Sunday, October 20, 2013

June 24, 2013

This past week was good. Kind of hard to meet with people but that's ok. We had an austausche (exchange) with the zone leaders. We had an awesome stretch of street. In 20 minutes we found 3 different people and set up 3 lessons with them. But that was in Stuttgart. So I didn't get to see them again. It was really awesome though. Talking with 3 different people and they all wanted to meet with us. And all in a row. No rejections between. That doesn't happen too often. It was awesome. Maybe it was the heat. It was 41 degrees celcius in Frankfurt. That's well over 100. And also it's humid. German weather is crazy. 

But also we met with R. last week. He is doing as awesome as ever. We talked about the temple. He thought it was way cool that it's the exact same as Jewish temples. (he has studied Jewish religion a ton) so he knew everything that went on in the temple already. It was just making connections in his head. We also met with The really old guy F.O. He said he is about 90% sure the Book of Mormon is true scripture. His big problem is that he can't come to church. He really can't. He is too old and fragile to make the journey. So we are going to have to see what we should do about that one. He wants a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants so we have one.  We’ll go give him next time we meet. But this week he said he doesn't have time. He has visitors and doctors and all sorts of stuff. We also met with Lena. She is really cool. Kind of shy, but she was warming up to us. We met in a park and some drunk guy came up to us and said there is no God. I can't see him it means he doesn't exist. And lena said it's like the wind. You can't see the wind but you can see the effects of it. Not to the drunk guy but to us afterwards. She said if she gets baptized it would be after she moved out from home. So in a couple years. But we think she could be baptized in the next couple months. When we talked with her dad a couple weeks ago he sounded like he didn't care about religion. It wasn't important to him. And wouldn't care what his daughter did with religion. So we'll see. 

Well I am sorry. I just found out it was Fathers Day last week today. In Germany it's in May so I was thinking when is it? Mothers Day is simple, for a month we get all sorts of calls saying get your Skype set up. So Happy belated Fathers Day. I'm just not in the loop.

That's pretty intense about the Ragnar. Ya you could be one of only a few people who have ever ran the whole race. I would say I'll volunteer for next year, but with absolutely no time to train that's not going to happen. I'll volunteer as a support. Bandage up all the wounded solders.

So for your mission prep class I would suggest getting the missionary prep manual. There are tons of great stuff in there to run a class. And also going through Preach My Gospel chapter 10. Those really are golden. I would send you some of my missionary stuff.... But I kind of enjoy having them. President Nally could hook you up. The MTC guide or the 12 week program would also be good.

Ya I heard about JJ He sent me an email for the first time in forever. Maybe ever...

Ya this mission is growing a ton. Right now we are getting about 30 missionaries every transfer and 6 go home. So it's growing quite a bit. Well I know what it's like hearing the in one hour you can find 5 names. We have heard tons of stuff for missionary work that just doesn't work in Germany. Like in one day you can find 30 potential investigators Every single day. The most I have ever heard of is 12 and that was all day finding. And only once. Looking for people in the past is the exact same thing.

Ok and something cool from what happened last week. I was reading in the Bible. When Joseph gets sold to Egypt. And after he reveals himself to his brothers that he is Joseph, the governor of Egypt. He said you didn't sell me into bondage. God sent me there so I could help our family survive this plague. So if we go through trials faithfully and try to do what's right god will bless us. There is always a happy ending. I know that.

I Love you and hope you all have a great week

Elder Devon Kinghorn

I Love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

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