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February 10, 2014 Morning

Dear Family,

Well this week was awesome except for the 30 minutes before church. So before church we got on our bikes and my seat was soaking wet, so that sucked. Then riding to church my foot slipped off the pedal and I almost died. Somehow I saved the crash and I looked down and I had stepped in dog crap so that's why it slipped and it was all over my shoe. So that was the crappy (pun) part of the week. Besides that, it was awesome. So first off we met with V. twice and he came to church. We finished teaching him everything, and he is ready to get baptized in March. Just needs to keep working on everything and he'll be set to go. So at church yesterday we talked about following the law and how we follow it. Then he brought up some example and our gml (ward mission leader) said, “Well it's like if Germany went nazi again we wouldn't support them. It has to be good. That's how God wants it.” 

Then also last thursday we were going to see the M's and we somehow missed the bus stop and went to the next city Meersburg. So that was awkward. It's only happened to me once before. So we went to go the other direction and waited at the stop took a picture of the view then waited some more. And after 4 minutes a less active M. showed up.  He lives in Ravensburg. and we were miles away. But he drove us to Markdorf. So he said we can meet him this week.  So that's sweet. Then his two sons came to church because he and his wife were gone. So they stayed at grandma and grandpa's.  And they loved church. Not too sure what happened in primary. But I heard it went well. Then I sat next to one of them during sacrament meeting and he liked it. He is 8 and his brother is 4. I forgot their names. I'm bad at that. 

So we also met with L. last week and he has been in pain recently with his back. So he wasn't too happy. But still super nice. Someday we'll get him back to church. And then Saturday was awesome. So we had a finding day in Ravensburg and we set a goal to get 2 lessons with people during the day we had never seen before and find someone who would get baptized. So Dornbirn came up and I went with Elder Fox and the Buchanans to Friedrichshafen to go by on a ton of people. And ya we found a couple really cool people next to old potentials. One of them is this 25 year old kid. And two of the elders in Ravensburg went by on one of the people we told them to from the Philippines and they had a lesson. She and her daughter were interested. Well the daughter is half German. Then Elder G and S set up an appointment with another guy for next week. Then later that day Elder G and I went by on another old potential in Markdorf and we talked for like an hour and wants us to come by this Saturday. So 3 new investigators in one day. Then we went to the Ms again that night. And Br. M was sick upstairs but everyone else was there and ya it was good. We read Mosiah 24 with them. They have troubles reading in the Book of Mormon. So that's what we did. Then sometime last week we talked to this guy in the bus. His name is A. He is from Kazakstan. But his grandparents are all German. It's common because of WW2. But then we met with him last night. He was a little bit buzzed and his friend was passed out drunk on the floor. And we had a really good discussion with him. And we read Alma 7:10-13 with him and he started to tear up. He said his life is really crappy and he wants to make it better. So we are meeting with him Thursday. Lots of stuff planned this week. 

D with the visa problem is going through another way to stay in Germany. Hopefully it works, we'll see.  So this week I was reading in Alma 14 and I made a connection to Matt 3. So the Nehor's were giving the exact same temptation that satan gave Jesus. Just worded differently. If thou be the son of God. And if you have power from God. I think lots of temptations today are exactly the same. Just think about it.

So the visa should be done tomorrow. But it's not certain. So don't send anything. And transfer calls are Saturday so just to be safe don't send anything. And the ward mission leader didn't call it. It was a stake thing. The stake ran it. So I heard about the family history thing. I thought it was just free for members. That's what the Buchanans said. Is it free for the whole world to use? Whatever. I don't know what's going on in the world. 

And the whole 3 month thing, it really hasn't hit me. It feels like I'm a missionary. I know it's coming up and we are really working hard. But doesn't feel different. So just don't bring it up and it will be fine

Well the kickers... Remember how Kyle and I would go snowboarding? Well we would go off of those kickers. No flips but we'd fly. Then we found a smaller jump into powder where we'd try flips. So ya, if we biffed it on the kickers it would have been just as bad as if they did :) Good thing I didn't face plant it. 

Ok here is something for mission prep to think about. So when Jesus talks to the publicans and sinners, how some missionaries are scared to talk to the scary gothic people or drunk people? The sinners are the ones who need Christ.  Like A., his friend was passed out on the floor, he was so drunk. But he has potential. That goes for everyone. Those are the people Christ talked with. Well if they were willing to listen. The sinners he helped. And the righteous he called to help the sinners become righteous. That's the gospel.

I love you

Elder Kinghorn

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