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July 15, 2013 Here we go

Dear Family

This week has been a pretty darn good week. Sadly, R. wasn't able to make it to church but we had someone else at church. His Name is G.T. He was born in Sudan and then moved to K with his family when he was a small kid. Then when he was 15 he moved to Australia where he went to high school and everything and now he is 22. He is here trying to be a pro basketball player. He has some highlights on YouTube so if you want to look him up go for it and tell me how good he is.

So one of our ysa's, well our only ysa, C.C. works at a gym and he speaks no German. C. was the only worker who spoke perfect English so she talked with him. Then they got onto the topic of God. And he was super excited how she was religious. So she gave us his number. Last week we called him and there wasn't a time we both had time to meet but he said he would come to church. So he did and he loved it. He really enjoyed the Spirit that was there. And how he was happy meeting with us. Then at the end of church Sister B. invited him over to her house for dinner. So we all went there for dinner and it was a good meeting. Then at 8 we wanted to give the first part of the plan of salvation. So we started about the pre-motal existence. And he really liked that. Then the 10 Minute lesson turned into an hour and a half. We talked about everything. We haven't talked about the word of wisdom yet. But he doesn't smoke drink or drink tea. And we don't know about coffee. And his whole life he has been centered on Christ. He doesn't remember his dad and his mom died when he was 15 so he has had a hard time. But he always focused on Christ and that made it much better for him. He has had many experiences with prayer and knows God is there. Then we asked him what he would do if he found out the church was true. He said I'd go to your church every week. Then I'd go to my old church and tell everyone that it is true. And then go back to Kenya and Sudan and build the church there. He is so cool.

Then also we met with R twice and L once. They are also doing well.

I asked president about the new Dress Standards. Well we will see what he says. Good thing I told Jason to get a side bag intead of a backpack huh.

That's funny about Lake Powell. I was talking to a ward member about it. She was baptized there. I was jealous. She spends a month there every year. (her dad is fairly well off I think) And ya, next year with the boat I'll be there to do all the ropes. Kind of funny how much of a difference it makes having one less guy there. And ya I'll be there next year to make it a bit easier. We could still invite anyone you want to. By the time I get home it will be too late to do invitations. And ya, I am not homesick. Germany is a cool place. I never had homesickness. Just do what Elder Helmsley said. Just pretend like your family back home just blew up. Then everything will be better when you get home. So that's how it goes. But not really you know what I mean.

Tell Alex congrats. Haha he tried so hard to get married for the first litte while. It was funny. And if my spelling is terrible because I'm missing letters sorry. This keyboard is terrible.

I've got to go

I love you everybody

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