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February 17, 2014 Hello

Freiburg Zone Conference- Birthdays! Miles, Fox, Horlacher, Stuart, Garrett, Orchard, Kinghorn, Bartholomew, E. Bignall, Robins Front: Sponseller, Woods & Allman

Happy Valentines Day

Frieburg Zone Conference

Dear Family,

So this was another pretty good week. I had an awesome exchange in Dornbirn, Austria with Elder Sumsion. We had a good time. We went by on some really odd people. One lady just kept on going about random stuff. And her shirt had a few buttons unbuttoned and she didn't notice for a while so that was awkward. But she was nice. So they'll see her again sometime. Then we had an appointment with the 9 year old named E. who just got baptized. The mom was less active but she came back. And the step dad is turkish and really cool. So we had turkish/austrian food. Then we had a hot pepper just because and I was fine and Elder Sumsion almost died after eating it. It was funny. Then we barely missed the train. We were sprinting from the car to the train station and watched the train leave. Sad story. Happens. Oh well. But another funny story about spicy. So Saturday we met with Br. D. He is less active. He said that he has this chili and we are having a game night next month and he is going to make it. And he is going to make an extra spicy batch for me and anyone who thinks they can handle it. But he is from Berlin and ya he has a rough story. A drunk driver killed his family a while ago. So that really hit me when he told us. Life is hard. But he still prays and loves God. That's just hard to hear about. Losing your wife and kids. Luckily families can be together forever. It brings hope.

This week we had zone conference. Luckily we have the Buchanans who drive us. If we didn't it would be like a 4-4.5 hour train ride. Dornbirn had 5.5 hours to get home. We used to go to St. Gallen, Switzerland but they kicked us out because it's better for the whole mission to make a new zone. Well except for us. We get hosed and have to go close to France. Oh well. But it was really good. I really learned a lot at zone conference. I really loved it. And that was the whole day friday. We drove there and drove back. I keep getting farther and farther from the zone headquarters. In Austria it was about an hour from door to church. In Ulm it was 1.5 hours. Munich 2. Here 4. Well 2-2.5 with a car. and ya. nvm. So also J. came to church. She wants to get bapatized soon. We had a really good lesson with her at church about the gospel of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance baptism the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. V. didn't come because he was visiting his brother. But this week he'll come again. Sadly our lesson with A. didn't work. Oh well.

Yes, the visa went through. And the package worked, well I think. I got a mystery package with a shirt in it. So if that's what you mean, then yes I got that. Other than that no. I got a package Rachel sent a month ago. Packages come after we leave the apartment, so maybe tomorrow. Elder G and I are still together. So that means we are going to be the oldest companionship in the mission on Thursday, except for President. Oh, so the movie. You know the movie Silent Night? Well I met the family of the guy who produced or directed it.

But ya I've seen some of the pretty areas. In Rosenheim and Wiener Neustadt and Dornbirn they have mountains. It's really cool. And we see the Swiss Alps from here. And I'll have a good birthday. Don't you worry.

Love you

Elder Kinghorn

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