Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 17, 2014 Temple Trip

Dear Family

Well the temple trip was awesome. We left at 8.15 about. Then we went to pick up Sister P. She reminds me of Grandma Carson. Just laughs a lot. So she also lives in Ravensburg. So then Elder G. and I went to the backseat of the rented mini van. Then we drove to pick up Sister T and Sister K.  Sister T. is the relief society president, and the wife of the first counselor in the branch presidency, but he had work. Sister K. is from Russia and speaks 4 languages: russian, german, english and french. She is getting her masters in english so she can speak really well. So we first went to drop off her english paper at the university because it was on the way. So we crossed the fairy to constance to go to the college. Then we dropped it off. The school looks a lot like UVU, cement with color to make it look better. Then we drove to the temple it took 5 hours because of traffic... There was an accident so that stopped traffic for half an hour, but we had tons of fun. Then we made a deal with Sister T. that she would teach us how to make german bread. She makes the best bread, white and dark. Next monday we are going to learn, well how to make the white bread. The dark bread schwäbische leib takes 10 hours to prepare and bake. But that's next monday. Today we are just going to play games with the Buchanans. 

But anyways, at the temple I met this really cool french guy named Laurent. He is cool. We were talking and he said I could go to his house anytime I wanted. It’s a 3 hour train ride from paris. Not bad. We just clicked. I also met an italian who spoke almost no english. But he served a mission a few years ago and he served in a branch and said one week they had no one at church. Just the two missionaries. But I did the session in german with headphones. I can't understand french. So that was a really cool experience to do it in german. You learn different things. One of the workers only knew french. But then we drove back and it took 3 hours. And got home just in time for bed haha. Long day, but it was worth it. 

So Monday was also a great day. We went to the castle, then coming back we went to Markdorf to go by on people and we found a 16 year old girl right above a less active. We should have had an appointment yesterday but her dad was in the hospital so she went to visit him. And then we went home and went shopping for food etc. Then at 6 we went out to do missionary work. So we met with S. family. She is less active and from the Philippines. He isn't a member and a german. Then we went by on M. and he said come back tomorrow. So we did. We had zone training in Singen then went by on M. afterwards. He was happy to see us. He is at a point where he knows the gospel is true and wants the blessings. Just something is holding him back. His wife doesn't believe in God, so that's one problem. Then we also met with V. He is kind of worried about the priesthood and home teaching. But he'll make it. He is just shy around new people. Everything is just going well here. We also met with some other less actives. And then at church it started out small. No one was there for sunday school. But then sacrament meeting 6 more people walked in. It was perfect. Oh, and we met with S. last week. She is from Africa and really cool. Her dad is a minister in Africa. But she doesn't go because the church, but she works a ton.  Hopefully we can meet her soon.

Well that's awesome that Alex is going to Berlin. The food there isn't quite as good. Except for the döner. So Jason loves them in Spain and anywhere outside of Germany they might as well be garbage. Then southern Germany they get like a C. The very best ones get a C. Then in Frankfurt and western Germany they get a b. And in Berlin they get an A. He'll love it here. Even though it's basically a different country. 

About the lady we found, we called her and her husband didn't have interest. So we'll give her some time. Read the Book of Mormon, let it do its work.

Sounds like fun renting a scooter. Did you just get one scooter or two? And ya, having your own adventure is better than buying a guided adventure a lot of the time. Sounds like you're having an adventure and you have a nice long trip. That will be fun. You'll come home to Utah and say wow it's cold. Take lots of pictures. And in May I'll look at them. English isn't as common as you would think. Ya, europeans speak it. But so many people here speak no english. Lots of turkish people and africans have no english skills, and people from eastern Europe. It's kind of funny, we speak german and they go wow that's crazy. Or were you born here. It's nice to break the stereotype. 

And thanks for eating the pizza. That is needed before dinner. All you can eat for two weeks! Sounds perfect. Sounds like eating appointments here. Yesterday we had lunch with the Buchanans and we went to pick up D. from a bus stop and he was talking to a friend. So I got out of the car and invited his friend. So he came. And he might come to our ward activity on friday which would be awesome. 

The Buchanans have been here their whole mission. Usually senior couples don't get transferred. I've only heard of it twice my whole mission. One they opened up a branch in Italy so a missionary went to help. And the other was a genealogy mission in England and they recorded all of the stuff so they got transferred here to Germany. So when you two go on a mission you'll probably stay in one place. Probably spanish speaking. Like Spain. 

Sign me up for chem 351m and econ 110. and the religion class with Rachel. The rest I can change later. I have tons of time to think about things after my mission. All the classes will still be open. About appointments, we usually set them up closer to the appointment. It's rare that we have them set up earlier. So we have V. twice this week and L. once and a couple less actives. 

Love you. Have fun.

Elder Kinghorn

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