Sunday, April 6, 2014

January 26, 2014 A Very Good Week

So this week we have great news. V. set a baptismal date for the 22 of March. We were talking about prophets and then we committed to him. It was one of the best lessons I've had on my whole mission. It flowed so perfectly. Then we watched President Monson’s conference address from Sunday morning. We just click with him. He is so ready to learn. So that was Wednesday. Then Thursday we did an english class with him. Just an hour of practicing. Sister Buchanan was there. Elder Buchanan was doing something else. Then Friday we talked about chastity. He said it would be hard because he is starting school hopefully September.  But then he agreed it's best to follow God. So he is 30 years old and really awesome. He is a really smart guy.  He couldn't come to church yesterday. Hopefully next Sunday. 

Then Saturday there was a baptism in Dornbirn, Austria so we went to that. We were attacked by kids. So my name badge ended up staying in my pocket the whole time. All the other elders had it stolen a million times. But it was a good baptism. So the mom was less active. But then the elders reactivated her and he read the book of mormon story picture book and loved it. So he got baptized. Oh and yesterday we had a lesson with the M. (I think that's how it's spelled) family. They are from Macedonia. Ya, like Alexander the Great. They speak alright german, but not enough to teach. So we got them a preach my gospel in Macedonian. Actually it's half Serbian. Who would have thought. But they understand it. So we were able to get the Godhead across last night. And the importance of the Book of Mormon. And they have two little daughters. They are so cute. They speak great German. Well, when they talk. That's how kids are, in one year fluent. The parents are struggling. Then right before we left, there neighbors came in. The mom is from Italy but has been here since she was 10 and the son is 16. And they both took Book of Mormons. So it was awesome. The M's problem is they are refugees and they aren't allowed to leave their landkreis (so like a county). So they legally can't come to church..... So we have to wait. Normally that changes at a year or 1.5 years. So let's hope it's soon. I think they really love us coming over. We are going over tomorrow. They don't like appointments. They just want us to see if they're home (they usually are) They aren't German, that's for sure. Germans love set appointments. Then we met with L. again. And he gave us some tea. I don't remember what it was but it was way good (not black tea). It's hard reactivating someone who hasn't been to church in 30 years. But he is a good guy. And it doesn't take long to get to his house. And T. came to institute again. We participated because almost no one was there. But, they didn't come to church. So the dad was working and had to use the car. So they couldn't come. Bummer.... Oh well hopefully this week. So today we are having district meeting at 3 in Dornbirn. I think it's because the zone leaders are coming and they wanted to have p day in Dornbirn. So the Buchanans are taking us early and we are going to Lichtenstein. It's just a short detour. So that will be fun. I'm excited for that, go see a new country. 

Recently I have been reading a lot of conference talks. They are all so applicable to our lives today. It's such a blessing that we have modern day prophets. I love it. It's so clear and simple. We can find out exactly what we need to know. Sadly we still don't have the November conference edition. ugh. Oh well it might come before I go home.

R. didn't come to church or institute. She was doing abiteur (however it's spelled) preparation. It's the huge test they have here. Basically 6 ap tests in one. And the act. So bummer. But she is cool. And we'll meet with her soon. Hopefully. She loves the feeling she gets at church. She just isn't quite convinced. So we'll work on that. 

I was reading. Elder Gunn is in that same ward. You could have seen his parents. Crazy

Well this week was quite exciting. So we got a kind of referral from our ward mission leader. He is 23 and an insurance agent. He couldn't say who it was, but he said someone on this street could use the gospel. So the Buchanans drove us 45 minutes to this town. There is a less active who lives 2 streets over, but we don't know the house number. Or her new last name (she got married) so we doored the whole 2 streets. And found some people who had had missionaries over in the past. Odd. It's in the middle of nowhere. We have really been everywhere. But we didn't find anyone. So bummer.

No, people here don't really care about american football. Well a few people do. Ravensburg actually has a football team. The razorbacks. I've heard it's kind of funny to watch. The coach is a mormon from Texas. But he won't give his information to the Buchanans (They met a couple times) he asked if there was a stake in Friedrichshafen... ya almost. we have a few members there.

Sounds like the whole house is being turned upside down. Oh well I guess it's good. I'll come home to a new house. LIke the Barrett twins. Funny how that works. Well this week is your birthday. You're 29 again! and I sent you some stuff. Hopefully it gets there soon. The mail is never good. Always stupid. At least it's not Spain. Germany is just better I guess. Well it's a fact. 

Haha you gave the dog melatonin? That's funny. Hopefully a small dose. He is a little dude. Oh I heard a cool story about a dog. So the S. family in the branch had a german shepherd. He was an awesome dog. One night they were walking through the woods and a wild bore came and attacked them. Well almost did. But the dog defended them and all they heard was fighting, then silence. So they searched hours for the dog, but couldn't find anything. So they went home, knowing their dog sacrificed himself for them. Then a few hours later they heard scratching on their door and it was their dog, bloody and wounded. But he made it. And then healed up just fine. Dogs are perfect to have at home.

But ya this week was a good week.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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