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September 2, 2013 Well 6 more weeks in Neuötting

Dear Family,

Well first off I am staying here in Neuötting for 6 more weeks. Elder Abbott is going to Wien international, English speaking. Elder Gunn is coming here. I know him a little bit. He was in Wien when I came to the field. So he has been out longer than me. But I'll get to know him better now. There is another 1 Transfer companion, my 4th: Gubler Wilson Buntain and Abbott. Crazy. So M. still hasn't heard anything from the first presidency. Hopefully he hears something this week. It seems like an eternally long wait. But it's only been 3 weeks so it's not that crazy. He is way excited for his baptism though. He wants to go asap. But we'll see how it goes. Oh last week I met his mom for the first time. She is a funny lady. Martin (in a high voice) then she talks in crazy fast Bayrisch. Way hard to understand. But that's life. What else. So we finally met H. again. The Jew from Iraq. He is doing fine. We have no idea where he went but then we finally got a hold of him. So we met. Now my name is Brad and Abbott is Steve. Steve Irwin and Brad Pitt. I have no idea why I'm Brad. But Hirsh likes Brad Pitt, so he is Brad too. So now I'm Scotty, Mr. Darwin, Brad, and Elder King Kong. Then he wanted to go to Mc Donalds. So we walked an eternity to get there (our bikes are getting fixed). Then we said goodbye and went to go see Mr Balz for the last time. He is so funny. He made us Jasmine tea and gave Elder Abbott some life advice. Sunday was hard for Elder Abbott. His last day. And the church was empty. Only 9 People there, aand us. Saying goodbye to lots of the members.

Ok so here is a story. So last week we were at the Bachmanns for lunch and I saw a picture of some missionaries. I thought, “Wait, that's Mike Bangiter.” He served here in Neuötting. If you want you can tell him Bachmann says hi. And he can say something to the ward if he wants to. Oh it was so sad. So Sister Egglseder is a sweet old lady. And we met with them last Thursday and she told us a story when she was 8. So this was the end of World War 2 and she was fleeing from her home from the Russians. So it was -20 and all they had was a horse and cart. So they started going just the mom and kids and then before they could get safe the Russians took the horse and everything. When she was telling the story I felt so bad for her. I have no idea how they made it out alive. Most members don't have a clue what the handcart pioneers went through but she does. It's been decades since the war but I still hear the echoes. A few weeks ago I was talking to someone and I asked if he had any family. He said no and I thought oh that's awkward. Then he said a bomb hit and killed all his children while he was in a prison camp in England. But that is why the gospel is such a blessing. It gives people the hope that things will get better. That the family is forever. Nothing is more important to people than that. The hope for a better life. That is what the world needs.

I remember that story. It's such a great story. That is so true about the gospel. God waits until people are ready to receive the truth. He never makes people listen. He waits until they are ready.

Well scary story about the scorpion. Good Thing Jason wasn't there. He wouldn't have slept well that night. So our branch is normally between 10 and 15 there. Sometimes 20, but just depends. And no I haven't heard anything about Ulm and Martin is still waiting.

So the funniest thing that happened. So we were going down a road and there were tons of fire trucks and we thought oh no what happened. And as we kept going there was a sign that said Unfall. Emergency or Crash. Then we Keep going and we didn't see any cars and we thought what is going on? 15 firemen and 3 fire trucks. So we ask someone and there is a cat up in the tree. We want to laugh but we held our composure. And we kept walking down this road and 2 more firetrucks came. Then about another Kilometer down the road there was a fireman turning around traffic. They shut off the road because of a cat in a tree. That was a funny story for the week.

Well BYU football is going up in smoke. Good Thing I don't have to see the slaughter. Seems like every other year. Oh look how good they are... oh that's disappointing. And ya, August is rough. Our ward, well branch, had 9 members yesterday. Hopefully they come back.

Good luck on the Marathon. I think it's funny. every week I get a golf story. Dang, I haven't seen a golf Club since I got here. I'll probably be shooting 200 when I get back. Well hopefully not that bad. If I plan on going pro I'll have to do better than that.

I love you
Elder Kinghorn

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