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February 3, 2014 Howdy Family

Dear Family.

So this week was quite fun. So we had a good week. Um, so we also have a strange situation. One of our less active members is a preacher at a free Christian community (you know the music church) so he was baptized when he was 20 or so in Friedrichshafen. There used to be a ward there with 60 members. and one in Ravensburg with 60. So in the 70's the branch he went to closed down and he stopped going because of that. So this is a funny situation. He isn't anti mormon at all. He was glad he joined us a while ago. He said we helped him learn how to pray. Really pray, not just memorized prayer. So he wants us to come back in a month so he can study up on our teachings. So ya I know exactly what he'll say. It's the same church as S. from Ulm. But the thing I like is they are very nice. Well S. was. He wasn’t not rude like other people. 

V. is doing great. He is still hoping to get a good spot for school. But right now he is having trouble finding a sponsor company. But he is doing good. Sadly he didn't come to church again. Then M. came to church. No idea how it's supposed to be spelled. She is from the Ivory Coast so there is a bit of a language barrier but she speaks alright German. She is the nanny for... Ok so the Relief Society president has a daughter. She is less active. And she has a nanny. So that's how it fits in. But ya she is really nice. I think 25 years old. Then L. (a less active) we tried to meet with him but he was in the hospital we found out for back problems. So he got back early this past week and we are going to see him on Thursday. 

Ok so yesterday we had a ward mission leader skype conference for the whole stake. So that was funny. The missionaries all just sat there as they talked in swiss accents. Then after an hour it ended. It was for sure focused on the ward mission leaders. I think we were just invited so we would know the plan. Ok so this past week I was thinking about missionary work. What success or not success, and how to have success. And I thought of an analogy of a flame. So a flame is a testimony. We all have flames. Some are different sizes. But everyone's flame can make a difference. The tiniest spark can create a huge flame. Of course a bigger flame can spread faster. So missionaries should try to get bigger flames. Well everyone should. And to do that we need to feed it fuel. We need to pray. Read the scriptures ponder about it and go to church. So yes everyone should try to do that. But when people think their testimony isn't strong enough for something they should just remember a tiny little match can still start a fire of any size. Every member has power to do amazing things.

Ya I heard Zach was engaged. Wait is it for March or for May? If it's march I'll be here. This is the same problem I had with Jason last year. Everyone told me May. Then I was shocked when I heard it was his farewell talk. I was like huh??? He doesn't leave for 2.5 months. Ok ya you can send me the cups. Just be warned. I might get emergency transferred. My visa expires in 2 weeks and Ravensburg is being really stupid about the visa. I'm going to try to get it worked out. But so far they haven't let me do anything. I need to wait for the act to come in from Neuötting. Whatever that is. 

So the M. we have no clue about them, when they can come. So we met with them last week. And we are going to keep seeing them. Their German is also getting better. A year ago they knew no German at all. So it just takes time. Soon enough they'll be able to come. Time isn't the most critical thing in the world. They are allowed to take their time. There is no rush. One of the biggest mistakes missionaries make is they rush people. Yes try to help them get baptized. But don't rush it. That's why so many people are less active. They were pushed too fast. So we are just leading them. Helping them understand the doctrine. Helping them gain a testimony. And the language barrier just makes things go slower. 

Haha 19,000 steps is quite a bit. Sometimes in Neuötting we'd get to 30,000. But 15 thousand was pretty normal. Under 10,000 was rare. I don't know what we do here. Less than Neuötting that's for sure. That is a walking area. It really put some wear and tear on my shoes. They're still holding strong by the way. One is no longer waterproof but the other pair are fine. So Ecco will make it the full 2 years. And sure get a small camera bag. One that it fits in but isn't enormous. So it would fit inside of another bag. I'm sure people have tested the sizes before. Just big enough for the camera with that lens. 

Haha that's funny about the missionary from Houston, Texas, about not wanting to serve in Utah. Well there is one big difference. He teaches a lot more than any missionary in this mission does. I've heard some missionaries say they would love to serve a couple transfers in America because of all the teaching they get to do. I think lots of missionaries think the grass is greener on the other side. But that's not true. Look in the Book of Mormon. Some missionaries baptized thousands and some were thrown into prison. Does that mean the missionaries who baptized were much better than the missionaries who were in prison for years never teaching? God has us where we are for a reason. Abanadi had one convert. He was in Germany. Ammon was in Brazil. Both were very successful. I love serving in Germany. Ya who cares if there are tons of King Noah's who hate me. I still love it

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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