guy. So instead, we agreed to meet in a cafe in Neuötting. Her 2 daughters tagged along. We aren't quite sure now if she has interest or if she just likes talking to us. We gave her the restoration movie. She said she would watch it. As of yesterday she hasn't, but we will see if she does in the next couple days.

M. is a funny guy. So we were over at his place on Friday and somehow we started talking about the mini scriptures. So just on a whim he ordered the mini leather ones. But he had to order them from America so he had to pay international shipping. Kind of funny. Then on Sunday he called before and asked if I could bring mine so he could use them like a test run, to see what he ordered. Seems like something mom would do. Oh I just ordered, can I try yours to see what it's like? Oh it kind of stinks. Last week we got a referral but we haven't been able to go by on her. The phone number doesn't work. And the problem is the city she lives in is 2 hours away by train. So 2 hours there 2 back and then whatever time it takes to find her. We haven't had the time for that. It really stinks. So we planned Tuesday afternoon to go by on her. So Tuesday we have district meeting in Rosenheim. So it's going to make it a very long day of trains. 1.5 hours to Rosenheim, then 3 hours to get to the referral, then 2 hours back. I'm so glad that every missionary in Utah has a car to travel 3 miles to their next appointment. Actually trains are nice sometimes. Especially in winter, get to sit down in a warm train instead of being outside in the freezing cold. That is actually really really nice.

Well there is another BYU game. Looks like I won't see BYU play Utah for a long long time. 4 years without it. Good thing I'm out here not hearing any BYU stuff. I haven't heard one reference to BYU outside of missionaries in I don't know how long. I saw some BYU thing in Austria I think. But not really. ElderGunn met someone in Klagenfurt. She was from Chicago and was going to go to BYU. She isn't a member. Well wasn't. She said she didn't know why but she felt like BYU was the school for her. Funny how that works.

Love you

Elder Kinghorn

September 16, 2013 Another Week

This week well I'll start with Tuesday. So we were coming back from district meeting and we both fell asleep on the train back to Neuötting. First we had to go through Mühldorf then change trains. So it was an hour, and we both fell asleep but then I woke up and called Martin and this guy walks past and noticed that I spoke German and at this point Elder Gunn had just woken up. so this guy asked Elder Gunn if he spoke German. Then they started talking and the connection with Martin died, so I joined in. At Mühldorf he asked if we wanted to sit down for a drink and talk about what we believe in. He had an experience recently that made him want to become religious. So he started reading the New Testament. He is now in The Acts of the apostles. He was excited to meet with us. So we made an appointment for the next day at 9:30 (ya early but we had no time the rest of the day) so we got up early and went to Mühldorf and he wasn't there. But Saturday we had time so we went by to his house and he was home. He said he slept in and felt really bad about it. And we talked some more. He told us before that he felt like some of the Bible was changed or taken out. And he didn't understand why. He also told us that he didn't really believe in the heaven and hell thing. He thinks there are 4 heavens. One for God. Then two in the middle and one where Satan lives. I have no clue where he was getting all of this I've never seen someone who was so prepared for the Gospel. He said he would read the Book of Mormon after he finished the Bible. But then he agreed to start reading it now. He said he would read it in a month. The whole Book of Mormon. His Name is A. and about 25 or 30. 

Then M. is doing great. We found out that he will probably find out this weekend if he can get baptized. So the stake president gets the letter to see if M. can get baptized. And well, he is in America till Friday. He has been there more than a month. So now it makes sense. M. just found that out. It is kind of annoying to not be able to know but that's how it is. So yesterday M. was sick and he told his mom we were coming over to give him a blessing and she said she wanted one too. She is such a sweet old lady. But has a ton of health problems and always in pain. And she said the last time we gave her a blessing it really helped and she wants another one. So that is a great thing that happened. 

And G. we are going to meet with her on Thursday. It was kind of funny. So I called her up and told her we were going to bring a ward member. And she said why, so I told her. And she thought it was a funny rule. And how she wasn't dangerous. She also does some numerology stuff. I'm not sure. something like a horoscope. And I am the same number as her. 33 6. Which is the same as Jesus. So I have healing powers. She also said I should become a priest. I don't think she quite gets the whole elder thing. But we'll work on that. We also met with H. I think he is having problems with the whole religion thing. He thinks religion is kind of a cultural thing and not so much of an actual belief. I don't know. We'll have to really see how much interest he has in the Gospel. He could really be interested. It just depends on the time we meet with him. But we'll see what happens with him. We see him all the time now, 2 times a week.

Ok so the Brazilian she is from Tanner Jensens mission, Recife. And she has lived in Austria and Germany for 4 years. Then last year she married a German. She speaks really good german with a Brazilian Accent. She thinks in German, that's for sure. We teach her English and she does stuff with German grammar. Even though Portugese grammar is almost the same as English. Well, at least much closer than German is. And for p day we are going to Munich to meet with our branch president. So we get a free ticket. So I am going to get that bag I talked about. And then we are going to do whatever. Tour Marien platz. See the giant clock that Mike Smith told me to see: Glockenspiel. And we don't see the other missionaries often because going to Rosenheim takes 1.5 hours to get to. And so it's not really worth it.

Well have fun at Highpoint. I would die there. Honestly I would fall over and die. But I am here in Germany. Kind of far away from your furniture store.

I Love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

September 9, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week was fun. Got a new companion, Elder Gunn. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. So it's kind of nice to go contacting and people say where are you from, Utah? Actually from Las Vegas. Then they think things are much better. Well this week someone said something super rude to us. So we were going to somewhere. And we were walking behind a priest. We were going a bit faster than he was so he heard us after a while and turned around. And I said Güten tag good day. And he said in a mean voice. Ihr seid verrückt. You are confused or lost. Well that was a nice thing to hear. But whatever some people are like that. M. said wait did he look like this? Ya oh that's... I forgot his name. M. said he doesn't like the mormons very much. I could tell. Something else about martin. So we (the three of us) decided we should interview M. about his story and record it. So missionaries don't always ask. So we talked well we asked 1 question and M. talked for 45 minutes. So far the only thing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that he got a Book of Mormon and read it and a priest told him it's a bad religion, only in America and he should burn the book. So M. kept it. But ya, he is going to write a book. Well he already wrote part of it (just 200 pages) he said we inspired him yesterday to make it public. So we are going to translate it after our missions. It will be a best seller.

Anyways we also met with H. again (the Jew from Iraq). He told us he wants to get baptized, but he lives too far away. Makes sense. It takes him 1 to 1.5 hours to get to church on his bike. And in winter he won't be able to come. Dang it, stupid problems. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He actually understands it quite a bit and loves Jesus. We just need an easy way for him to come to church. Maybe he will be able to move to Neuötting. We'll see.

Also a really cool lady named G. really has interest in the church. She has 2 daughters 11 and 4 I think. She lives in the next city called Heiligen Stadt. Saint city. She loves us. She is super open to different religions. She is definitely one who is open to God and doing what he says. We can't wait to tell her about the restoration and the plan of salvation. That will be good for her.

Well why is the weather so crazy there? I don't know oh well. Well it looks like BYU is, a well I don't know. Either they had a terrible game last week, or super lucky this week. We'll see. Sounds like you had fun at St George, and a crowded car on the way back. Wow, how long have we had the cadillac now? It seems like a while. Time goes by fast. So what companies are you working with now? I haven't heard an update in a while. That or I forgot. Either way, doesn't matter. So I have a question. How funny is the best two years to you? Sometimes we talk about it and it's so perfectly accurate. Every joke in there is something I've come across.

Well first we don't eat too often. Well think about it only a handful of members and lots of them we can't get to and then they are single old women. It's hard to meet with them. But we get 1 or 2 a week. And we eat a ton of food at members. There are times when I'm really shoving it down, just trying to get down the last bites. And you know how I could eat at home. It's a ton. But German food is way good.

Well a good watch will range between 60 euro and thousands. 60 is cheaper but still nice. More casual look. Then at about 100 or 150 they get more professional. Then at 300 they are really professional quality.

Well street contacting here doesn't work. Altötting we can't. We aren't supposed to contact by churches, so there goes the whole city center. And walking anywhere else we don't see people. Every 500 yards or more we see someone. So ya it works though. We are pretty busy here with appointments. And then we can door or ya.

Martin came to church, like always. And a less active, L. She is from Brasil and 24. Her husband isn't a member. So we are going to try to get him baptized. He is German.

I Love you

Elder Kinghorn

September 2, 2013 Well 6 more weeks in Neuötting

Dear Family,

Well first off I am staying here in Neuötting for 6 more weeks. Elder Abbott is going to Wien international, English speaking. Elder Gunn is coming here. I know him a little bit. He was in Wien when I came to the field. So he has been out longer than me. But I'll get to know him better now. There is another 1 Transfer companion, my 4th: Gubler Wilson Buntain and Abbott. Crazy. So M. still hasn't heard anything from the first presidency. Hopefully he hears something this week. It seems like an eternally long wait. But it's only been 3 weeks so it's not that crazy. He is way excited for his baptism though. He wants to go asap. But we'll see how it goes. Oh last week I met his mom for the first time. She is a funny lady. Martin (in a high voice) then she talks in crazy fast Bayrisch. Way hard to understand. But that's life. What else. So we finally met H. again. The Jew from Iraq. He is doing fine. We have no idea where he went but then we finally got a hold of him. So we met. Now my name is Brad and Abbott is Steve. Steve Irwin and Brad Pitt. I have no idea why I'm Brad. But Hirsh likes Brad Pitt, so he is Brad too. So now I'm Scotty, Mr. Darwin, Brad, and Elder King Kong. Then he wanted to go to Mc Donalds. So we walked an eternity to get there (our bikes are getting fixed). Then we said goodbye and went to go see Mr Balz for the last time. He is so funny. He made us Jasmine tea and gave Elder Abbott some life advice. Sunday was hard for Elder Abbott. His last day. And the church was empty. Only 9 People there, aand us. Saying goodbye to lots of the members.

Ok so here is a story. So last week we were at the Bachmanns for lunch and I saw a picture of some missionaries. I thought, “Wait, that's Mike Bangiter.” He served here in Neuötting. If you want you can tell him Bachmann says hi. And he can say something to the ward if he wants to. Oh it was so sad. So Sister Egglseder is a sweet old lady. And we met with them last Thursday and she told us a story when she was 8. So this was the end of World War 2 and she was fleeing from her home from the Russians. So it was -20 and all they had was a horse and cart. So they started going just the mom and kids and then before they could get safe the Russians took the horse and everything. When she was telling the story I felt so bad for her. I have no idea how they made it out alive. Most members don't have a clue what the handcart pioneers went through but she does. It's been decades since the war but I still hear the echoes. A few weeks ago I was talking to someone and I asked if he had any family. He said no and I thought oh that's awkward. Then he said a bomb hit and killed all his children while he was in a prison camp in England. But that is why the gospel is such a blessing. It gives people the hope that things will get better. That the family is forever. Nothing is more important to people than that. The hope for a better life. That is what the world needs.

I remember that story. It's such a great story. That is so true about the gospel. God waits until people are ready to receive the truth. He never makes people listen. He waits until they are ready.

Well scary story about the scorpion. Good Thing Jason wasn't there. He wouldn't have slept well that night. So our branch is normally between 10 and 15 there. Sometimes 20, but just depends. And no I haven't heard anything about Ulm and Martin is still waiting.

So the funniest thing that happened. So we were going down a road and there were tons of fire trucks and we thought oh no what happened. And as we kept going there was a sign that said Unfall. Emergency or Crash. Then we Keep going and we didn't see any cars and we thought what is going on? 15 firemen and 3 fire trucks. So we ask someone and there is a cat up in the tree. We want to laugh but we held our composure. And we kept walking down this road and 2 more firetrucks came. Then about another Kilometer down the road there was a fireman turning around traffic. They shut off the road because of a cat in a tree. That was a funny story for the week.

Well BYU football is going up in smoke. Good Thing I don't have to see the slaughter. Seems like every other year. Oh look how good they are... oh that's disappointing. And ya, August is rough. Our ward, well branch, had 9 members yesterday. Hopefully they come back.

Good luck on the Marathon. I think it's funny. every week I get a golf story. Dang, I haven't seen a golf Club since I got here. I'll probably be shooting 200 when I get back. Well hopefully not that bad. If I plan on going pro I'll have to do better than that.

I love you
Elder Kinghorn

August 26, 2013

Munich Zone Conference

So ya this week has been really good. I had my 3rd zone conference. Ya weird how that works. I've been a missionary for a while now and I just had my 3rd. But that's how it goes in our mission here. One in Wiener Neustadt, one in Ulm and one here in Neuötting, Wien, Stuttgart and Munich.

Well first 2 things. First I have a present for you. Well kind of. So if you want I could pick up a swiss watch for you to give to dad for christmas. They range from 60 euro to, well a lot. But if you want to give Dad a legit Swiss watch I can hook you up. Second question is if I could buy a new bag. Mine is kind of falling apart. Ok it isn't that bad. But it was only 20 euro so it isn't expected to last forever. It would probably last till I go home but there are really nice leather ones or a company called Freitag that are Swiss bags. They are like 150 euro. If that would be ok.

And you are way funny with your thing Dad might have a solid job soon. So you need to vacation now. Haha You went through this when you went to Mexico. You always are like, “Oh no, we need to get all of it in now!!” I guess we'll see what happens there. Then Sage Creek would be well gone. No employees means no Sage Creek. Hopefully M. gets permission to get baptized soon. It should come in the mail this week or next. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Well this week was a fun week. Lots of cool things. Well last Tuesday was kind of awkward. It was zone conference and we got lost in Munich so we were late. But no problem. Worse things have happened. Then we went home that night and met with Martin on the way home. He is way funny. He wanted help knowing how to respond to Dad’s email. He was so excited to hear from my family though. He needed help writing his letter too because he doesn't speak perfect English. So we helped him with that later in the week also. We met with another Jew this week. He was a way cool guy. He is from Berlin and has been sick, so he hasn't been able to work. He is a professional diver. He goes and works on underwater rigs or oil pipelines. Now he is able to work, and will hopefully get something in the next couple weeks. But he has a Book of Mormon and is really interested in hearing what we have to say. He isn't quite sure if Jesus is really the Son of God. But that's understandable because he is a Jew. He knows tons about other world religions. One of them he said the Babylonians believe that God has a body and a hot wife. And his name is Eloheim. I was like wait what??? then he said maybe that is God. I really don't know. So he is super open to the truth. So I'll keep you updated. And R. is on vacation for 3 weeks. So no meeting with him. Then last week we went though tons of old investigators and called all of them. Well almost all. And we got two appointments. One of them is a guy named D. from Africa. But he wasn't there. As is often the case with Africans. But the other is this hippy lady. She has tons of indian stuff in her house. And a giant dream catcher. In the past she has read the whole Book of Mormon. She told us about how it gave her the extra boost she needed to divorce her husband, but she hasn't put two and two together yet. That that is the point of religion. So we'll keep going from there. We are meeting again next Sunday. Ya, long ways away but this week we are super busy. Just going everywhere meeting with everyone.

Oh and we did a street board thing idk what it's called. Strassenausstellung. and our ward mission leader said no we don't talk to the people. We just talk to ourselves and when people talk to us it means they are ready. Like ok, if you say so. 3 people stopped in 3 hours. So we just talked about cool things. It also doesn't help that we were standing in a street of a city with 10,000 people. It would be like having it at the light at the intersection by our house. Not many people walk by let alone stop. Well maybe less people. I don't know. But it was way cool. Oh and on Sunday Miriam drew a picture for me. She is an 8 year old girl. She wanted my name tag so I gave her an extra one to wear during church so she drew me a picture. It was way sweet of her.

Oh I was reading in the Bible this past week. Leviticus 18 I think vs 3 it says leave the traditions of the Egyptians. You are my people. That can be applied to today. Many members think it's ok to live like the Egyptians (world) and do what they do. But that isn't how it works. We need to live God’s standards. Not the standards of the world.

Ok love ya
Have a fun week

Elder Kinghorn