Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 31, 2014

V. is doing good. We changed his baptismal date from the 19th of april to the 26th. The ward told us the day before Easter is a bad day in Germany. He is still soaking up the gospel. He is reading in the Book of Mormon regularly and getting little bits from it. So he is really doing awesome.

L. is also doing good. He gave me an airbrush. So I guess when I go home I have to learn how to do art with an airbrush. 

M. was hit by a car on his bike. But once again God let him escape with some bruises. He is in the hospital but he says he is fine. We are visiting him tonight. And his sons came to church because he was gone so grandma and grandpa had to babysit. Which means they came to church.
Oh and the best news. So a new family with 5 kids is going to move in, ages 1 to 14. The dad came to church yesterday. So thats going to be great. 

Oh on Saturday we had a finding day in Stuttgart. It was kind of a catastrophe. So the whole zone went to Stuttgart. Dornbirn in Austria all the way to Freiburg. We all went to Stuttgart for a finding day. So it started off good. But it was way late in the day. We started at 3 pm. So it ended at 6. So we got on the train at 6:30. It should have been a 2.5 hour train ride for us and 4 hours for Dornbirn. But our train was really stupid. And full of drunk soccer fans. And it turned into a 4.5 hour long train ride for us. And don’t forget it is daylight savings here. So we pulled into Ravensburg closer to 11 but really 12. And Dornbirn stayed the night with us because they couldn’t get home with the delays. They would have missed their two times they had to change trains. And would have slept at the train station. So then they woke up at 5:20 to shower and leave. So we got 5 hours of sleep. 

Well this week we did some service. We helped build an animal shelter. We laid the concrete blocks. And I am really stressed right now. I could vent and vent but it doesn’t bring anything. I don’t know what to do. 

Martin sent a thing about adjusting to normal life from Deseret News. its about how to continue staying active and how to continue with your momentum as a missionary into normal life.

Well I love you
Elder Kinghorn

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