Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder Kinghorn leaves for Germany

Dear Family

Well the day has come. I'm traveling to Germany tomorrow. I'm so so excited. It's going to be great. I'm definitely prepared. Well, I’m also very inadequate. But that's OK. Ammon said that someplace. I think it's alma 26? Anyway I'm super excited to go. I have pass along cards for the flight over. and It's going to be a long commute, and then we arrive at 11 am on Wednesday and get to work street contacting in a language that we butcher. hahaha oh well. Give it a few months before people stop being annoyed by our terrible German. By then it will just be OK, which I can live with. Then, later I’ll sound like a real German. But that won't happen this week I'm pretty sure. If it did, that would be sweet though.

Um what happened this week. Niel L Anderson spoke. It was all about the prophet Thomas S Monson and it was amazing. My testimony really grew from it. Watch "On the Lords Errand" it's on the LDS website. It's his autobiography and it's super good. So yea that's my story. I am ready to get going. I'm just super excited. I'll be sure to tell you all about my adventures in Germany once I arrive. So readers look forward to that. The letters thus far must be pretty boring. But now they'll be fun to read from all of the crazy stories I'll share. Like my first thought as native germans speak to me.

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