Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 21, 2014

Dear Family

Well this week was great, except for the fact that we had 5 fallen out appointments.... besides that it was great.  So Tuesday Elder Evans came and talked just to Munich Zone. It was awesome. I could spend hours talking about what I learned. Elder Evans spoke with love. Like you're doing good, but there is a much better way, especially with the Book of Mormon, and just his testimony. He was talking about how he became a 70; how he didn't expect it at all.  One thing that really struck me was when he said it's a requirement for us to have an absolute witness to the truthfulness of the Gospel. That is our duty as members, to gain an absolute witness of Jesus Christ. The apostles and 70's had it before they were called. And that is something we can all achieve in this life. 

So about B. I know you all have high hopes for him, but he has fallen off of the face of the earth. We haven't heard from him. He doesn't open his door ever ugh. O, just remembered 7 fallen out appointments. So B. is from Africa and she had to get her hair done... all day long.... oh well. And M. an American, well don't know what's up with him. He just is busy singing in Catholic choirs etc. So 3 from Benjamin, those two. and then two with a guy from Afghanistan. His Name is G. He actually reads in the Book of Mormon. We found him on the street and he could tell us the story of 1st Nephi. He has a sad Story. He is trying to get a job here, but doesn't speak the best german. His one advantage is that he has a german visa now so he never has to go back. We also met with our recent converts a few time. B. and S. live together and we went to them once. And we visited V. twice. He is so smart. We gave his a copy of Gospel Principles and he had read the first two chapters and had 15 or 20 questions and thoughts written down he wanted to talk to us about. So we went through a few of them. So much goes on in his head.

We also did some cool service for the stake president. They are building an entrance to their basement, so they had 3 thousand pounds of landscaping stones that we had to move. And lots of Spiders. I killed all of them. And the kids told us they were harmless. The next day Elder Parkinson had a spider bite on his arm. That made for a good conversation at church. "die beißen doch".  Way funny gamily also with 6 Kids. 1 daughter and 5 sons. Perfect Ratio in a family; one girl and a ton of crazy goys. I think you had enough with two adhd sons haha.

Yesterday was way fun. We were at the Hopf's. He is our gml and they have 6 kids. Way cute gamily. But we had lots of fun. So they had this cool tradition where they hollow out eggs. So you drill a hole on the top and bottom and then blow out all the stuff and let it dry. Then write something on it. So Sis Hopf had tons of spiritual thoughts or games written on all of them. Games like an egg toss. Or one game where you smack hard boiled eggs together and if you crack you lose. Or a swiss tradition where kids hold up a hard boiled egg and the adults throw change at it and try to get it to stick in the egg. If the change bounces off of the egg the kid keeps the change. But then scriptures from the Bible about Easter.

Yup, so today we are meeting with the Hopfs (actually we are  doing emails at their house because it's Easter and we can't do them anywhere else) and then tons of families are coming and it's a bbq basically, play Soccer etc. Just because you want to know, the next two weeks we are going to a castle and Dachau. 

So ya awesome week. As a spiritual thought I was going to send a video of Jesus but it seems like you have all seen it... Oh well too late. We sent it to everyone we could think of.

Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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