Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Hello family and whoever else reads this letter.

So the MTC has been fun, but after 13 weeks I'm ready to go. In 2 weeks I'll be on my way to Germany.... finally. I'm definitely ready to go and better prepared than most missionaries. That's what happens when you've been in the MTC for over 1/4 of a year. You learn quite a bit in that time. So, I'm a professional of the MTC. Two weeks longer than Asian languages. They are here for 11 weeks. Schedule says 12, but weeks start on Monday so the first and last week are really half weeks. So technically I'm on week 14 of the MTC on my schedule. Oh well, that's life. 

About the German Radio, they just asked for our names then interviewed two elders from my district for half an hour. That was all.

But I do feel like the food is going to kill me. I constantly have this nasty feeling in my gut. Missionaries who have been here for 7 or 8 weeks start to get it too. It's just not that healthy; deep fried everything and the vegetables, I think, have lost all of their nutritional value. So I eat a lot of salad. I've lost all of the 10 lbs I gained at BYU haha. And I'm building muscle from physical therapy. But I lost 8 of the 10 lbs the week after surgery, but that was expected. Some elders here gain 30 lbs. It's nuts. Oh, so today we ate breakfast at the temple. it was so good. I loved it. It seemed like the best food I've ever eaten, even though it's nothing special at all. So when I eat german food it will taste so good. I'll be like “YES REAL FOOD!!!!” No more hamburger helper!!!  Well, actually I wish this was as good and as healthy as hamburger helper. Luckily Grandma sent that loaf of bread last week. It was amazing. It was the best sourdough bread I have ever eaten in my life! I'm not joking at all. It really was that good. Costco is the best. 

So my teachers here at the MTC are great. They seem to know everything. I guess that's what you get when you serve for two years, your gospel knowledge really does explode. Two hours of study every day compared to 10 minutes a day. It's like a boost of 25 years, but you also have a lot more insight as a missionary just from being set apart. It's really great. It's sad to think that I'm already 1/8 of the way done with my mission. I haven't even left the MTC yet. I'll really have to kick it up when I get to Germany. No time to waste. It goes so freaking fast. 

What else is there to talk about. My days seem to be the same every day. It's all one big blur. I wake up, study, breakfast, study, lunch, study, dinner, study, bed. Well, in the day we also have GYM and teach our teachers as investigators. That's really cool to do. Right now we teach Marcus and Michael. Marcus is really a girl named Marca, but brother Luna is a boy, so he turned his investigator Marca into a boy named Marcus. She was an immigrant from Romania and talks in this high voice and will do everything we ask. Michael is someone in his 20's and talks about a million miles an hour. He got really excited when he found out I hurt my knee playing soccer. He loves soccer and could talk about it forever. 

And, um, that's about it. I don't really have adventures here in the MTC. Oh, the AC barely works in our classroom building, so it's super, super hot in there. Short sleeve shirts are definitely a must have. Ummm yea what else is there to talk about. Two weeks left of MTC.  I like it here, but Germany will be so much better. Deutschland here I come.

Elder Devon Kinghorn