Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Dear family,

Well today we had a changing experience. We went to the Dachau concentration camp. It wasn't an extermination camp, but still the terrible things that happened there. I don't want to go into detail but it reminds me of the Nephites and Lamanites in the Book of Mormon, right at the very end. The terrible things they were doing to each other. I'll let you make the comparisons between them.

But once again we had a lot of fallen out appointments or appointments that were moved... But some good did come out of it. One time a bus fell out. For some reason it didn't come, so we went by on a past investigator. H.B.. He is a 7th day adventist. Didn't go too well. But he invited us back two days later... ya we aren't going back again. Apparently we are false prophets. Oh well. Then he said we would find out the truth at the final judgment. I was going to say that to him but it was useless. So I let him chastise us for the last 5 minutes then we left.

Then we were supposed to meet with M. on Wednesday afternoon, but he had to move it to Wednesday night. So we went by on a less active. I.M. He lives in a refugee home and didn't want to see us. So as we were leaving a guy followed us out and we talked to him, and he said, “No I'm a member. I was baptized in Italy.” His name is A. He is from Sierra Leon. And he is an Elder. So that's cool. He just moved to Germany. We also met with M. (from America) that day and he is a cool guy. Very catholic. And artsy. We also met the next day. He has a funny story. So when he moved to Landshut he met the missionaries and he felt very welcome in our church and not welcome in his and loved the Book of Mormon. But then a friend of his in Rome told him, “No give the catholic church another chance. The germans are slow to make friends.” So he said, “That's right.” (forgetting that our members are German too, but welcomed him the first day) Either way, right now he is too busy to really investigate the church. But hopefully he'll get baptized soon. He was reading the Book of Mormon and was taking it so symbolically. Like the wilderness is symbolic of something. It wasn't really a wilderness was it? “No, it was like forest wilderness. Not symbolic.” But oh well.

Then also we went to Neu√∂tting for an ausstellung (exhibit thing with the board display) That was awesome. So Friday M. gave a devotional. It was funny but really good. I could see some of the members from before. So we spent the night in their apartment. It was fun. So on saturday we had the ausstellung. Some missionaries sang songs and some of us contacted people. It was actually pretty good. For being right next to one of the biggest catholic pieces of ground in Germany. Then we got home late Saturday and church was good. And long. It was a homecoming. Sister Klemm just got home from a mission at temple square. So we had a big thing after church that went for a few hours, lunch etc. Then we did our weekly planning and studied. And we were supposed to have an appointment with someone but that fell out too... Bummer. Our appointment with the branch president fell out. And some others. We met with G. too. He's doing alright. And we had an eating appointment with the D’s. He is Austrian and she is German. We helped them do some landscaping then had taco's. Um ya that's it. This week is mission tour. It will be kind of strange. Mission tour a week before I go home. Oh well. I'll try to learn stuff. I'll still have a few more lessons before I go home. And if it helps one person get baptized in the future then it will have been worth paying attention.

Being a missionary is hard but at the same time not. Prayer and the scriptures are really a lifeline. Energy shots. I feel like people need to learn that. It really does help. When people say they are too busy for church it's like saying you're too hungry to eat, or too thirsty to drink. The gospel is just what we need when we are busy or tired. Oh well.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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