Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Dear Family

So life goes on here in the MTC. Sunday we watched "Becoming a Missionary" by Elder Holland. It was super good. Amazing good. He spoke on how missions are super important and we only have 2 years. But we will remember what we learn for the rest of our lives and it will help shape who we are in the future. Also, the importance of everything that we do. It really is crazy that I'm 10% done and I haven't even left the MTC. I feel like I have catching up to do once I get to Germany. I want to go and just teach everyone. Yea The MTC is great, but I want to go teach real people the gospel. Gaaaaa. Oh well, I'll go whenever I'm allowed to. It's not the end of the world. I'll still have close to two years to teach. 

Oh, this Thursday we have a general coming to see how we learn languages. It is only to my district. Kind of cool that we'll be able to answer questions to a general on how to learn a language. I'll tell you more about it next week. 

Oh, and I won't be going to the Referral Center. Kind of funny I am, I'm not, I am. Oh well I think this is for sure because they want missionaries who go there to have at least 4 weeks and I might be gone before that. Hopefully. 

I don't really have very many stories to tell because the MTC is all the same. Study, eat, study, eat study, sleep. No real stories to share i'm sorry. So what else can I say. 

So is jason even preparing for the marathon anymore? Tanya said they might beat Jason because he isn't training much.

I have a really small brace. Like NFL size or whatever, just a sleeve. Then I'll probably wear it for two more months. And pants in germany are super cheap. So it doesn't matter that this one is dying. My teacher's pants were 8 bucks and look almost new after 3 years.  The only time my knee hurts is when I have the brace on tight for too long. But it would hurt my good knee too. So that's very good. I don't even realize my knee is hurt anymore. I still take it easy of course but It feels completely fine. Oh there's an elder to my left who is typing with one pinky. How he is going so fast I have no idea. Anyway, I'm taking it very easy on my knee, don't worry. I walk everywhere but I don't go faster than I should or run. I want to but I can constrain myself. I want to get better as soon as possible. 

My district president is going to a meeting this Thursday for all of the medical delays. He is going to try to get the doctors to let me leave. It's up to the MTC not the surgeon. But I wouldn't bet on it. Maybe 5% chance the MTC doctors will change their minds. I'll prob just have to stay here a few more weeks. Kind of sad because there are Germans who need the gospel and every missionary counts. But what can I do? it's not up to me. If it was I'd be there by now walking the streets talking to everyone in broken German.

The temple is open now. So finally we can go again after over a month. It will be all sparkly clean again. When it closed it was but now it will be even cleaner. So there is a good side of staying. I get to go to the temple more. and yea that's about all there is going on.

Love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn