Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Physical Therapy and Health Update

I'm just fine. Physical therapy is at the outpatient center where the operation was. It's a nice facility and It's much better than BYU’s physical therapy. I'm well taken care of. So don't worry about it not being good. It is. Haha funny that you used that quote. 
So I went to class Friday.  I didn't really remember anything. Saturday I got some more out of it. But now I'm able to remember everything and am back in the groove. So don't worry about me I'm completely fine. So how are you doing?  So how are you coping with me gone? Is it getting easier? I hope so. It's not good to be sad. I'll tell you more stuff later.  
(this part is in response to a meal that Dwain was eating in Switzerland) Haha yea We'll see. I'll need the protein to go into my tiny little calf and thigh. It's already shrinking. Sad. Oh well. So I got your Dear Elder yesterday. That was nice to get. Maybe you could have Nexthink sponsor me or something so that I could get a visa into Switzerland. I don't know if that's possible but you never know. and I'm sorry about the golfing licence. It would have been so fun to go golfing in the Alps. And yea I'll be in the sound of music territory!!!
Oh by the way I was given clearance to wear short sleeve shirts because I was on Crutches. Elder G. doesn't have any.
I love you
Elder Kinghorn (Devon)