Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 10 Well It was a Good Week

Dear family,
You know the story we were completely lost and found the perfect person? Well we might have one of those stories.  We were in Markdorf trying to get to a potential who isn’t on the map. Just the gps can get us there,  but we weren’t with the Buchanans who have a gps. We were walking trying to get there by memory- a farm in the middle of nowhere.  We ran into this lady and talked to her. She said, “That’s funny I was just thinking about religion on my walk and the past few days.” So we talked to her and gave her a book. Then we are going to call her today. Well (apostrophe but this computer doesn’t have the key. It makes this symbol £) so we will see what happens in the coming weeks. 

V. is doing good. He came to church and we met with last week. He is following the word of wisdom completely. Ok he had a coffee on saturday but not too bad. He is really trying his hardest. So he is doing great. We pushed his baptismal date back to the 19th of April, the day before Easter. So that’s exciting. I think this one he will be ready for. Then we had a lot of less actives come to church yesterday. We had an attendance of 20. It was amazing. haha Ya, another small branch. You’re just laughing at me. I will be shocked when I see our ward and using a real church building. I haven’t used one since I was in Austria. 

So also this past week we met with L. He is doing great. We actually were able to talk about the scriptures with him. And then he gave me an airbrush. I have no idea how to use it. Looks like I get to learn when I get home. L. has some really good artwork. A really talented guy. Then we also went by on an potential  we found a few weeks ago in Friedrichshafen.  They let us in. It was great. They’re a couple in their 70s probably. The husband lived in Oregon a long time ago and worked with some Mormons. And then 30 years ago the missionaries talked with him about the gospel in Friedrichshafen. So it was perfect.  And we also met with K, the indian. He is a really nice guy. About 25 years old. He was really sincere about it. He was interested in Jesus. He knows absolutely nothing about Christ. We are meeting him on Saturday. And then we set up some more appointments for this week. So lets see how they play out. And then the best appointment for the coming week will be Thursday. We get to go to the temple. I’m 
so excited. Ill tell you about it next week. 

Dad, sounds like you are busy. How far away is that from campus? Here is an idea. Try to get into Germany. Germans love solar. It's much more common here than in America. If you have a good advantage you could really take the german market. 

We had 3 new investigators last week. Hopefully this week 2 more. So we are getting a much bigger teaching pool which is great.

Well I love you all

Elder D. Kinghorn

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