Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Volleyball and Wakeboarding

Hello family,

How goes Highland/St. George?  Tell the Densley's thank you for the cookies.  I don't have an address. So actually we get out in the sun a lot. We play beach volleyball because we hate being inside now. We do that enough as it is so we try to mix it up (and we don't need to wear shoes... Barefoot!!). It's quite fun when we are better than terrible.

So next on the agenda umm... Dad go onto Amazon and buy the computer downstairs 64 gb ram.... haha that wouldn't be overkill.  So are Dad and Jason both going to the Apple store to pick up Macbook Pros?  Sounds exciting.  I'll be way behind the curve when I get back.  Oh well.

Also last Saturday our workshop was on the Book of Mormon. My testimony of the Church became even stronger when as a table we read the verses in Ether 12 where Christ appears to Mormon. I just knew that that happened. That Christ loves us and tells his prophets what they need to do to help make us happier. It's just a fact, no debating that God loves us and wants what's best for us. Also our fireside on Sunday was really good. We watched a lot of old church commercials and they were pretty good. Stephen B. Allen is a good speaker and really funny. He also let us take off our jackets which is nice. A sea of black turns into a sea of white in seconds. Yesterday was a good day of studying. I actually spent the whole time studying instead of, well, being ADD me. It was intense. My secret was I sat outside of the classroom (I could still see my companion though so it's ok) and I wasn't nearly as distracted. The temptation to converse was much easier to overcome. I need to do that every day now and I will be a much better missionary once I get out into the field. 

So have you taken the boat out yet? Just wondering.  I was looking at Utah Lake on Sunday from the temple and it remind me of wake boarding.  Two years!  I can wait that long-no problem.  And so, yeah, that's all there is I think.  I'm good here.  No emotional break downs, doing well.  It doesn't feel like the middle of June here. Don't get to wear shorts except for gym time.

We speak a lot of German and yesterday we "knocked" on doors.  German isn't so easy.  I was asked, "where are you from?  America?  I can't understand you."   So, oh well.  Five weeks to learn.  

One of the Elder's brother owns a gym and he sent all of us a vitamin supplement.  It gives you more concentration and helps you work out better. Don't worry, it's good for us.  Bro. P. is a doctor and he said it's healthy.  Mom could take it.  He said it's good for joints.  It's called Creatine and they sell it all over.  

Oh, I heard about the crime report in my mission. We asked our teacher Brother L. what the crime was like. Yea, it's a lot worse than we originally thought. But don't worry I'll be ok. Also President B. said that our mission was really ugly. His son went there and picking him up all of the small alpine lakes and villages were just not good to look at. And the mountains are nothing special at all. Oh and a man in our Branch Presidency, Brother S. warned us not to get fat. In the first 4 months out He went from 165 to over 200 lbs. He said we just have to say "I'm satisfied" at meals so we don't eat tons. So I'll be healthy there. I am in better shape now than I was when I entered the MTC. And in the field I'll keep exercising because it does help me focus. So I'm the same weight now as when I came but more muscle and less fat. Some of the other missionaries are up like 5 lbs and less muscle. So I think I'll be good in Deutchland. I'll use the hour of exercise every day and everything will be good. I'll come back in perfect shape. Oh yea the crime report-Brother L. said he never got held up once or anything taken from him. No break-in's. It's a very safe area of the world. Safer than lots of places in America. So I was just pulling your leg. M. and B. on the other hand might want to learn how to. 1) run really really fast, 2) hand over money and whatever else they have. 

Laundry isn't too much fun but get to write home which is nice. For having 6 days a week it seems strange that most missionaries P Day is on Tuesday. The laundry room is fairly empty the rest of the week. We always look in and there is nobody here. It's really a shame. I'd accept Wednesday as P Day. The good news is in 5 weeks we will be on an airplane over to Germany. And I'm kind of jealous of Dad going to switzerland before me. But that's ok. How is that going to work out with Lake Powell. Does he get back right before the Powell trip? Either way have fun over there. It will be amazing I'm sure. Only problem is they speak French instead of German. Oh well. By the way my German is coming along well. The new stuff they have done in the past two years means by now we speak and listen as well as missionaries 5 years ago did at the end of 9 weeks. So I wish I could be in Germany  now, but I am still terrible at German. I maybe could pass german 2 or 3 by now but I don't know. 

I believe I have told you everything.  Wait, we watched a video by Elder Holland "Teaching".  Mom & Dad, it could come in handy for you.  I am pretty sure it's publicly available.  I's made for teachers, not missionaries specifically.  It just easily applies to us.

Well I'm out of time. Bye Bye family.

Love Elder Devon Kinghorn
(Does adding the Devon make you feel better?)

PS.  Could you send some protein mix?  The food here is crud and some nutrients would be nice.  Thank you.