Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day after surgery

Hello Family
Just to let you know, I am in good hands.  My district is doing a great job taking care of me.  The pain meds are doing their job.  I’m able to sleep. Yah my whole body feels less sensitive, but  that’s expected.  I won’t get addicted; I hate the feeling, but it’s better than pain.  I may look dull right now but my spirits are high.  The only discouragement I felt was when I thought they might send me home.  Now I’m on top of the world.  Why dwell on the past when we can look forward with optimism?  Mormon scrapbookers can put that on their wall.  Oh, tell Grandpa Kinghorn that I’m sorry I didn’t write and all of the ancestors are in the Frankfurt mission.  Oh well.

I would tell you about my day but it’s boring.  Just laying in bed, talking and sleeping.  Some Elders were supposed to record the devotional, but we don’t know if they did.  It’s against rules but I’ll delete it right after.  I bet that’s ok.  Sorry if this letter makes no sense.  The drugs will do that.  They also improved my handwriting.  I’m holding the notebook in the air right now.  Yet it’s better than last week.  Funny how that works.  
And if anyone sends a package, don’t include junk food; granola bars and trail mix.  Stuff like that is way better.  
Seeing you (Mom & Dad) yesterday was great.  I loved that you came.  Thank you.  I know Heavenly Father made it so I wouldn’t be sad saying goodbye.  Instead I had an amazing time with you even if I was way out of it.  Thank you for coming.  I know it was hard on you but it really was nice.  I love you so much.  Thank you for all of the love and support.
Love, Elder Devon Kinghorn
P.S.  I hope this made sense.  I’m out of it :)