Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learning German Letter #2

So alas it's P-day and I am allowed to write whomever I wish.  So, I find myself writing you.  It seems like I've been here a day and also an eternity- very strange feeling.  Sundays here are great.  We had a fireside from the Provo Temple President which was amazing.  Then right after that we watched the talk "The Character of Christ" by President Bednar.  Oh, may I ask you to send letters and DearElder instead of email.  We get mail daily.

It's amazing how much German I have learned this past week.  And German isn't as guttural as we think; that's Dutch.  German sounds like a mix between Spanish, French and, well, it's own twist.  I bet you want to hear about my district....

Yesterday after gym we all took showers and no one had a key so we were locked out for a bit.  Another companionship saved us by retrieving a janitor to come let us in.  Oh well, that is just the type of adventure you'd expect with 4 boys living in the same automatic locking rooms.

I have more bad news.  It's not 8 weeks, it's 9.  Our expected departure date is July 17th, same as Natalie's.  How ironic!  If she flies to Munich she could be on the same flight that I am.

Anyways, thank you family for all of your love and support.

With much love,
Elder Kinghorn