Wednesday, April 9, 2014

February 24, 2014 A New Transfer

Dear Family

Well this was a good week. First off it was stake conference which was really good. So the Saturday session was in Wintertur (spelled something like that) in Switzerland. And it was all about member missionary work. The first counselor in the stake presidency gave a really good presentation. And lots of the members gave the that's too hard.... answer. Or that doesn't work. I could tell he was a bit frustrated. Then yesterday I talked to him and he was like ya it didn't work too well. But I said it will just take time. Lots of missionaries are out now really understand what's trying to be brought across. So I think now is the push for more member missionary work, but most members don't get it. But in the next 10 years tons of RM's will apply it really well. Then others can copy the example. I think he liked that. The Sankt Gallen stake has 17 missionaries out. So in 2 years there will be 17 members who really understand member missionary work. It's just sad when members hear something then say that's too hard. I don't want to be that kind of a member. In the time of Noah only 8 people got on the arc. Would I get on? That's a big question. Would I get on the arc? I would hope so. What are the arch's in todays world? What has God told us to do through the prophet that we should do? Are we doing them? 

Well then Sunday at the we went to Dornbirn because it was a video from Salt Lake to all of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. So some buildings had it, some didn't. It was good. Bednar and Hales spoke. It was so good. Bednar actually gave his talk in German. I could tell someone translated it for him so he could read it. But it was really cool to hear him talk in his own voice in German. Ya we could tell he hadn't spoken German in 40 years. But oh well. Well besides that this week we had a great time. I had an austausche with Elder Sharp on Tuesday and Wednesday. Well we had a change of plan. We stayed in Ravensburg and Elder G went to Dornbirn. Because Elder Sumsion got transferred so he had to say goodbye to everyone. So we went by on a ton of people and set an appointment up for a potential we found the week before. Then we met with the M. And L (the son not the other member) had a friend there. So before we went we were going to talk about tithing and the blessings it brings. But we decided to change it to watching the restoration movie and go through the first lesson. Low and behold we had a 22 year old girl named R/ there. Then we told her we'd give her the Book of Mormon and she was so excited. She said she loves to read. So we are meeting with her tomorrow night. Also V. is doing great. He is now going to start giving up alcohol. He really has changed a ton since I first met him. He was a mess. His depression really is better now. He thinks clearly now. We might move his baptismal date back so he can overcome his problems. But it's still planned for the 22 of March.

We taught the M’s, and their cousin was there. And we met with A. and another time with V. I'm bad about writing about all of our investigators. So Monday was a miracle. We had nothing to do so we went by on some people. Well were going to. Then after the first one we ran into V. going on a walk. So we talked for like 2 hours walking around the city. God just places people right in our way it's perfect. 

That's cool about the post cards. Here is a gift I want. Scan all of them and email them to the family. That way the information doesn't fade with time. Thank you. 

Ya so turns out we're related to the Buchanans. Yesterday we found it out. I don't remember how but we were on the Familysearch website. Small world.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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