Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Well things are going pretty good here. Last week we found 3 new investigators. The most important one is named B. So he first got in contact with the missionaries 1.5 years atom so we went by on him. H, let us in and said, "I only have a couple minutes." But he didn't want us to leave so we stayed 30 minutes. We talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He said, Yes I know it's true." We talked about authority real quick and he said, "Yes I know I need to get baptized"......... So it was pretty awesome. He said, "What do I need to do to get baptized?" So we went to the interview questions and he said yes. He already knows about all of the commandments. So he is set. He has a car and a house and doesn't live too far from the church. He didn't come to church so we went over and no one was home. Hopefully nothing happened to him. 

C. is from Nigeria. He let us in on friday durring splits with the passau elders and he was cool. Really catholic guy. But had some of the catholic doctrine wrong. He actually believed what we believe about baptism. But claimed it was catholic so whatever.
He wasn't home yesterday when we were supposed to have our nextappointment so oh well.  He sadly fell off the face of the earth. Not literally but you know  And we also met with B. and S. They are recent converts from Congo. B. is really funny. I like him a lot. And also we met with another recent convert twice named V. He is from  Rowanda. He actually told us some stuff that I don't want to put over the internet. He has had a really hard life. But luckily there is peace in Rowanda right now. He is just here to study. V. loves the church.

Then we got to finish conference with the Lotts. They are nice. The senior couple missionaries. Then the other missionaries, the Powells are also cool. They gave us some rice pudding. Their job is just to take pictures at the castle of records for indexing. Family history mission. They were actually in Braydens mission taking pictures of the R.A.F. records but they finished. So ask Brayden if he remembers them.

Oh and Elder Evans of the 70 is coming to Munich zone. Just for the Munich zone. haha no one else. I'm excited to see him tomorrow

Oh one thing. I was reading in the Bible again in the Acts of the apostles when Paul gets shipwrecked. Just read through it, the second to last chapter. Everything was going wrong, but Paul knew it would end up all right. He didn't know how, but he knew it would. Sometimes we need to do that. Remember that things will end up right even if we don't understand how.

Bye. Love you.


Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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