Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 24, 2014

Dear Family

Well this past week I got pretty sick which was no fun. I had some throat infection. Monday night I felt pretty crummy. Then Tuesday after district meeting I went to the doctor and he gave me some decongestant and throat spray. Then Wednesday we met with V. and we were going to meet with a less active family, but they live far away and it would require a lot of walking. So Sister Buchanan told us we should cancel it and I should lay in bed and I got a blessing. So that helped me get over it faster. So I did. I wasn’t feeling good at all. Then Thursday I woke up and coughed up some blood in my phlegm and the mission nurse said I needed to go back to the doctor so he gave me antibiotic. German doctors don’t like giving out antibiotics. So ya, we stayed inside most of the day except for a meeting with our ward mission leader. And I felt pretty crummy going over there. It felt nice to lay in bed. I’m sure Elder G. was bored out of his mind. I feel bad for making him stay in. But the drugs started to work, so Friday I was feeling better. Still sick, but better, and we were able to work. Then Saturday I felt almost fine. And now no problem. 

V. is doing great. We were supposed to meet with him on Tuesday but his dad was in the hospital, so we moved the appointment to Wednesday. And that lesson went really well. We talked about the offices of the priesthood. And he is really soaking it up. He also told us about a ward that is meeting in Russian here. He would love to hear the gospel in his own language. But we had the perfect lesson. The priesthood. How no other church in the world has the priesthood, but also how important it is to pray about what we say. Not to blindly believe us, but to put it to the test. Pray about it. And I think that was what he needed to hear. Then on Friday we met with him again. We talked about receiving answers to your prayers. And he loved that too. Just receiving personal revelation. So that was great. 

Then we had our game night in the church. Some ward members came and also some less actives came and we just played games for 1.5 hours. It was a real hit. This was the first one. It helped everyone bond. Well, only a few people came but thats ok. 12 is enough people to entertain everybody. Brother D. was supposed to come to make chili but he didn’t show up. We were all disappointed. Then the next day we found out his dad almost died in Berlin, and he had to go to Berlin. Never judge people. You never know the full story. Then on Saturday we had a finding day. We found 9 potentials in Ravensburg. It was a really good day. Now this week we will see what happens with them. It was a killer finding day. And we also cleaned up the church, it was our turn. Then yesterday at church we had two amazing talks. They were perfect for what V. needed to hear. So it was perfect that he was at church. Then he came to the Buchanans for lunch, so that really built up his relationship with them, bonding with the ward. Then we went home and studied and then went to M. again. He really loves having us over now. He is on the verge of coming to church I think. He just has some stuff to get over. He knows he needs to be active. And he wants his two boys to know the church. Its just hard to come back after years of not being active. But once again we shouldn’t judge. 

Ya Its amazing how many different things you learn in another language. I have heard the new film is amazing. I saw the old one. So Im excited to see the new one. 

Thats really cool about the sharks. And thats pretty cool that 6 of the 10 people were LDS. That probably doesn’t happen too often. Well, by accident. I wonder how many people on your cruise were members? Oh well. Sounds like it was really nice there. Here it finally got cold again. For a while it was amazing outside. Blue sky warm etc. Now its grey sky and rainy, a normal german spring. And that’s funny dad got paid for the vacation. Nice timing right? And that’s crazy that Brayden is home. I really can’t believe it. How fast time goes. And that’s ok that you didn’t have any amazing missionary experiences. Its like what brother Bachmann says, they see it then in the next life they say oh that sounds familiar. So maybe what you have done will make an influence and you don’t even know it. So at the final judgment you can see what influence you had.

So the Buchanans had a senior conference this past week in Bern. They brought back a brochure and in it there were pictures of bears. So does that count as seeing a wild animal? I also saw some birds this week. But there is a cool monkey place not far from here. So we might go see that one day. That might be entertaining. But that is so cool there were so many buildings on one island. Here we don’t even have a building. We are in a 4 story building of trade schools. So that’s funny. I bet everybody thinks we are crazy. Oh well. Lots of the jews thought the apostles were crazy. Just a side effect of being from the true church. Always been persecuted.  

And yes transfer calls are on Saturday. So we will see what happens.
Love you

Elder Kinghorn

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