Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear family,

First of all my emails today will be short because I’m writing on an ipad and I’m rusty with typing on the screen... No we didn’t get ipads. This is the Buchanan’s. So first of all, today was fasching. That is the crazy german holiday and they had a really fun parade in the city, tons of witches bands. goblins etc. and its not like America. The parade interacts with the people. They would take children from the audience and take them for 100 feet or put them in cages etc. so it was fun. That was our fun today. The buchanans went with us. Then we went to go get lunch where D. works. at cochwerk or something like that. It’s Cafe Rio but with German food. And now here we are at the Buchanans writing emails.

Next week we are going to Schloss Meersburg, so a castle. But onto more important stuff. V. is doing good. Sadly he didn't come to church. We are going to address this on Wednesday when we meet again. He is just always too busy to come to church. He has given up alcohol now. So now he is quitting black tea and then coffee. We might need to move his baptism back for him to come to church more. We'll see how he does in the future. We almost had some awesome lessons this week but they all fell out. It was a real bummer. We had 3 or 4 lessons fall out with members. Ugh so frustrating. At least we can always count on meeting with V. a couple times a week, and less actives. We had almost no one at church yesterday, a total of 16 people... normally we are in the 20's. But R. and J. both came which is good. J. is getting close to baptism too

well that is the week in a nutshell as much as I can on an ipad.

Well that's cool about Vivint. I remember learning about some solar stuff in chemistry. I can work there, then Mike Smith can contract a new building and we can get Michael to fly their jet around. Hmm who else could join haha. No I'm kidding about that. Well actually I'll need a job asap when I get home. I hear it's killer if missionaries don't have a job set up. Basically I have no clue what I want to do. Working at the lab at BYU could be good, but it won't even be 20 hours a week. Do you know any places where I could do a summer internship either for chemistry or business? If not, it doesn't matter. One thing a mission helps with is the ability to pull long hours. Study for 3 hours a day, then go work, meet with people or just do the grinding work which I don't enjoy but whatever, it needs to be done.

A girl named T. just got baptized. I never taught her, but she was a previous investigator who we found all the time in trains and I asked her if she wanted the Munich sisters to teach her. I met tanya probably once a month on average. We talked quite a bit, just constant contact. God was just waiting till she was ready. Which is truly a miricle. God puts us on the right path. Saturday she got baptized. Good things happen. It just takes work and energy. Our efforts as missionaries are never wasted, even if sometimes it seems like they are.

We had 2 appointments with R, but both didn't work out. Ugh so frustrating sometimes. She wants to meet but I think she is a 22 year old girl and sometimes doesn't remember things, like the one she said oh ya I need to work at that time. So oh well. This week we'll meet with her. The M’s are doing just fine. Haven't come to church in a while but we should meet with them this week or next. And the M.'s are cool. didn't meet with them either. Same problem with they aren't good with appointments. It's the culture there. Oh well.

Ya, that's funny about the Cadillac commercial or the Sunday school thing.

Well I need to go.

I love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

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