Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elder Uchtdorf and Short Sleeved Shirts

Okay, so mom said at least the short sleeve shirts are coming in handy. Actually they aren't. I got to wear one the second day, but then we were informed that we have to match our companion. Elder G. doesn't own a single short sleeve shirt because they look goofy. So I'm stuck wearing long sleeve shirts for now. He also doesn't like white shirts with a pocket so only two of his shirts have pockets. The rest are just flat so he wears his name tag on his tie. It's quite unique. 

Thank you for the package. It was really nice. But one problem. It was brought to the attention of our district leader that games (Yo-Yo and paddle ball) are not to be used in the class room. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. But it's for the best. Someone was always distracted. My district is a lot of fun and that's great; we have too much fun though. We need to spend more time studying.

Sunday after the fireside we watched a devotional from Elder Uchtdorf back in the day. He had a few quotes that you would like. The first one he was talking about how his family was still in Germany while he and his wife were here in Utah. 

"We are separated geographically, but connected spiritually." So for whoever reads this and misses me this applies to you. 

The second quote I can't remember exactly but I will try my best.

"English is the most used language around the whole world. Everyone should try to learn English out in the field. Here, in the MTC, is a great place to learn the English language. As a boy I was always hoping that German would be the most used language. But that's okay. All of you will have to learn German, for German is the language spoken in the Celestial Kingdom."

Haha. It was really funny hearing that. Everyone going to Germany got super excited about that. As we should. German is a pretty sweet language. Turns out the two different types of German are very different. My teacher Brother L. can speak the northern German almost fluently but he can't even understand Swiss German. And he went to the Munich Austria Mission. The people who live there switch to northern German so the missionaries can understand. My goal will be to learn Swiss German. As crazy as this sounds I am hoping for my trainer to be a fluent German speaker who knows no english. It would be very hard in the beginning but would really pay off in the long run. 

How is summer going? I am assuming that it is summer. Here it's all the same. No difference in our schedule, except three day weekends are terrible because mail doesn't come. Life is all good though. We are getting in the groove for studying all day though. It's not as bad as the first week. We have just gotten used to the fact that we have to study the Gospel and German all day long. So yah, I'm still not sure about when I'm able to call from the airport, but when I do I'll tell you so you can all horde around a phone. Doesn't the iPhone take collect calls? I just think that would be easier than a phone card. But then again a phone card is convenient. So we'll see. Everything will work out just fine.
So when will everyone be heading down to St. George again? One of my roommates is from down there. He lives just a couple miles from our house. It came up because he was talking about his cabin in Pine valley. From the pictures it looked like a nice place. He lived closer to the swimming pool known as the bra. Jason will know what that is. Well I'm out of email time so I better go.
I love you all,
Elder Kinghorn
p.s. Yes I go by Elder Kinghorn. Not Devon. My name is dissappearing. Tanya was wondering.