Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Oh hi,
 How are you today? The fireside sunday was so good. It was pretty much just great advice to missionaries. Stuff you would normally learn 1.5 years into the mission. I'm so glad I heard it. 
So last Friday I got my travel plans. It was really sad to have to go back to the travel office and tell them to cancel my ticket. But the good news is physical therapy is going very well.  Today I made it to 5 degrees off from full range of motion contraction and 1 degree extension. From yesterday to today I improved 10 degrees in contraction and probably 1 in extension. So I'm healing very very fast. I am also on one crutch and have the brace unlocked. That should have been happening in two more weeks. But I know that I have been blessed to improve very fast.
So here is a really cool miracle. A sister here at the MTC (her companion dated Braydens brother right before he left) has had a torn ACL for the past few years. The doctor here and the orthopedic surgeon were very sure that It was torn. Her knee was super loose and would give way. But then her zone fasted and prayed for her. The next day with her MRI her ACL was perfect. She would have had to go home for insurance reasons. Her knee is as solid as could be. It's amazing what the power of prayer can do. She was healed and I'm healing twice as fast as on schedule. 
So what else is new. Um, last night I woke up at 3 and then laid in bed until 6:30 that wasn't fun. I have no idea why I did that. It's no fun at all. I was just bored in bed. It's not like I can play games on my iPhone anymore. Just lay there looking at the time. 
The Fourth of July was really cool. So up until 8pm it was a normal day but then we had a fireside. It was just a lot of fun. An elder from my zone played the fiddle and is super good at it. He is the second German to do a musical piece for the whole MTC. I guess we are cool that way. And about 75% of us went to BYU. In my district every companionship has a missionary that attended BYU. Another district 9 out of 10 went to BYU. 
So last week we had an Italian substitute. He told us a story about how he was explaining the new Rome Temple to someone and the person was just so weirded out about how people could be sealed forever. He was asking if the government knew about it and if they were ok with it. Then he realized he was saying frozen to be together forever not sealed. Haha I hope I don't have an experience like that. I will though. One elder earlier in the MTC experience said werden Sie beten uber die Toifel? That means will you pray about the devil. He meant to say baptism which is Taufen. Haha oh well. The funny moments you have as a missionary. You've got to love it. I bet Dad knows all about that. 
Well good luck in Lake Powell. I'm mildly jealous but oh well. I'll come in 2 years. I'll just be pasty white from my body not seeing the sun in 2 years. Good Luck, I pray that no one gets hurt while you're there.

Love your Son & Brother
Elder Devon Kinghorn